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Comment 18 Feb 2015

Best player to come out of Wayne Trace High School, and a very good man. He will be missed

Comment 08 Dec 2013

It was stopping the pass that OSU could not do plain and simple. the routes or receivers were not that great, so i really don't understand why the huge struggles. can some of the newbies play? (Vonn Bell maybe) Brown and Barnett were getting burned all night....end rant

Comment 12 Aug 2013

Where are the Ohio guys ? besides the walk on Ramstetter, all have been from other states...I know it's early though. Hopefully Burrows or the like will be next


Comment 04 Aug 2013

Keep the updates coming please, I'll be checking for them all day...can't wait to see how things shape up for the season...Go Bucks

Comment 11 May 2013

I was actually at that 1996 IU game. I remember there were so many Buckeye fans there, one of the goal posts got torn down. the OSU fans went for the other goal post and IU's players all surrounded it and would not allow it to come down. I remember the OSU fans all carrying Shawn Springs Jr off the field

Comment 09 May 2013

"It sounds good in theory but I'm not sure anything can help old school officials and their propensity to anticipate charging calls as soon as an offensive player reaches the lane. It's an epidemic that is killing the college game and breeding floppers at an alarming rate. "


Will Teddy Valentine be a ref this coming season? can't imagine refs like him adapting to the charge call changes....