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Following the Buckeyes since 1981, not cause I was born into it. I chose them with PITT & ND fans everywhere. Now most are bandwagon Buckeye fans.
Grew up watching POST Woody Hayes, Earle Bruce style OHIO ST. in the early 1980's.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl !!! /ND Victories 95-96-05.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Jacoby Boren/Darron Lee
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Comment 18 Jan 2017

All that matters is who Urban likes more.

If I'm Burrow I transferred the minute I heard JT say he was coming back. We have a dime holding up dollars imo.

2016 should have been JT's last year. Burrow turned down MSU(they was just about to offer and Urban found out) and Haskins decommitted from Maryland. Unfair to both, they both should have had their time at qb here. JT is a good qb vs average teams and misses crucial throws to back a defense off.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

If Wilson and Tufule don't work out and come to the Buckeyes I think Derrius Mullins 6'3 325 from Columbus DeSalles, Ohio would be a nice future DT. He is currently comited to Indiana and they have been pretty good at judging DT's lately and I've always like this kid. He cloggs up them OL and keeps them of the backers.

Ellison I would be fine with or I would have been fine with Sibley, oh well thats what happens when you have a shot at the best RB in the country. FSU and Clemson need to stop recruiting our players. lol haha.

Thayer Munford another 3 Star to 4 star ohio kid. I would love. These kids are the "Salt of the Earth" when it comes to Ohio State in my opinion.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

It's minimizing the loss time.

The problem is this team offense has been sputtering. Samuel long run messed up the avg. per run for OSU last night. It was probably more like 2.5 yds a carry avg.

This is a counter-punching team. We are always adapting to what other coaches scheme. 

We got ZERO CALLS FROM THE REFS ALL NIGHT: I saw a targeting on Bowman on Weber in the 1st half which espn never showed any replay of, pass interference on us, but not on themetc..

THE "B1G" schedules Ohio St "back to back" road games at  the TWO HARDEST places to go in and get a win out night, after BOTH TEAMS HAD A BYE WEEK TO HEAL AND PREPARE!!! Thanks B1G!! 


;WR's coaching OR bad evaluation during recruiting-  OHIO ST. receivers have had a major problem beating DB's deep and when they do JT. Barrett under throws them or over throws them. Ohio St. rarely has time to throw the ball deep due vto our predictable offensive style, and un-evovling offense that seems to be regressing since after Oklahoma game.

This offense is missing a pounding RB, Weber looks like a pinball between the tackles and is little threat to break a tackle leaving teams to key on JT Barrett Q-Runs.

Lack off a QB containing pass rush while in man coverage. Opposing QB's just wait for the DE's to rush up the feild and then step up in the pocket and run for 1st down or throw a dump off to a waiting RB/TE.

Crossing Routes. Always good for a 1st down against our defense.

JT. Barrett holding the ball to long. Give your receiver a chance at a 50% ball or throw it away instead of taking sacks.

Learn how to block or scheme for a zone blitzing defense, and our "ULTRA KNEE BUCKLING NEMESIS" The DELAYED LBer OR SAF BLITZ".  Does Ohio St know what a hot Route is???? 

These are problems this year and some the last 3 yrs. Time for a fresh offensive look or a smarter play calling offensive Coordinator.

Penn St seemed to have better traction with their shoes all night. Ohio St  olb's and DE's CANNOT keep losing contain on big plays and QB scrambles!!!!

Lastly , Ohio St.'s SLUGGISH GAME STARTS. Be nice to just come out pissed off just ounce and dominate from start to finish without it being from a prior loss.

Complacency has been growing since we beat the Sooners. It seems Tressel ball has returned to Ohio St.

We have been in the top 10 in recruiting approx the last 4 years

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Anybody that remembers Ohio HS Football from 70's understands where quick calls come from.

Most teams warmed up back then very loudly with a 60 to 70 players bellowing out cadences/claps/beating thigh pads during warm-up .

It was a intimidation factor. My how the culture has changed, I remember when bands could play anytime during the game. Fun times Fun times.