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Comment 06 Oct 2013

A rematch against NW seems harrowing at first blush, but consider the number of mistakes made by Braxton and co.  Would similar errors take place in a rematch?  I suspect not.  Also, credit to the Wildcat faithful for coming out in force, but a rematch on a neutral field might mitigate some of the Wildcats energy.  In short, I'd be excited to see OSU face a one-loss NW team in the Big Ten Title Game.

Also, 11W, I love the site, but why are all your photos filtered to look like they were taken in 1987?

Comment 21 Dec 2011

I'm with the anti-Tress crowd.  Intentionaly cheating and engaging in cover-ups are not the hallmarks of someone morally upright enough to write a book preaching to others about the right way to win.  He won a bunch of games for us, and I don't hate the man or think his infractions nullify his contributions, but people should be exactly as angry with and disappointed in Jim Tressel as they are with the athletes who committed the infractions.  Many people are clearly reserving their ire for kids while continuing to rever an adult who knew better.  Also, I'd have traded Tress for Meyer at any point during the last five years, so good riddance.

Comment 21 Oct 2011

I don't think Tress did more harm than good to this program (and even if he did, it won't be possible to reach that conclusion until more time passes).  However, I am surprised by the unwavering support he receives on these boards.  I'm not going to go on a rant, but he DID harm the program (even if that harm is outweighed by his positive contributions), and many of the people on here act like that isn't the case.  He gets far less blowback for the major issues that led to his firing than he got for Purdue Harbor.  It's ridiculous.

Comment 01 Jun 2011

I wish Fickell nothing but the best, and I hope the team performs well under him.  I just hope none of Tress's corrupt stench clings to him.  I wouldn't like to find out that, as a top assistant, he was complicit in the underhanded dealings which brought down the Senator.

Comment 30 May 2011

Nothing here, eh?  Well, I think that the fact that the circumstances surrounding tatgate have been in place for virtually the entirety of Jim Tressel's tenure here, and that Tressel's history of questionable contact goes back decades counts as more than "nothing", but whatever.  This kind of ridiculous attitude is what got us into this mess.  Do you think Jim Tressel resigned for no reason?  The guy has contributed to a disaster that will take the program years to recover from, and STILL he gets nothing but support on these boards.

You're right guys.  The important lesson here is the "sloppy journalism" of Sports Illustrated, and not the crushing malfeasance perpatrated by our fraud of a coach.

Comment 27 Apr 2011

Unbelievable.  I am shocked to find such continuing support for Jim Tressel on this site and among most of the other Buckeye-centric sites I visit.  Honestly, what does it take for people to understand that there should be consequences for this duplicity?  I don't care about the players selling their own things or trading them for tattoos.  It isn't even the cover-up that bothers me so much.

Brazenly failing to live up to the standards he professes ad nauseum is what makes me angry with Jim Tressel.  There is no end to excuses that are being made for the man, and it needs to stop.  We can f***ing beat Michigan, win the Big Ten, and contend for national titles without him.  Give me Urban and let us cheat without hypotcrisy, if cheat we must.

Comment 02 Apr 2011

All this talk of ESPN coverage, and little discussion of Tressel's conduct?  I don't particularly care about how media outlets have spun this controversy.  I do care about Jim Tressel's malfeasance and the response of fans to it.  Brushing it off as a "mistake" is absurd.  The man knowingly cheated, and people are rightfully coming down on him for it.

Jim Tressel has crafted the public image of a person for whom integrity is more important than winning, and reality has now been shown to contradict that persona.  If I saw some fans saying that his victories over Michigan, his BCS success, and his Big Ten championships matter more than the methods he has utilized to accomplish these things, I'd at least respect the honesty.  Instead, I find a bunch of apologists who want to pretend that this is not an example of intentional wrongdoing in furtherance of competitive success.

I've been spending Saturday afternoons in the 'Shoe for most of my life, and have been a strident supporter of Tressel ever since he replaced Cooper.  I can no longer stand by that position, however.  I find it troubling that people call for his head after a loss to Purdue but talk about how upstanding he is in the face of massive evidence to the contrary.

Comment 16 Mar 2011

I think Herbie is a traitor, and I've said so many times.  In light of that, how can one find it hard to believe that fellow Buckeye fans have habitually told him so when they've seen him?  He shouldn't BE a traitor, but he also shouldn't be expected to relish being called out on it.  Half of Columbusites are fans of Ohio State?  I don't know which part of Columbus you inhabit, but clearly I've never been there.  Not every resident bleeds Scarlet and Grey, but it's a hell of a lot more than half.

As for Tress, there isn't an asterisk next to his cheating.  He cheated, he knew it, and then he lied about it.  He needs to be fired.  One of my fondest memories in my years of cheering for Ohio State happened in January in the Superdome as the Buckeye faithful chanted "S-E-C" at the outgoing Razorback fans.  Tressel's malfeasance now imperils the legitimacy of that victory and taints everything he does going forward.