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Comment 22 Aug 2014

ESPN don't know how to handle OHIO STATE being a under dog.

They live by trolling our opponents with disrespect and portray them untalented . 

ESPN don't want the Buckeyes being underdogs and spoiling things. And MSU will find a way to be a disrepected underdog even if we have 4 losses going into the game.

Let MSU carry that  BEST in the B1G Target on their Backs and see how fun it is!!!

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Titanium will never rust. Would be ideal to make exhaust systems for all cars, radiators, valve/springs and lifters, bearings. These are all made but just not at a reasonable price due to man hrs to prduce, mill, and precision mill.

It really is a awesome alloy, but very hard for common joe to use it for anything other than the manufacturer designed.

Helicopter blades and the fan blades and the fan rotor in jet engines are also made and milled from a solid piece of titanium and tested and tested and then dbl tested by metalurgist before being allowed to be used by Defense, Boeing. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I wish I could up vote that post a thousand times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 WARRIORS, NOT 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a team sport! This is how legends are made, or happen!!!

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Would like to see a hype video , before the 1st home game on the stadium screen, with this song in the stadium before game with lights dim as the song apexs light it up full with the Buckeyes charging the feild. ofcourse end the song at the 2:40 mark,lol.

Hits, runs, catches, tds paced to the song ..
Comment 16 Aug 2014

You put your best on the feild, to hell with seniority, favoritism, or anything else, unless the carts pulls the horse at Ohio St.

If you deserve to play, you should play, play the best!!!

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I meant eventually either after graduation or a early trip to Sunday Football. Or forbid another injury.

Sorry I didn't specify that.

But it is possible for a younger kid to pass a older, atleast I hope so. These ain't Union Jobs", lol.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Please be true. 

They need knocked down a peg or two with that smooze the spray on recruits about their great fake degrees........

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I though Sam Hubbard 6'6 220-230? was moving back to LB???

My gosh the space his frame takes up in pass defense, and a very nice open feild tackler.

Could see him taking 6'4 250 Josh Perry's spot next year if things go well and the stigma of being a slow kids from ohio doesn't leave him off lists the coaches make let alone bloggers.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Need Mick from Rocky in the backround; "DON'T BE A SLACKER",

"We GOT SPEED". "THAT IT!!"........................"GET THAT OLIVE OIL OUTTA YA!!!!"

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Agree, if your gonna use the song "Bad Company" at least use the band who originally made the song and named their band... BAD COMPANY.

But nice Video, would love to see it to the original or Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight", Ted Nugent's "Strangle Hold" would be sick!!!

Comment 01 Aug 2014

I'm sure theses kids take classes on how to deal with the press.

So much nowadays can be takin out of context. I think he is just laughing at the repetition and different ways these reporters keep coming at him. They are hoping he snaps and makes a headline but Meyer has veted who he takes to media days very "No headline from me laugh", as far as I'm concerned. These guys will do there speaking on the feild shortly.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Way to many anal-retentive parents and authoritarians abusing their power .

I blame the media, they can make a candle flame into a forest fire , the use these so called writer's and blogger's mentality with Salem Witch Trial eugenics in their blood vessels.

People fight the disputes they can win easy instead of the hard ones that are more a gray area and need debated. It's sad social media has turned into such a polarizing force the totalitarians.