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Comment 03 Mar 2014

This team just isn't very good, plain and simple. But look at the bright side, they could lose the next two and still make the tourney!! Maybe Ross catches fire and they make the sweet sixteen for crafts last year. If not, oh well, next year is going to be better

Comment 16 Feb 2014

Here's a rundown of our team:

Craft- Needs to drive to the basket, every time.  Ross- A natural scorer.  But can you dribble? Cant you dunk it more often? I mean you are 6'8" right? Thompson- Can you dribble?  Amir- Concentrate on your defense, we all know that you have nothing to offer on the offensive end other than bringing the ball down to your ankles with one dribble and then trying a dunk attempt. Lenzelle- you think that you are a long range shooter but lets try driving to the basket first, ok?  Scott- Love the Defense.  But what's with the skip passes, and can you make a contested layup? ever? DLV- Keep up the energy and don't always think about the three. It seems like you have some ability to take it to the rim but we haven't seen enough yet.  Loving- Drive to the basket, the threes will come after.  McDonald- Concentrate on Defense.  

A common theme with the team is that we need to drive to the basket more often.  Problem is, only a few players have the dribbling ability to actually make it there without getting their pocket picked. They can be tough to watch at times since it seems like they are coached to pass the ball around the three point line for about 25 seconds.  Then someone needs to shoot a three and miss.  No offensive rebounds because everyone is watching the attempt from outside of the arch.

Comment 15 Feb 2014

Any road win is a good win, especially since we get to see the red uni's. I can't wait to see the New/Old Nike reds

The philosophy with this years team is simple Thad - go to Ross, and then to ross, and then to ross again.  If that doesn't work then we can just pass the ball around the three point line and we'll just chuck up some more threes.  Let Ross try and score whenever he wants and we can live and die with him.  I'm ok with that. For the life of me I can't understand why we have amir or mcdonald outside of the three point line catching passes. It would be ok if they were just setting picks, but actually touching the ball out there? what are they going to do, take the rock to the hole? make a good pass?  No, nothing.  Just asking for a turn over.

How about starting Loving for Thompson?

Comment 06 Oct 2013

We're not regressing, we're just not playing cupcakes!  NW and Wisconsin are two good, ranked at the time teams.

Am I shocked at how much some of the others were not used? YES.  I really wanted to see Dontre return every single kick since he was a no-show on offense. (not even one snap?) 

But winning trumps everything and I cant wait for these next few easier games we play at home.