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Comment 24 Mar 2017

That's after Purdue was up 8 fairly far into the first half.  Wow.  I had picked Oregon to beat Kansas in the Elite 8 in my bracket...seriously questioning that

Comment 24 Mar 2017

How did OSU beat TTUN?  Easy.  TTUN shot 36 3's against OSU and didn't make a whole lot of them.  When you pretty much base things on the 3 point shot, you can beat superior teams when you shoot it well, but you can also lose to inferior teams when you don't.  In reality, TTUN is not that good, but they went on a nice stretch where they were on fire shooting it, and it helped them win the B1G tourney and a couple of NCAA tourney games.  

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Always chuckle at seeing TTUN called "overrated"...idk though...I think the East will come down to The Game.  

PSU is so goddamn overhyped, it isn't funny.  Man, are they really living off that fluke win over the Buckeyes from last season or what!?  Reality will hit them hard this coming season.  

As far as Herman goes...if he really is overhyped, that will be exposed at Texas.  We shall see.  

Comment 23 Mar 2017

I think no damns are given about the regular season.  Especially after the Warriors won 73 games last season and it didn't translate into a championship.  Now the Cavs should at least try not to lose that #1 seed.  Not like the Cavs couldn't win an ECF series with Boston without home court...but why dick around and put yourself in that position?

Comment 22 Mar 2017

How about shorter playoffs?  Eliminate the first round of the playoffs.  Do they really need to let 16 teams make the playoffs?  That's more than half the league.  It's more of an embarrassment to not make the playoffs than it is an accomplishment to make the playoffs.  At the very least, make the first round a 

If now you have to be in the top 4 instead of the top 8 of your conference to get into the playoffs...and you have shorter playoffs...would likely fix a lot of that resting issue.  Games more critical, you don't have as much playoff basketball to prepare for...

Won't happen, just like a shorter regular season.  Preseason, sure, nobody gives a shit about that, it won't hurt their bottom line.  

I don't know how you'd incentivize games.  The only way would be to do a points system like got X number of points for winning normal games...the "marquee" games might reward an extra point or two for winning.  

Comment 15 Mar 2017

The brand name certainly goes a far way.  I'll drink those "domestics" if I'm somewhere and that's what they have.  But $1 more for craft beers?  Say no more.  

And Miller Lite?  No.  They sponsor Brad Keselowski.  Brad Keselowski is born and raised in TSUN and is a fan of TTUN.  Don't drink that shit.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

I'm pretty much in agreement with this article.  I didn't think there was reason to panic after last season...but that was based on the assumption that since pretty much everyone important was coming back this season, the team would be better, back in the NCAAs, more wins, and whatnot.  Based on the assumption that last season's NCAA miss would be just a speed bump.  Bad assumption, obviously.  I think Thad deserves the one more year to get it right.  We'll see if he can do it.  Starts with reaching his team, getting them to play hard every night...whatever the motivation comes from, be it the embarrassment of not even getting in the NIT or playing literally for Thad's be it

Comment 12 Mar 2017
Well son of a biscuit eating bulldog. While I'm glad that they won't bother with the NIT, it kinda sucks that they weren't at least invited. I'd feel better if they invited the Bucks and they said "thanks but no thanks". This season feels like a relationship you want out of, but your significant other dumps you before you dump them. Or something like that.
Comment 10 Mar 2017

"Three more championships than my team has won"

- every Bengals and Browns fan

But how many teams can say "our legendary coach left the sport to go to NASCAR"?  (And then said coach turned team owner won 4 more championships with Bobby Labonte, Tony Stewart, and Kyle Busch)

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Nobody on this team is NBA ready, IMO.  Thompson might be the closest but he still has work to do.  Anybody else considering the pros is just LOL at the moment.  

I'd love to say everyone coming back is good news cause they'll be better with more experience...but that was supposed to be the case this season and *insert poop emoji*.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

Because when they actually to show up to play, more often than not, they've played pretty well, and have competed with and beaten pretty good competition.  The problem is that they don't show up to play like that nearly often enough.

I don't believe that this program has poor talent.  I think it has pretty decent talent.  They are missing that superstar, that Oden/Conley/Turner/Sullinger/Craft/DT/Russell type of difference maker.  So, if this team wants to have success, they can, but they need to bring their A game every night.  Maybe Matta teams of the past could've brought a B- game against an inferior opponent and gotten away with it, but right now, this program can't.  If they bring their A game, they might beat Wisconsin.  If they show up completely disinterested like they did last night, they can lose to any dogshit team like Rutgers.

Thad deserves one more year to turn this thing around.  If the program can win some more games, get back to the tournament...they don't even have to necessarily win the B1G or make a deep tournament run...just show improvement and that this program is heading back in the right direction...then he should stay.  But if it gets worse...then I will join the current detractors thinking he needs to go.  But if he wants to right this ship...effort would be a good place to start.