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Comment 15 Apr 2013

Cincinnati born and raised, the only loyalty i have ever had was to the UC basketball team back in the Huggins days.

I am particularly partial to the Kerry quote about fighting people for the buckeyes, because i would do it in a heartbeat.

I have about 10 die-hard UC football buddies who i almost get into fist fights with every year.  They are the most arrogant, cocky sob's to talk football with.

I have never had any loyalty to the UC football program because it was garbage growing up, hell when you bought basketball season tickets they forced you to get football tickets as well.

I cannot tell you how cool it was to see 40000 Buckeye fans sitting in Paul Brown Saturday.

I had goose bumps looking around at all the scarlet and grey walking around the Nati!

I am all buckeye till I die!









Comment 06 Nov 2012

the article also said that he has 10 tackles for loss, in the last 3 games.  based on his genetics, kid is going to be a freak so you might as well get a good relationship established with him.  i dont know about you guys but i would be soo excited to get any offer as a freshman, let a lone an offer from our bucks!  lock him up!

Comment 11 Sep 2012

I think Curtis Grant has played well to this point.  His snaps have been extremely limited due to us being in a nickel package.  The reason Grant isnt on the field in this package is because he is a mike linebacker and clearly Shazier and Sabino are better athletes and are better in coverage.  The other thing I notice and has probably been mentioned is that we were playing with 3 d tackles in obvious passing situations.  That simply cannot happen if we want to get to the quarterback.  I wonder why they havent used Pittman yet.  I also dont understand why when you have 2 really quick linebackers in Shazier and Sabino, you arent blitzing them and playing bump and run coverage.  The team as a whole is a work in progress and I think we will see steady improvement from week to week.  This is a damn good football team, keep your heads up boys!

Comment 10 Sep 2012

I love Zach Boren as much as anybody, but I am telling you right now that guy cannot carry the ball more than 2-3 times a game.  He is tough as nails but would not be an actual tailback in any offense in the nation.  The lack of pass rush as mentioned above is probably due to little to no blitzing at all, paired with us putting 3 d tackles in on obvious passing situations.  That means that we literally have Noah Spence as the only guy that is a speed rusher on the field.  All of this equates to no pressure/no sacks.  I agree with the idea that they are holding back.  Even the offensive playcalling has been pretty bland.  No worries from me though, we have an awfully good football team and they will be unleashing the furry for Sparty! 

Comment 18 May 2012

I just find it absolutely hilarious how Michigan fan loves to bring up the winning program arguement all the time; congratulations on being the best college football program at the turn of the 20th century.  The Wolverines were killing it back in like 1910 werent they? 

Comment 10 May 2012

I love that Green rocks that # 27!  It would be great to land him but Elliot is the real deal and Warren Ball is going to a great running back as well and I imagine they will red-shirt him.  

Comment 23 Apr 2012

when the qb is clapping he is basically sending the receiver/running back in motion if they are supposed to; it also tells the center that the qb is ready for the snap when they get all of the protection calls lined up.  this according to the 2 guys calling the game on the big ten network.

Comment 19 Apr 2012

I just dont understand why anybody would question whether or not this offense will be effective.  I was at BG when Urban was hired and have watched him for years now and this offense has worked everywhere he has gone.  Do we possibly need to add more playmakers to this team, yes.  But we have enough guys right now to make this work now, yes.  It will take some time for them to get the timing and everything down that is required to run this up-tempo offense but you just simply cannot compare this of Dick Rod at Michigan.  As other people have pointed out it was his stupid 3-3-5 defensive scheme that was the issue in Ann Arbor.  They switched back to a 4-3 this year and what do you know, they were respectable this past year.  The no-huddle up-tempo offense we are about to watch on Saturday will be refreshing to say the least.  People need to quit worrying about whether this offense will work or not.  This is a proven offensive system and will continue to be.

Comment 18 Apr 2012

his lateral quickness is very impressive; a really smooth looking qb in my opinion.  it almost looks effortless for him!  now if we can just land bosa and anzalone this weekend we are on a serious roll boys!