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Comment 26 Jul 2014

Way to many anal-retentive parents and authoritarians abusing their power .

I blame the media, they can make a candle flame into a forest fire , the use these so called writer's and blogger's mentality with Salem Witch Trial eugenics in their blood vessels.

People fight the disputes they can win easy instead of the hard ones that are more a gray area and need debated. It's sad social media has turned into such a polarizing force the totalitarians.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

Ohio State is a very young and talented team.

It's no suprise to me that you might see certain kids shying away from Ohio St.

Injuries, transfers, suspensions happen at all schools. Playing time can't be guaranteed by anybody, and there is a few schools scared to death to see a kid they want attend FNL.

It would be nice to see Eichenberg and Kraemer at FNL, I wonder if there school will have conflicting schedules for Notre Dame's big camp, "Irish Invasion"???

Sometimes I wonder if certain schools are run by the vatican and are considered "Papal Schools"

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Ahhhhh Man!!

I hate getting old. I find myself watching old movies sometimes. All I see are ghost on TV when I do. Sad. I loved his generation.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I'd rather get kicked in the sack 5 times before watching that again. 

Them two girls looked like they was doing some kind of Battling Irish Jig on Xanax and Maddog.

The respones on here was the best laugh I has all week though, so thanks for that!!

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Yes, I know Harris is from Kentucky. Sorry that wasn't evident, I did kinda ramble off there in another direction.

Just hate seeing these midwest/ohio kids going down there to play for a school with as much tradition in football as Wyoming.

It's tiring watching every border school besides WVU/PSU hire Ohio coaches with Ohio ties to recruit ohio players out of state while negatively recruiting Ohio St/B1G .

Getting Harris would be huge down the road.

I know what the SEC is trying to with Kentucky,... it's typical. Without the Louisville/Covinton area HS football in the state produces very little football talent. And they are selling the SEC ticket to the NFL as if the NFL doesn't draft kids from the B1G. What else does Kentucky really have to sell a recruit? No tradition, Championships, Heismans, is a College Football void. So they are selling the SEC to the midwest, They are trying to turn Kentucky into the SEC's version of Ohio State. And do to Ohio St , what Texas AM did to Texas, Even though 2 different states, it's close enough to work theoretically.

The new playoff format should put a end to this b.s. The SEC don't know what to do with Kentucky, it's funny in a way. If not for Basketball they would have probably cut them from the SEC like the SEC cuts players from it's teams.

If your a RB, you want to go to Ohio St, can't wait for the season to start.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Who knows what goes on in these kids minds nowadays with social media.

I think in the end the relationships he built is where he will go over a sense of loyalty to his home state.

Every state fan base does this to recruits but only Ohio St fans seem to get hammered for expecting a kid to choose Ohio St because he is from Ohio. For everybody else it seems no harm or foul.

UK purposely hired coaches with deep and well respected backrounds with Ohio HS Coaches. Kentucky doesn't produce enough talent to feild a MAC Champion let alone a SEC one.

This is why I hope he goes anywhere but UK. I don't like that school/conference's agenda.SEC trying to devert the flow of Ohio talent out of B1G into SEC in hopes of drying up even more talent for the B1G. The SEC would love to turn Ohio into Illinois.Notre Dame already takes enough B1G talent that now shows up as ACC talent as well.

This would be a major splash against that agenda.This is why I feel Harris is a huge coup to land for not Ohio St. , but the B1G !!

I know alot of Ohio St fans don't care about the B1G's perseption or success, but it's in their best interest to see B1G schools keep local players and land good OOS kids. I don't understand the logic to hoping the Conference stinks so you have a easier road to the playoffs. I guess I care about College Fb in general as well and don't want to see UK turn into what Ohio State is by recruiting Ohio players to UK.

The B1G needs to all take the attitude of James Frankin and be viciously territorial to it's recruiting footprint borders. 

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Wonder how much that cost them?

Comment 18 Jul 2014

Have to build some drama for the announcement , I think he Hilliard and Cornell are tight!! 

I think he is a Buckeye, his thoughts of Kentucky are normal and UK has a great recruiting team down there, but Ohio St didn't lose on Scott to watch Harris go to UK. He wants to play in Championship games, not a SEC bottom feeder.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I'm a movie freak, but then I was born before the"I can't be bored for 2 seconds Generation"..

I love Sci-Fi, Westerns, Old Re-runs of TV Shows like Gunsmoke/Wagon Train/Rawhide, The Original Star Trek, Outer Limits, The TwiLight  Zone.

Love "The Godfather", "It's a Wonderful Life, The Natural, Feild of Dreams, The Outsiders, Jaws (1st one only), All the Right Moves, The Right Stuff, Lord of the Rings, Napolean Dynamite, Jerimiah Johnson, Outlaw Josey Wales Angel and the Badman, Rio Bravo Etc................................

Love John Wayne, Robert DiNero, Al Pacino, Bill Murray, Hervey Keitel, Robin Willians, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Tommy Lee Jones, Johhny Dep, The Walking Dead, Vikings, Christofer Walken, Vin Diesel, Jackie Gleason in Smokie and the Bandit, Will Ferrell,, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman, 

Anything on about WWII or Vietnam.

Hate Realty TV, no I mean I REALLY HATE REALITY TV. 

Next Rant I'll do the female acters,lol.

The Matrix was basically a movie about "Choice". Not being a/ or acting like aprogram or brain washed and acting like a computer program was the annomolly that Neo represented(sp?)

Lol, fire away. I gotta be me. Good Night Buckeye Nation!!

Comment 17 Jul 2014

I really hated the defensive philosphy last year and before.

Can you imagine being a DL men and going 100% every down w/o rotating fresh DL in and busting your B???s to get it to 3rd and 6 stopping 2 running plays.

Only to waatch the apathetic approach of the DB's and their 10 yard give away for a first down.

Oh man, all the way down the feild over and over again all year? Had to be hard to be a DL last year.

I expect OSU's DL to look like Pro Bowlers this year with LJ and Ash's changes!!

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Why not dignify fellow OHIO resident with "Thee Ohio State Marching Band"?

You don't think Ohio own residents are worthy? What difference what school, this  Ohio State band isn't in a direct competition with UC.

Gice the fine folks from Cinncy the pleasure of hearing their State's Band!!!!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Without reading 46 comments ... I would say Ohio State has a kinda of "Cold War" with Notre Dame.

Other than that some find Wisconsin to be a Rival, fans in eastern ohio understand the Penn State - Ohio State rivalry better than the rest.


1) Notre Dame 2) tie Wisconsin/Penn St. 3) MSU

Comment 15 Jul 2014

It amazes me people can see this with recruiting but not with media companies like ESPN?

People can't see Espin's version of negative recruiting is biased sports coverage. SEC/ACC can do no wrong, while... well you know the story. Just depends if some wish to continue to ignore and deny a obvious bias to  ABC'S product .... SEC/ACC College Football !!!!

Biased media coverage is a SALES TACTIC' also,!! ESPN and CBS, NBC is selling their product ( SEC-ACC-Notre Dame ) football that makes them the most money. Propaganda is successful when you can't see it or are in denial of it.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Might be a chance here. 

Need to get him on Campus and see what he thinks, but I think there some mutual interest.