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Comment 27 Sep 2016

I don't think the TTUN defense has exactly looked better so far this season than they did last year.  Hell, didn't they pitch 3 shutouts in a row at one point last year?  It's a good defense, don't get me wrong...I just don't think Don Brown has taken it up another level.  It feels like they are about the same.  

Comment 18 Sep 2016

They may be in the FCS, but North Dakota State is definitely an FBS-caliber program.  I'm not up on what it would take for them to move to FBS, as I imagine that would have to do with things other than on-the-field success.  But yeah, they could beat at least half the FBS teams.  This should be a more monumental upset than what it's being made out to be, given an FCS school just beat the #13 team in the country, but it's not because NDSU has been doing this year after year. 

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Nice, I wasn't convinced that the AP would put Louisville at #3.  I think they deserve it.

I think OSU might deserve #1.  Alabama did outlast Ole Miss, who lost to the same FSU that just got bitched out by Louisville.  I don't know, we can all play those games with the transitive property, when in reality, it isn't reliable in proving who's better than who.  #2 for sure. 

Comment 18 Sep 2016

That was awesome.  What was sad was I was starting to get frustrated in the 2nd half because it felt like the Buckeyes were taking their foot off the gas.  Maybe they were.  But hey, people don't just go into Norman and win by 3 TDs every day.  I'll take it damnit!

Comment 03 Sep 2016

That game was something, wasn't it?  First with the way it started...the pick 6...I was thinking "oh shit that kind of sets a tone, doesn't it?"...yeah, the tone that the Buckeyes were going to absolutely obliterate their asses.  Really impressed with all of the young talent on both sides of the ball (not to mention the veterans this team does have, like Barrett, Samuel, Wilson...McMillan with some nice tackles...Conley with some nice coverage).  Barrett just carved them up.  Early Heisman statement.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

I think they will drop 5-8 spots.  They should drop more like 10-15 spots.  I've seen some saying out of the poll...they at least won, but as bad as they looked, it may not be long before they do.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

This is the season that makes me feel really fortunate that this program was able to get Urban Meyer as its coach after the resignation/firing/whatever you want to call it of Jim Tressel.  It was a shitful season, and Urban was the one coach who was definitely available that could've come in and turned things around immediately.  Any other lesser coach, and who knows where this program is at. Probably would have struggled for many years.  That 2014 National Championship trophy would be in some other school's trophy case.  

I Stubhubbed a $20 ticket at literally the top of C Deck a couple of hours before the Sparty game.  I wish I wouldn't have done that.  Weather sucked, game sucked, seats sucked.  

I was ready to talk shit to my Nebraska fan cousins when we were up 27-6.  Glad I didn't do it (I had memories of a friend that was a TTUN calling to talk shit in the 4th quarter of the 2005 game before Troy Story 2 was born...don't be that guy).  My God Bauserman was awful.  Made Bellisari look quite serviceable in comparison.  

Actually didn't feel all that disappointed about the loss in The Game.  I thought the boys acquitted themselves pretty well in a situation where I thought it was going to get ugly.  The thing that pissed me off most about it was WHERE WAS THAT OFFENSE AND OFFENSIVE GAMEPLAN ALL YEAR?

Comment 27 Aug 2016

My last year as a student. 

-Hated the entire world after the USC game.  Seen the story so many times before.
-I remember studying for a midterm while watching the Purdue game.  First and last time I ever did that.  Freaking refs in that game.
-I correctly called Ray Small's kickoff return TD against Wisconsin moments before it happened.
-PSU was fun.  Who's crying now?
-Iowa = first field rush (first time since I had bought student tickets that the fans rushed - when I went with my family, they never wanted to do it)
-TTUN = first Mirror Lake jump (I thought it was fucking stupid in previous years, but I had to do it once)
-Rose Bowl - I was so damn euphoric after that game.  All the big game BS/Oregon hype coming to an end was great.

Comment 27 Aug 2016

That USC game...watched the 1st half at Little Bar.  Left at half, went back to a buddy's apartment, and got so shitfaced that I don't even remember the 2nd half.  What a shitshow.  Then the next day was the fucking Hurricane Ike shit that knocked out power for days throughout much of campus (like my apartment).  The only good thing about that was turning off the Bengals game, who were in playing like shit in the midst of their 0-8 start that year.  What a terrible weekend. 

State Penn game was so frustrating, too.  Amazing that a team that had the talent of that OSU team would have not one, but two games where they didn't score a single TD.

What a meh season.  Kind of confirmed some of the BS the media would say about OSU being able to beat up on the weaklings but not able to win the big one.  Of course, that would all change a year letter in Pasadena.