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Comment 06 Oct 2014

Any way you can bring back the uniforms the Buckeyes wore when you coached for a game?

Also, do you see the game and it's players . more or less . physical from when you coached?  

Comment 23 Sep 2014

Jim Tressel will NEVER coach at Michigan...NEVVV-ERRRR...

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Kwon is better than Grant in EVERY facet of the game. They just feel bad for a Senior who is from a state they want to recruit alot in the future. 

Kwon looks like a seasoned vet out there, we have given Grant 4 or 5 years and he is still lost. He just ins't that good. He isn;t Ohio St .MLB material. Even the defense lights up and gets excited when he is out there.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

I haven't read this whole blog, but is anybody else frustrated with the lack of arms up on the defensive while rushing the passer?

I mean it is better to block the dam pass then to hit the QB late after a throw!!

Use common sense!! If you are not going to get to that QB in time, don't continue running at him without your arms up or jump. That bit of disruption could be all that the LBers or SAF's need to get into better position to defend or intercept a late thrown ball.

Please, I know everyone wants to make the high light video, but when a qb is hot you have to disrupt there timing. If a QB takes a big hit but completes the pass his "in a zone" meter goes biserk!!

Hands Up DEFENSE !!!!!!

Comment 09 Sep 2014

You know that is really starting to be a possibility. I'm very worried that Urban Meyer might go down in history as the man who destroyed Ohio St football coaching against it and for it.

But, I really don't think that will happen. Whats sad is it don't matter who we beat now because the perception of the B1G is pure garbage by the media and fandom. There is no quick recovering from this. The only positive for us is that it's not the last game of the season that we have to dwell on for 9 months. But when we do win, don't beat your chest to much, it don't matter unless you beat OOC Power 41/2 teams.

Give me a win vs Penn St, SCUM and please a Bowl Victory!!!!

Comment 08 Sep 2014



Comment 07 Sep 2014

True Corey Smith and Nerenburger left 10-14 pts on the ground. VT got all the flags and luck in the first quarter.

It almost seems that the playbook is limited and Herman only had 15 pllays to choose from all night.

JT Barrett's pocket presence and scrambling are typical rookie traits, I guess I was hoping he was a little quicker footed and WR Thomas might not be one of "Urban's Practice Warriors" but he is a gamer and doesn't drop TD's to the hands.

Offense just looked completely unprepared, them blitzs wasn't rocket science and the delayed blitz used to give even Braxton fits. 

Definately need some creativity and execution to watch the rest of a rebuilding year. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Um...Virginia Tech is way more of a younger team than the Buckeyes. We just was OUT-COACHED.

I's not like VT came in known as a vanilla cover 2 conservative defense!!!

Our coaches knew VT and Bud Foster was a blitz heavy-relentlessly the whole game. Yet not 1 draw, screen play etc... Just sacks and rollouts for incompletions.

The coaches gameplan was to out "Percy Harvin" and beat the highest ranked secondary in college football by out speeding them.

Not a gameplan. 

I think we know why Tom Herman was leaving if Braxton Miller went Pro now. Braxton made Herman look good. Well I guess Coach Herman is gonna have to actually coach this year to keep his repetutation as a offensive genious. Narduzzi, Venerables and Bud Foster would disagree.

And Bollman's recruited offensive line the last two year made Warinner look good in 12' and 13'.

These are Urban Meyer recruits, the cupboard isn't bare anymore. Maybe some fans willl start to realize how important it is to get 5 star off Linemen recruited more than 10 Percy Harvin's to boost recruiting rankings.

Start playing the pups and get them some experience, the season is over as far as , choke, playoffs and the Big-Pre-Ten.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

ESPN don't know how to handle OHIO STATE being a under dog.

They live by trolling our opponents with disrespect and portray them untalented . 

ESPN don't want the Buckeyes being underdogs and spoiling things. And MSU will find a way to be a disrepected underdog even if we have 4 losses going into the game.

Let MSU carry that  BEST in the B1G Target on their Backs and see how fun it is!!!

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Titanium will never rust. Would be ideal to make exhaust systems for all cars, radiators, valve/springs and lifters, bearings. These are all made but just not at a reasonable price due to man hrs to prduce, mill, and precision mill.

It really is a awesome alloy, but very hard for common joe to use it for anything other than the manufacturer designed.

Helicopter blades and the fan blades and the fan rotor in jet engines are also made and milled from a solid piece of titanium and tested and tested and then dbl tested by metalurgist before being allowed to be used by Defense, Boeing. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I wish I could up vote that post a thousand times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 WARRIORS, NOT 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a team sport! This is how legends are made, or happen!!!

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Would like to see a hype video , before the 1st home game on the stadium screen, with this song in the stadium before game with lights dim as the song apexs light it up full with the Buckeyes charging the feild. ofcourse end the song at the 2:40 mark,lol.

Hits, runs, catches, tds paced to the song ..
Comment 16 Aug 2014

You put your best on the feild, to hell with seniority, favoritism, or anything else, unless the carts pulls the horse at Ohio St.

If you deserve to play, you should play, play the best!!!

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I meant eventually either after graduation or a early trip to Sunday Football. Or forbid another injury.

Sorry I didn't specify that.

But it is possible for a younger kid to pass a older, atleast I hope so. These ain't Union Jobs", lol.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Please be true. 

They need knocked down a peg or two with that smooze the spray on recruits about their great fake degrees........