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Comment 26 Oct 2014

I will say that special teams are as advertised. That was the difference in this game. The defense is improving every week, but really showed how young they are last night. My biggest concern is offensive play calling. The second half seemed very predictable. Several obvious quarterback draws and the wildcat option play that was called twice come to mind. If my untrained eye knows what's coming, the defense probably knows what's coming.

This is a good young team but I don't think this is a team that wins in the play offs.

Comment 19 Oct 2014
It doesn't automatically make him less of a contender either. You think any heisman trophy winner played nothing but top 25 teams? It's too early to say for sure but it's also too early to write him off.
Comment 19 Oct 2014
I tried to stay for the whole game but after the third it was way out of hand and my wife had enough of the rain. Lol great crowd for the first half. It was loud before we ran away with the game.
Comment 17 Oct 2014
A fourth straight 50+ game would be nice. We'll give up some plays though, 52-35 if nova plays at his highest potential.
Comment 15 Oct 2014
I honestly wouldn't have a problem with Jerry Kill winning COY every year. It'll probably go to Flood this year though.
Comment 13 Oct 2014
If Rutgers can keep some Jersey kids home and perform when the whole country is watching for other recruits, I think they will be a force in the east. They have alot of selling points. I'd go there before I'd move to Iowa or Minnesota.