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Comment 11 Mar 2012

TV times for the first round (I refuse to acknowledge the new numbering system), I believe, won't be announced for a couple days.  Times  for the second round are announced Friday for the Saturday games and Saturday for the Sunday games.

Comment 28 Dec 2011

Corey good write up.  Looking at KenPom, he's got NW at 5th in the country in TO% on O with OSU at 2nd in TO% on D.  Those essentially cancel each other out.  Where I see our huge advantage is on the boards.  If we keep NW from shooting well, this should be a comfortable win.

And sorry I hate to be that guy......... but thier?

Comment 22 Dec 2011

I did a rough calc (took a bit of guessing, particularly with Smith) and it's around 39-40.  

Pretty ridiculous.

Comment 22 Dec 2011

Oh and it's not like Withers and Herman are going nuts on the trail right now.  They're still busy with their own bowls.  It's literally just Urban that's new currently.

Comment 22 Dec 2011

Someone should ask Brandon if he knows how many new coaches OSU has.  If he actually gets  the right answer (3), I will buy a week's worth of Domino's.

And no, Brandon: Pantoni, Marotti, and Voltolini don't count against the rule of 7.

Comment 14 Dec 2011

Not entirely true.  

While for all intents and purposes, TV bans are not used anymore (not since Ole Miss in '86 for football), it is still an available option for the NCAA for punishment.

That being said, it ain't happenin here.

Comment 05 Dec 2011

No one can accuse of Bollman of not participating in the punishment now......

That's awesome

Comment 03 Dec 2011

Yup I got it through , which looks like it's the reincarnation of

Comment 03 Dec 2011

Agreed.  I think it's fairly clear that Ravenel will be a serviceable 2nd big.  I'm interested to see if Amir can make it a third for this season.

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Well and Sully/Buford/Thomas=42 to Jackson State's 41......#humblebrag.  I officially offer my services as a prop lister Vegas

Comment 18 Nov 2011

"Blogs" by ESPN are not blogs. Rittenberg included, they lost objectivity when they started adding their WolverineNation stuff.  

Comment 15 Nov 2011

Agreed.  Famous moments do not happen because you stage them

Comment 12 Nov 2011

I agree that it might not be the most beneficial for the team for Sully to be on the perimeter.  Where I can see it helping is keeping Sully on the floor when he's foul trouble.  Thankfully that's not very often.