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Comment 17 Jul 2011

I love how they are saying that our penalties arent harsh enough.  Last time i checked losing the best Head Coach in CFB over the last 10 years seems like one helluva a major punishment to me. Oh and our star QB for the season, too....

Comment 17 Jul 2011

Well Said Saturday! Couldnt agree more.  Not to mention that USC stonewalled (and GT) the NCAA instead of cooperating with the investigation, self reporting.  If the NCAA drops the hammer on us because of media pressure and no real facts, then no school will self report a damn thing.  

Comment 17 Jul 2011

Dont get me wrong.  I dont take the Teddy comparison lightly.  Although, i do believe Devin broke Teddy's track records in High School, we will have to see if he can come close to Teddy's speed on a football field.  

Comment 17 Jul 2011

Devin Smith will be the breakout player on offense.  I love Philly Brown but think Devin Smith could be the next Teddy.