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Comment 26 Jul 2016

I think 4 losses is a bit much, DJ, but I suspect that you're psychologically preparing for the worst to protect yourself from the agony of defeat if your prediction were to come true? I don't expect to be in the playoffs this year (although I have a lot of faith we could be right there), but I certainly expect to compete for a B1G championship and that won't be possible with more than 2 losses.  

Comment 24 Aug 2015
For one, MSU vs. OSU is hands down the best game on the schedule today. Given that TTUN isn't going to be undefeated and likely won't be battling for anything outside of gold pants, I don't see how you could rank thst game ahead of MSU/OSU (or any game for that matter). Secondly, it's Pat Forde. 'Nuff said.
Comment 24 Aug 2015

I'm already on it big, but got it at -10.5.   I do like the over right now.  I think it was around 53.5 last I saw - might parlay them together on another card.    

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I'm guessing it was just a "miss", in their book.  Had it happen to me.  Because I had insurance that covered the damages, it made me chuckle that someone took the time to break my passenger window on the Indianola bridge (over Iuka) and walk away with just pennies.  HA! GOT EM! 

(in all seriousness, I was still pissed.  From then on I left my doors unlocked).  

Comment 24 Aug 2015

I thought the Cris Carter comments were amusing, and really not that bad of an idea. The thing is, if a guy is dumb enough to do stuff that would require a fall guy, he's probably too dumb to actually have one.

I thought the same, MichiBuck.  Cris Carter - although publicly admitting he was wrong (it's the PC thing to do, here) - actually had a valid and candid point.  Some of these guys are going to get in trouble.  I understand there are consequences and having a 'fall guy' may not teach these guys to act responsibly, but if you're giving advice to your brother, you would probably tell them to make sure they cover their a**, too.  I certainly would.  "Hey guys, some of you aren't very smart and are going to make bad choices, when you do, make sure you have someone to take the fall, bc trouble can ruin your career, and you don't want that."  - Call it bad advice, but it makes sense to me.  

Comment 23 Aug 2015
Informative post, Phi. Thank you! I like our chances on offense, to be honest. I do agree that theur defense is going to be stout, but, they're up against arguably the best offense in the nation. And we're not sleeping on them at all this year. Our size advantage on the line is intriguing as well.
Comment 21 Aug 2015
"My friend" has used Bovada, BetOnline, etc. The easiest way to avoid fee's is to use a bookie (I've heard).
Comment 21 Aug 2015

Speaking of VT, i saw the line at -10.5 for the Buckeyes.  I think they cover this EASY.  Jumping all over it.  Anyone else? 

Comment 21 Aug 2015

I certainly have questions, Fatpants.  In a similar situation, albeit, without a bachelors in Accounting.  I went to OSU and didn't know what I wanted to do.  Studied business, studied psychology, ended up with a psych degree and decided against the business minor at the last second.  Graduating just sounded better.  After learning I had a daughter on the way late in 2012, I went back to school at Columbus State and received an Accounting certificate (now qualified for the CPA in Ohio).  Landed a job as a Financial Auditor, however, it's not accounting at all - almost 100% compliance auditing (and I can't stand auditing).  Now, the problem I'm having is whether or not I want to spend the time studying for the CPA anymore.  I love the academic part of accounting, not sure I like it in practice but I can't seem to find anyone willing to hire me on as a staffer - they state I'm seeking too much compensation, or a position that requires experience... but I can't afford to take a step backwards when it comes to salary.     

Any words of wisdom?  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

 If you read the statement correctly, I made mention of Miller and Curtis Samual and then followed with, "Jalin was good, but not as elusive as either of these two"... so...I wasn't referring to Wilson.  But, you're right - Jalin, IMO, is excellent.  I just think he's a better WR than he is HB.  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

This is excellent.  What a story this kid now has for the rest of his life - nothing like being lifted up by your brothers and rewarded for all the selfless hours you put in to help your team.