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East Central Ohio 35 mins from Pittsburgh. (via Wintersville, Ohio)

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Following the Buckeyes since 1981, not cause I was born into it. I chose them with PITT & ND fans everywhere. Now most are bandwagon Buckeye fans.
Grew up watching POST Woody Hayes, Earle Bruce style OHIO ST. in the early 1980's.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl !!! /ND Victories 95-96-05.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Jacoby Boren/Darron Lee
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penquins
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Pittsburgh Pirates

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Comment 19 Jul 2016

Anybody that remembers Ohio HS Football from 70's understands where quick calls come from.

Most teams warmed up back then very loudly with a 60 to 70 players bellowing out cadences/claps/beating thigh pads during warm-up .

It was a intimidation factor. My how the culture has changed, I remember when bands could play anytime during the game. Fun times Fun times.

Comment 21 May 2016

Just east of Ohio in Pittsburgh I rode the "STEEL PHANTOM" one wicked coaster the changed and slowed down to injuries.

It was up there with Ceder Points Magnum but faster. These where the last two best rollercoaster I've rode. Haven't been to Kings Island since Hanna-Barbarra and the "SCREAMING DEMON".

Kennywood in Pittsburgh has 3 nice wooden coasters as well. The Racers , The Thunderbolt , and my favorite in last car "The Jack-Rabbit "

Kennywood isnt on Cedar Point or Kings Dominion's level but its a nice amusement park.

Comment 01 May 2016

A few years back tsun pipeline school, Trotwood Madison,. HC went to Springfield hs.

Springfeilds HC went to Centerville and Centerville's HC went to Trotwood Madison .

I think thats mostly right.

Thom McDaniels from Warren Harding /Massilon / Canton McKinley / Glen Oak etc.. was known to steer kids to tsun. i.e. Mario Manningham

It also and still  seems Ohio State must get lucky to get a 5 Star from the BIG 5 (Moeller,  St.X,  Elder,  Iggy,  ED's} fom NOTRE DAME. BUT...Under Urban Meyer we have done alot better there!!

Comment 01 May 2016

Comments like these is why there has always been a huge OHIO STATE fan base in Ohio. Yes we recruit OOS aka- "out of state" recruits from fla to cali to Texas when needed but 75% of those have some kind of tie to Ohio or Ohio State Univ. i.e. Bosa / Hyde from fla. Bosa's uncle ties to school , Hyde originally from Cincinnati area.

It comes from Ohio HS Football pride , Hsfb conference pride  , regional rivalries pride from all over our state .

These come together and form a singular pride... It's called OHIO STATE FOOTBALL .

It was here before "Urban" and "Woody"  and cultivated by Tressel to destroy tsun after 2001. 

   Every time a kid from Fostoria to Warren Harding or Centerville to Dayton or Toledo to Ironton or New Philadelphia via Coldwater or Steubeville to Columbus and Cincinnati via Cleveland is raised on and bred from our "brand of ohio hsfb" commits... The legacy of Ohio's State fb grows. Ohio's history and influence on football as we know it  takes books to document . It is the mecca of football in my opinion .

From the Rust Belt/Coal Fields to Corn Fields there is HSFB STATE PRIDE. From eastern ohio appalachen foot hills to the black swamp of northwest ohio or the Catholic vs Public School debates there is HSFB STATE PRIDE .These elements  all come together on Saturday in fall to form our beloved OHIO STATE BUCKEYES !!!

That's why I pull for kids for example Amir Riep, it's just in my dna. Scholarship restrictions suck.

Comment 01 May 2016

Teams it would hurt bad and help alot if only could recruit your home state.







Just of the top or my head.

Comment 16 Apr 2016

Notre Dame has two (mid-size) Ohio High School QB's competing for the starting job. Deshone Kizer (Toledo Central Catholic Division III OHSAA) and Malik Zaire (Kettering Arch Bishop Alter Division IV OHSAA)

--both QB's let there teams to State  Championship Games along with;

OHIO STATE'S  Joe Burrow from;  (The Plains Athens High School Division III OHSAA)

That's 3 mid-size ohssa schools with qb's at Blue Blood programs. Also don't forget Ben & Maty Mauk from Kenton HS Div. iII mid-size ohio high school. Etc....

We need to get over the perception that, " small school ohio hs football " can't produce talented players.

Comment 17 Mar 2016

Rules where completely different ,way more physical back then. Mel Blount was so big and physical they changed rules.

Physical run happy league with more talent per NFL team vs Limited Scholarships less physical especially in passing game .

Steelers would win easy but depends what rules they use. Would be fun to see .

Comment 31 Jan 2016

This sounds more like "most dissapointing buckeye " than disliked .

They all accomplished more than I ever did atheletically.

Comment 16 Jan 2016

If I'm not wrong, I believe if we get Haskins it increases odds of other recruits /i.e. WR's.

So splittimg hairs with other QBs for QBs sake not a big deal. But Haskins is more than just a QB to this class , he could bring valuble weapons/recruits(WR) with him.