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Comment 24 Dec 2014

Excellent post OP. 

Any time my daughter (2 y.o.) see's someone in red, football on television, or hears sneakers squeaking on a basketball court, she looks directly at me and says "BUCKEYYYYESSS!!!" with her arms raised above her head.  ...She then gets a treat.  "Training"

Comment 30 Nov 2014

lol, not even close to being a read.  Urban even commented after the game stating the coaching discussions were about who they were going to run behind. Clearly a give to Zek.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Good segment on what is the "Harsh Reality" of facing Bucky in Indianapolis.  There's no telling what Herman and Meyer will do with CJ but let's just hope it isn't ridiculously conservative.  We'll have to move the ball on Wisconsin and hope to keep them off of the field.  I have no problem with a run heavy offensive scheme - if our O Line can handle it. 

I can't wait to support these guys in Indy, no matter what.. They've been through it all.  1 game at a time!!

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Lucas Oil is tiny.  Nosebleeds aren't actually all that bad. 

11W folks:  I have tickets if you're at all interested shoot me an email.  [email protected]

Section 612 (4 row 18, 4 row 21), 318 (2 in row 3), 446 (2 in row 7), 419 (4 in row 11).  $125 OBO!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Your sentiments here are absolutely spot on.  This type of point/counter-point discussion is what I came to 11W looking for.  Finally we have some valid and thoughtful discussion without "thread jacking" nobodies trying to pile on HS's (probably to help boost their self-esteem) with witty (but pointless) remarks.  Thank you fellas for the informed discussion! HS's gladly distributed!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I hope it's the traditional scarlet with the traditional helmet.  But, I honestly couldn't care less.  Just go out and win! BIG!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I don't see FSU losing and staying in the top 4.  The committee is already down on FSU.  Performance wise, they're just getting by, and not against top end talent.  We have to hope Missouri loses this week if we want there to be a chance Alabama loses again.  Georgia would be a much better match-up than Mizzou in the SEC Championship.  (Let's hope Bama sh*ts the bed vs. Auburn though this week, then we have no worries.  A Bama loss would discredit Miss State's one loss and likely propel OSU/TCU/Baylor). 

Next in line to lose:  TCU @ Texas.  I don't see Baylor losing again, and honestly think they're a decent team.  They put up great numbers.  However, not having a Big12 championship game hurts them both!

Lastly, FSU vs. Florida is intriguing, but so is FSU vs. Ga. Tech (hopefully Ga.Tech gives Georgia a good game this week, giving them momentum going up against FSU for the almighty ACC championship (ha!))

Either way, these last two weekends are going to be great!  Let the fun begin on Thanksgiving.  Go Longhorns?!!!

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Couldn't agree more.  I'm prepping myself for the disappointment come the Tuesday after Championship Saturday.  That said, there is so much that could happen in the next two weekends.  We have to hope the Buckeyes take care of business this weekend and hand TTUN a big time beating and then we can prove ourselves with a statement win vs. Wiscy/Minnesota in Indianapolis.  If we don't absolutely dismantle TTUN and handle whoever we play in the B1G title comfortably, I'm not all that optimistic about our chances.  But, that's all speculation... Part of me thinks we could be 4 after this week, and the other part thinks the committee may put us at 7.  Who knows!!!

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Have faith, my friend!! I'm definitely going but a friend just had some tickets fall in his lap at work so I'm trying to get rid of our original trio! 

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Considering I watch the 8pm games every weekend, this is no different other than the excitement and build-up I'll have to channel all day... More things get done unless there's a really good game on (and there are a few in the SEC today)... 

Go bucks!!! 

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I'd like to know what distinguishes a "real buckeye fan" from a phony.  To me it sounds as if the logo on the tent is what this OP is claiming makes you "real" or not.  I can imagine there are plenty of "real buckeye fans" affiliated with these corporations who sponsor the tailgate (pay for the food, tent, parking pass, beer, etc.) for the opportunity to advertise and promote/create good relationships with FANS tailgating. 

For one, my dads best friend has been putting on his tailgate for years (and I've enjoyed helping him with the difficult tasks that come along with throwing a good TG every home game), his recent move to Huntington has provided an opportunity for the corporation to have a place for Columbus employee's, families, and friends (most "real buckeye fans")  to tailgate and use his "free" labor in setting up, tearing down, purchasing, and hauling everything needed that we provide, while they throw up a tent with "Huntington" across the boarder.  Meanwhile, the cost of putting on the tailgate is now completely paid for by Huntington, and nothing has changed. 

Also, how can the color/logo on the tent take away from the atmosphere?  Unless you're looking from a birds-eye view, the only thing that affects the atmosphere are the people.. If anything, adding the corporate sponsorship has brought more people to our tailgate.. The only reason you see more corporate tents closer to the stadium is due to the cost behind the parking pass in the prime areas.  It's often just too much for the average "fan" to take on without corporate dollars.  Such is the real world. 

I'm all for idea's to improve the atmosphere though.. GO BUCKS!

Comment 16 Oct 2014

According to's OFFICIAL GAME PREDICTIONS the majority of RU fans are realists; picking the buckeyes...

But, here's a few of my favorites:

1: OSU 48-RU 28...Best team RU has played in many years..Despite their current ranking, they have a chance to get to the final 4...

2: tOSU - 52 Rutgers - 24

3. tOSU 21
Rutgers 24

4. We need to Virginia Tech them on defense.  Our special teams need to net us 7-14 points.  Enter the Dragon.

5. OSU 35 RU 0

6. Oh boy...tough one...The reality of it is if we keep them under 40 and we score over 20, we played a good game. I am going with us playing a good game.  OSU 38 RU 24

7. This thread should only consist of RU winning predictions - only the margin would be in doubt.  Everyne knows they don't win anything by guessing wrong, correct?  What's the point in predicting we lose?

Rutgers 24
OSU  17
RU by 7

I really like that the last guy adds the mathematical difference in the score.  Thanks for that, homer.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

It's pretty easy to understand why Harris would go to UK. Close to home is just a stocking stuffer in comparison to the gift that is the depth chart at RB at Kentucky.  He would jump right into the no.1 spot at UK and get to play against what is currently the best conference in football.  And, to be honest, I don't blame him.  He would have to fight off a stable of backs at OSU, namely Eze and Curtis Samuel, or ride the pine behind them while taking a RS (if he was smart).  If we can flip and coach up a guy like Weber or Scott, I'm fine with Harris choosing playing time over the better program.  I just hope we get an opportunity to smash UK in a bowl game (wait, nvm, that would mean we're terrible). 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Honestly, I think he needs to slow down a bit, be patient...  There was a run against Maryland (I think a jet sweep) that he took a good 20-40 yards up the right sideline but when he got around the edge and started to get north/south on the field, he ran out in front of a perfect block that would have put him 1 on 1 with a DB.  If he would have stayed behind that block and then cut across the field, he's gone.  I love his potential to break one at any time... we'll benefit from this kids ability, for sure... just gotta let his vision mature. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Have you seen some of the catches he's made this season?  A drop every once in a while is going to happen... He definitely has sure hands.