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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Cie Grant slamming Kenny Dorsey to the turf to solidify us as National Champs in 03'
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Comment 24 Aug 2012

^^^So what does that mean?...Joe Bauserman saw plenty of action last year, that dosen't mean a  thing with a new coaching staff thats focused on playing "the best" players no politics involved.

Comment 03 Aug 2012

Alot of people would say the d-line but don't sleep on the linebckers...Perkins, Marcus, Williams and Perry...Oh and a possible diamond in the rough in Roberts added to a unit in desperate need of depth.

Comment 03 Aug 2012

With the way he lights people up in the secondary, I definately thought Murray would play on defense. Glad to see M. Bennet getting some recognition, he deserves it.

Comment 30 Jul 2012

You really shouldn't take such a strong stance on matters in which you have no knowledge. I've been in Alliance court room and had a white judge refer to DWB as a common occuerence in his courtroom like it was no big deal so don't tell me its just some figment of our imagination! Wtih that said neither of us used the word racism (@least i know i didn't) nor do i absolve the young man of his actions. I was merely trying to give an acccurate account of the climate of the police in this city in particular to the term "DWB", and provide a view point that may differ for just coming down hard on an 18yr old kid for doing what a great deal of his peers are,have,and will keep doing. Your stance and the agression with which you take it says alot though...

Comment 30 Jul 2012

Couldn't have said it better myself!!! You sound like a current or former resident? I feel ya pain bruh! SMH

Comment 30 Jul 2012

@Tennbuckeye19: Sad thing is he's probaly right about the APD. Born and raised in Alliance and EVERYBODY here knows about our cops and I'll just leave it at that. With that said, cmon kid use your head and don't even place yourself in those situations son.

Comment 20 Jun 2012

They had a shot @ Larry Grant just this offseason. He had a very good year for the 49ers vaunted defense as an injury fill-in @ olb. With all this mess goin on with Fujita and" Bountygate" and the fact that he is ols slow and unproductive anyway, one would think Grant would atleast garner a visit but as usual Holmgren and along with every other Clown that has stwearded that franchis over the last 25 yrs, dosen't even consider it or take a closer look. TYPICAL

Comment 31 May 2012

Both were great recruiters but if you look @ that senior class from the NC season, i'm like 90% sure that they broke the record for draft picks in a modern draft, I could be wrong but that says a lot for Cooper.

Comment 31 May 2012

With all due respect...FUCK that big 10/pac 10 agreement. If its not USC or Oregon(@ the moment) then its just another non-conference cream puff. I was lookin forward to the chance @ shutting up some of these SEC fans...Damn

Comment 29 May 2012

Wow!!! Even without the NC's, this was a golden era @ TOSU. It was downright awseome to be a student and on campus with some of these living legends. John Cooper has to go down as on of the greates recruiters ever! I know it against the rules but you probably shoulda named 6 guys for the 90's list. Even with all the choke jobs and 3-5 blown National Championships, it was still the greatest most entertaining decade of OSU football i've ever watched!

Comment 21 May 2012

Not to be correcting you cause i hate that but Winfield was a cornerback not a safety. Probably all the more reason he should be on that mount.

Comment 16 May 2012

Love Tressel, always will but that was my main issue with him. You gottaplay the best no matter thier age or class status. Keep it up Urban!

Comment 16 May 2012

Good point 56. I remember being LIVID, yelling and cussing @ t.v. furious with Tressel playin Zwick. Still say we beat Penn State and Vince Young and Longhorns with Smith starting. 

Comment 11 May 2012

Its simple, you take the six major conference champions along with the 2 highetst ranked at-large teams. thats 8 teams, place those teams in your 4 major bowls (Rose,Sugar,Orange,Fiesta) and you have your first round of the playoffs. After first round, from remaining 4 teams you take the highest 2 seeds and reward them with priveledge of hosting the semi-finals. Then play the NC in 1 of the 4 major bodwl sites listed above on a rotational basis... And play all the other lesser bowls as usual, before the 4 major bowls. Now you have a playoff system built in to the traditional bowl system, and the regular season keeps it's integrity because of the importance of winning you conference and being the higher seed (as to host a playoff game). Ive been saying it for years, even went so far as to have the plan notarized and submitted. Lol...No one's listening

Comment 07 May 2012

The more this goes on and i think about it, I start to wonder if he just may have got caught up in the visit and committed too early. It seems to me that all this drama is coinciding with him  taking other visits etc. seems kinda fihy to me.

Comment 03 May 2012

When Lewis Neal decommitted, he referred to his situation as "open ended" on both ends. Maybe, just maybe Meyer decided to go another direction when this Allen kid contacted us. Looks like a rare athlete from what i've seen. I hope we can land him!

Comment 03 May 2012

I agree with the comments above sayin 1 qb is enough for this class. I can't stress enough how underrated i think Cardale Jones is. With him in the fold that sets up a nce future battle with Barrett... and Cardale, while elusive can be looked @ as a dropback QB with some wheels. So you have somewhat contrasting styles amongt the two Qb's of the future as well.