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Comment 13 hours ago

That SUCKS...wonder if he'll be allowed a 6th year (since he is a RS Soph).  The worst part for him is that it will likely set him behind in terms of competing with Burrow and Haskins for 2nd string and starter after JT is gone.  Who knows, though...seems like a good kid and works really hard...maybe it'll turn into a nice comeback story.

Comment 01 May 2016

There is a fine line between being a badass and being a dumbass.  Driving your convertible with the top down during a rain storm...while I appreciate him trying to maintain kayfabe outside of football season, I still have to go with dumbass on this.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

The dude is gonna make millions...I'm sure if he really can't cook, he can go to a fucking restaurant somewhere or perhaps hire a personal chef to cook for him.  I don't know about you, but I think he'll be just fine from a life skills perspective...if he fails in the league, it'll be due to on-field performance.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

It's hard.  Buckeyes should have 5 for sure - Bosa, Zeke, D Lee, Decker, and Apple.  I doubt any of them fall to round 2.  Who might the 6th be?  Perhaps Vonn Bell?  I heard Bobby Carpenter earlier predict he would be picked somewhere between 25 and 40 (so late 1st/early 2nd).  Could someone take Michael Thomas in the 1st?  That's more doubtful.  I think he's every bit as good as the "top 4" group of Josh Doctson, Laquan Treadwell, Corey Coleman, and Will Fuller.  I'm going to take the under, as I would bet on Thomas and Bell going in the 2nd.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

A rule change and then reversal to said rule change happens so fast...if only they could move that fast on the UNC investigation but hey *insert frog drinking tea emoji*

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Will Nessler also take Lundquist's spot on golf and college basketball coverage?

Damn, ESPN is losing a lot of guys.  Next thing you know, Coach will go back to WWE or something.  LOL

Comment 24 Apr 2016

Everyone talks about Bones and I'm over here waiting for CM Punk/Phil Brooks (whichever he's going to call himself) to make his debut. 

Comment 22 Apr 2016

That south campus Taco Bell closing makes me sad.  I can't tell you how many times I went there wasted and/or stoned and had a personal pan pizza AND a quesadilla or crunchwrap or something.  I think all of the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut joint restaurants in the Columbus area are now just Taco Bells.  Nothing wrong with "just a Taco Bell" BUT damn, being able to get pizza and breadsticks alongside of it made for an epic meal.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

11 points.  I guess I'm a Toyota Camry.  LOL.

I sort of follow recruiting.  Love black/alternate jerseys.  ACT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE!  Grayshirts aren't a good look, but it's business.  2014 OSU beats 1968 OSU IMO.  

Comment 19 Apr 2016

I get what Urban was trying to say, though...Cardale doesn't have to worry about school now so he can focus more on football.  He tried to make it a positive even though it can easily be spun the other way.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Wasn't very good at school?  Is he talking about grades or maybe how Cardale managed his academics?  He got good enough grades to stay eligible, AMIRITE!?

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Bullshit.  We all know that SOS rankings go as follows:  1-14 - SEC schools, 15 and down - everyone else.

Having Oklahoma (road), TTUN, only 2 crap OOC games - that alone right there will help the SOS, assuming OU and TTUN both live up to their preseason hype.  Then there's at Sparty, a team that always seems to be better than people think they'll be.  NW, who has been respectable at times.  I can kind of see it.