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Comment 19 Nov 2012

Agree, if this was any other school doing something like this we would be ripping them apart. Beat Michigan and move on.

Comment 30 Oct 2012

I was wondering about this too, so when I clicked on their schedule to see who they play and I got Air Force schedule. Guess 11W is confused about who they are too.

Comment 29 Oct 2012

I like this. It really shows why Oregon is only #4 in the BCS and why Florida didn't drop very far in the BCS. Once Oregon plays USC this weekend and if they win they should shoot up these rankings.

End of season this will tell who has really played a good schedule and why they finish where they did in the BCS.

Comment 18 Oct 2012

I found that amazing too. I had to go look up Tebow's, Alex Smith's and Josh Harris stats. Hard to believe no 1,000 yard rusher.

The thing that jumped out at me in this article is the fact that Urban NEVER had a 1,000 yard rusher.