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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The entire 2014 season.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Ezekiel Elliot, Raekwon "The Chef" McMillan. Who is a bear.
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Comment 28 Aug 2015
I have no doubt that place will be LOUD. Everyone is excited for this game, much more so than any of the teams you mentioned.
Comment 26 Aug 2015
I'm surprised by how little they think Braxton will have an impact. They seem to think that because he has a new position he won't be a factor. They seem to forget how electric he is with the ball in his hands. I don't care where he is on the field, he's a difference maker.
Comment 21 Aug 2015
I got into Ohio State, but I'm sad to say they didn't offer me any scholarship, so I had to follow my wallet, not my heart.
Comment 21 Aug 2015
Bosa could be the fourth backer. They've stood him up before. Then the offense would have a Damn hard time securing a double team on him If he's all over the place.
Comment 12 Aug 2015
Wow that's a lot of questions. I'll take Noah Brown as my breakout player. VTech makes me nervous (but don't tell the guys at The Key Play). I'm not really worried about much, we're good. I wanna see Johnnie Dixon with the ball in his hands. Tennessee will be the biggest disappointment. Arizona will come out of nowhere (Rich Rod!) Gimme mizzou out of the east. Auburn out of the west. Arizona out of the Pac 12. Baylor for Big 12. Virginia tech wins the ACC. Ohio state beats Arizona in the semis. Baylor beats auburn. Ohio state beats Baylor for the natty. I know I more than answered the questions, I was on a role
Comment 12 Aug 2015
Username is the generic name Xbox gave me and I went with it. Icon is a picture I took of a toad that was just daring me to mess with him. My go to username now is Chief Toad, but you can't switch.