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Comment 05 Nov 2015

Lee won the game against Northern Illinois. My whole family was at that game and boy if he doesn't get that pick six..... who knows. I've been to 20-25 games at the shoe and I've never witnessed silence like that (prior to Lee's interception)

He rejuvenated the crowd, the offense (kinda), and our belief in the defense again. Guy is a stud!

Comment 16 Oct 2015

Lets not forget the accuracy that JT had last year. The guy was money on most if not all his deep balls. 

I can clearly remember thinking to myself that every time JT was heaving up a long ball it had a really good chance of being PERFECT. Not close, not Dale - just heave it up there close, but we're talking in-stride PERFECT. His accuracy was what impressed me the most, not his read option running. (which is nice btw)

Comment 30 Sep 2015

One thing I noticed during the Western Michigan game was the H-Backs in Motion before the snap. I think this drastically improves the offenses chances at making a mismatch. Just by moving Dontre, Samuel, and Miller from one side of the field to the other puts the defense on their heels and creates instant confusion- thus giving more room for the other play makers on the field.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

After attending the game this past Saturday I have a few observations:

Thomas will get his touches.

Wilson looked very good with the few throws he got. He's got that burst and if I remember it correctly, he had a few nice TD's through the air last year. Get him going vertical. The guy can fly!

Marshall is off. He had two balls that were meant for him from both the King and JT - both turned out ugly b/c he ran the wrong route!!! He also needs to catch the long ball that JT threw his way in the second half. He catches that same ball last year.