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Comment 5 hours ago

Hard to argue with the thought that the LB position was not what it should be the past couple of years.  However, I'm confident that it's going to be better.  There is some good young talent, an improving Josh Perry, and if Grant can step up and be a force, then that's a huge bonus for this year.  Regardless of what Grant does, the LB position should have good talent for years to come.  The simpler schemes on defense will help more than just the DBs.

I also noticed that overall, tackling was improved in 2013 from 2012.  Kinda forgotten amongst the other struggles, though.

Comment 5 hours ago

Fickell would be the easiest target to blame, given that he's the common denominator of the main defensive leadership between last season's defense and this season's defense.  Of course, it's never as simple as "blame the DC", and it depends on why the defense would struggle (like if there are a lot of injuries, you can't blame Fickell for that, but if there's a lot of undisciplined play, then you can blame Fickell for a good deal of that).

Comment 6 hours ago

I sat in D Deck one time.  There are posts coming down from the press box that will likely obstruct your view.

Comment 8 hours ago

Take out the part about Manziel bringing Super Bowls to Cleveland and the odds come closer to Hoke being fat by then.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

OK Brady, your team just went 7-6 last year and your record has declined each year since getting to AA.  If he says there's no additional pressure, then either:

  • He's lying
  • He's naive or delusional
  • TTUN has accepted mediocrity
Comment 27 Jul 2014

Maybe being a 7 footer with the raw talent that he has going through high school, maybe he never had the fundamentals drilled into him the way that he should have (like, say, coaches never worried too much about it because of what he could do on the court based on sheer size/athletic ability).  I think Amir is a classic case of not being able to adjust to the level of competition being raised from high school to bigtime college basketball, and has been exposed in many ways.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Good picks. 

I'd also throw in the 1988 game vs LSU and the 1990 last-second winner vs Iowa (I was too young to remember those games but saw the clips on YouTube).  Also, 2012 vs Purdue cause SMOOTH JAZZ.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

11W is my leader too.  Ranked #1 out of 1 on my list. 

Comment 25 Jul 2014

The inability to answer a question directly and succinctly.

Tressel was very guilty of this, too, haha ^

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I'm not sure what the "interview" and problem with the "goddamn media" was all about but outside of that, sounds like Waters was just being a tough disciplinarian.  To truly be THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND, you need that kind of discipline.  I don't know what the point of releasing this audio was outside of Waters potentially lying (or potentially just not remembering) that he yelled/cussed at a student.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

1.  USC 2009 (fucking Tresselball)

2.  Illinois 2007 (fucking refs)

3A.  Wisconsin 2010 (fucking run defense)

3B.  Wisconsin 2003 (fucking Gamble)

Honorable mention - losing to Minnesota in 2000 (fucking embarrassing) and Purdue in 2011 (fucking extra point)/2009 (fucking Pryor)

Comment 25 Jul 2014

The only thing I remember about Rob Rose was when he dropped what would've been a game-sealing interception in that Fiesta Bowl against Texas.  I had a bad feeling after it happened that Texas would score, and sure enough...