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Comment 31 Aug 2013

Think a key thing to remember is everyone was down on Grant after the Indiana game last year, he played well today.  Reeves started strong but definitely was picked on late, he will get valuable experience as a backup to Roby. 

Comment 31 Aug 2013

Appears Fickell is making all in game calls with Vrabel by his side.  Withers from what I remember was involved more in the game preparations, but as most staffs do sure there are some ideas being tossed around.

Comment 31 Aug 2013

Heard a very good interview early this week that week 1 matchups are the toughest as the inferior opponent is usually at full strength and the difference in depth isn't as noticeable.  The turnovers allowed this game to be closer than it was, the other issues will be great learning tools.  I would rather see this team peak as the season progresses

Comment 05 Aug 2013

While there has been a lot of talent at LB, the development hasn't always been there.  Take Shazier out of the equation we really need to see if C.Grant has finally lived up to his potential and can Mitchell, Johnson contribute if an injury were to occur.

Comment 29 Jul 2013

Very pleasant surprise indeed.  We all knew there would be a surprise like last year, however I expected it to be closer to NSD.

Comment 28 Jul 2013

Glad that this worked out for all.  OSU gets an outstanding, versatile lineman and Meechy gets to play for his dream school and win a National Championship!

Comment 19 Jul 2013

Just basing this off of insider info on other sites, Mavety appears to be higher on their list and that's the reason Eluemunor was slow played.  From all indications including interviews he was going to flip from UCLA but was told to wait.

Comment 08 Jul 2013

Great write up.   The 2014 incoming class seems to have their priorities straight.