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Comment 13 Jun 2013
I can't believe you didn't tie in new transferee Jeff Greene! I thought you were going for the pun in your title...
Comment 06 Jun 2013
Well looking at that second picture, if you send the running back on a bubble route to the near flats and then have a 2 receiver do a shallow slant and maybe just sit in the middle of the field 8 yards or less. The running back would evacuate the MLB, emptying the short middle of the field for the 2 receiver. Though employing a 3-4 version gives you 2 MLB's which might leverage this small but apparent weakness. EDIT: Thinking about this even more, if there was some sort of play action, the 2 Receiver on the play action side could still do a skinny sla-go (first few steps of a slant route followed by a go route) or a slant-flag route. I think this would take advantage of the safety to the 2 Receiver's side having to deal with run support. Its really all predicated on a good run game so that the safety bites on the play action.
Comment 05 Jun 2013
Uhh did you read the post you replied to? There are several big time sports analysts that don't overcompensate like Kirk does. I still like the guy though. I mean, if your in his role its better to overcompensate then to show your bias.
Comment 31 May 2013
I always thought OSU should add another deck to the south stands to make it look similar to the rest of the stadium. Since adding the new scoreboard, its not looking like this will happen that anytime soon. But if they did Iwould have to imagine that would add at least 10,000+ seats which would obiviosuly make Ohio stadium the largest in college football.
Comment 17 May 2013
I will always remember Amanda-Clearcreek because I tore an ACL in a scrimmage against them. Arghh... Anyways the people always seemed really nice and they have a very loyal fan base.
Comment 09 May 2013
Thank you for all the great work Ross! Its always one of my favorite aspects of 11w. I like the follow-pivot play a lot because it seems to occupy the OLBs and give the quarterback some room to run up the middle.
Comment 01 May 2013
Nice shirt Stoney
Comment 30 Apr 2013

I really like the randomly scheduled evening games at like 5:00. I think it is the perfect blend of afternoon and nighttime.

Comment 10 Apr 2013

Your exactly right. In rugby, if you don't wrap and just throw your body at a player, you will probably be penalized.

Comment 06 Apr 2013
I am so glad that a guy like Warren Ball is doing well with the opportunity he is given. With all these great running backs on this team, he has been an afterthought of many buckeye fans. This just creates competition and it breeds excellence.
Comment 28 Mar 2013

I would argue that Smith's two primary (and some might say "only") attributes are spot-up three-point shooting and defensive rebounding. 

I would like to add his ability to get offensive rebounds and put-backs. Though a lot of those put-backs were his own...

Despite his deficiencies this season, I still feel that he does a lot of dirty work and is a gritty player that helps this team win.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

Great write up! This essentially backs up the point that OSU should have Craft, Scott, Thompson, and Deshuan on the court as much as possible.  That fifth playing spot should be determined by the type of team OSU is playing. As of late, I like LQ to fill into that last spot and go with a small lineup (despite this lineup's average height being 6'5) because of all the firepower.