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Comment 19 Nov 2016

Idk if the play calling other than the predictable we runs has been bad....Barrett is just not good at throwing the football he looks awful today like he is all year idk why people continue to be surprised

Comment 15 Oct 2016

JT is a running back who can occasionally hit a wide open receiver....nothing more nothing less

Comment 15 Oct 2016

Been wanting Webb out for awhile not....he's painfully slow with no instincts....put smith in and see what happens he can't do much worse

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Vonn Bell is also in this episode. He's one of the rookies shown during the rock's speech

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I honestly think it's more JT holding on to the ball and missing reads than receivers not being open but it's hard to see with the camera angle used 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

If a girl gives q shit about where you went to college she's not worth your time and is a bunch of adjectives I can't say without offending people 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

It's great that OSU is ranked so high....however, nobody gives a shit where you went to school. I went to YSU and my roommates and I all did well, one of my roommates got a job at Microsoft as an engineer. If you're talented it doesn't matter what school you go to youll still likely succeed and if you're good at your job employers will find you.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Depends on what you want....

More upscale with good food go to V2

younger bar crowd go odonnels

dive bar with tons of draft beers go to Draught house

suzy's dogs and drafts is my personal favorite....gourmet hot dogs and tons beers on tap...super laid back with good music not too loud

if you want more options let me know! Downtown Youngstown is a lot of fun!!

Comment 04 Sep 2016

He doesn't have other offers because he's not very good....he doesn't win games for Hoban. Todd sibley and their D does. A game managing quarterback in HIGH SCHOOL is not gonna play at OSU....we can avoid having another, as you say, Dylan Thompson or Kyle trout on the team, and tell him he should look elsewhere instead of taking up a precious scholly that could go to someone who actually has a shot of playing. Again, I just do not understand how people look at his stats, demeanor, and lack of improvement and see future starter at OSU....why the hell would you recruit someone to be a backup when scholarships are tight and there are ELITE players wanting to come here