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Comment 17 Mar 2017

And wasn't that the game where Tom made some nasty remarks to Craft?  Accused him of trying to listen in on their huddle I think?

Comment 14 Mar 2017

So well said, 95.  Taylor also taught basic BB skills that is so lacking these days in the game.

I really like Thad and think he is a class guy but there have been some issues that are always present with his teams.

Strength program needs to be overhauled, free throws & rebounding/boxing out/spacing never seems to get fixed.

Coaches just seem to get set in their ways and won't change even if there are declining returns.  That is on Thad and he needs some shake-up in coaching staff to address these reoccurring issues.

The last 2 years are not acceptable for TOSU.  Yes, TOSU is not a blue blood but has been just a notch below and I for one am sick of seeing talented Ohio guys playing on other teams.  Players see the lack of development.

Has not been the same since Sully and Craft left and that is not acceptable.

Comment 27 Feb 2017

This is all bs as I heard a caller on the Pete Finebaum show last week say southern schools don't recruit Ohio, especially Bama.

Comment 06 Feb 2017

All that is true regarding Brady.  He went to TSUN but he was not a really popular player while he was there and sharing time with Drew Henson.  Henson was the fan favorite.

Wasn't he a 6th round draft choice?  Coach B and his system is what developed him along with a lot of other lower rated draft choices.

Cannot blame his school for being proud of him.  That is fine and I am happy for Nate Ebner (and he was never a scholarship player).

Brady's success is due to NE system, his intelligence and work ethic but his college will also take pride in him.  Can't blame them (but I do detest them).

Comment 27 Jan 2017

My precious dog was constantly by side as I went through Cancer and always trying to comfort me when I am ill.  Dogs are special and give unconditional love.  Humans could learn from them.