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Comment 05 Dec 2011

Just so we make it clear:

1. charlie did lose seven pounds after the surgery.  sucess!!!

2. He only sued because a surgical nurse was not accounted for and was presumed sewed up inside him.  She apparently went in while collecting surgical sponges and has never been heard from since.

Comment 23 Oct 2011

While I can't disagree with the parallels between the two seasons Mr. Finkes, (and please don't crush me for this!) that particular squad had a competent offensive coordinator calling the plays  and didn't have the ex-assistant video coordinator coaching the QB's.  The fact that these two knuckleheads are in these two vital positions makes me fear that the offense and the quarterback will not gain in development even in this down year.  That isn't even my greatest fear.  Gene Smith has bungled everything he has touched since the middle of december 2010.  This makes me believe he isn't smart enough to dump the walrus or said ex-video coordinator at seasons end.  If this offensive catastrophy is aloud to continue, the kids that are currently playing will be done a huge disservice. 

Comment 17 Sep 2011

While at work tonight I followed the game on an internet tracker and read the live blog.

Just looking at the box score I have 3 thoughts.

1. Joe B. set his position backwards by 5 decades.  13 freaking yards!!! My sister in Wisconsin was not only laughing but placing her "W" on the schedule next to OHIO STATE!!

2.  If this is the year we are hit with a bowl ban, it may not be a bad thing.  Play the frosh QB and cut bait with Bauserman.  6-6 maybe with him.

3.  Miami was not that good.  I hope the suspended players look at those free tats every day with regret.


If you'll excuse me I have a date with a ledge!!!

Comment 23 Jul 2011

Kirk:  You realize you were averaging 6.0 yards per carry on that final drive in the Rose Bowl don't you?

Brett:  Yes

Kirk:  You also realize the 2 point conversion is from two and a half yards away?

Brett:  UH HUH

Kirk:  Empty back field, really?  You weren't a math major here at Iowa were you?

Brett: UH NO

Comment 25 Jun 2011

I hope no one finds out it was me that left the upper-decker in dave brandon's office bathroom!!!!

Comment 18 Jun 2011

Jay, go wiggle the rabbit ears, Judge Judy won't come in on this new T.V.!!!!!