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  • SPORTS MOMENT: This will change periodically as I think of awesome plays:

    "The Catch" - 19 November 2005. The offensive line manages to give Smith time to get a read, at which point Smith spies Gonzales down the side, throws the ball to him, and Gonzales leaps up to grab the ball over a player from that team up north, holds it, which sets the field for the subsequent TD by Pittman. Final score of game: 25-21, OSU. Of course.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Archie Griffin as RB, Troy Smith as QB.

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Comment 23 Sep 2012


Nightmared, for sure. This game was supposed to be an easy spanking. For the love of God...all OSU had to do was show UP to get an easy 50 points on UAB. Instead they played so mediocre as to make last week's game against Cal seem far tougher than even that should have been...if even UAB had a shot at possibly beating the Bucks (damn, that hurts to say), then the squeak-by over Cal was even more dire than we thought. Leading in the Big Ten and OSU is looking at a serious possibility of losing in Conference games.

I want undefeated this year to upset everyone. Furthermore...I don't want to win by lucky play-reading to eek out a W - I want to win because we found our damn D-line again. I want to win because Miller has options great than two. I want to win because we are the damn BUCKEYES.