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Comment 60 minutes ago

Classless and stupid are the two words that come to mind.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Next 6 games

Baltimore,@Tennessee, Pittsburgh, @Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay. Browns could be 6-2, dare I say 7-1 heading into the Thursday Night Game in Cincinnati. Man a game like that is what the Battle of Ohio needs! Go Browns!!

Comment 03 Sep 2014

OSU should designate sections in the stadium for standing and sitting fans. I believe the Crew has a section or two in their stadium where they support the fans standing and cheering for the game. Label the ticket for standing or sitting section so the fan knows before hand so there is no complaints in the stadium.

Like others have stated good luck sending a text in Ohio Stadium.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Ticketmaster has a few side by side seats left in B-Deck of South Stands and many piggy backs in B-Deck and C-Deck. Not the best seats but hey at least they're face value.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

26-8 by my math. 4-6 frosh yr, 12-0 soph, 10-2 jr yr.

He didn't start the first three games as a freshman and was injured two games in `13. Might be 11-1 as a sophomore if Kenny didn't save the day against Purdue as well.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I never understood why we scheduled a home and home with UNC. I like playing them in CBus but playing them in Chapel Hill? I don't get it. Home and homes should be for the big boys (Texas,Okla,USC,Bama,etc.).

Everyone else should just take the paycheck, beatdown, and privilege of playing in Ohio Stadium.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Here is some research..

OSU played 12 teams ranked in the top 20 in the Hayes OOC era. Pretty impressive since many of the years OSU could only schedule 2 OOC games. His last four years they played 6 teams in the OOC ranked in the top 13 (Name a team that does that in the present era of college football).

OSU played Penn State 5 times, USC 4, UCLA 4, Cal 4, Oregon, 4. Also had home and homes with Stanford, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Nebraska.

Good point on Woody not wanting tough OOC games though and I'm sorry that your thoughts were incorrect.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

~~At the top of Ohio State’s quarterback mountain sits Rex Kern and Craig Krenzel, two national champions. Troy Smith is a notch lower, but still one of the most beloved players in program history.

I would have to disagree with that.

The 12-0 season was magical but Miller leaving Columbus without even a B1G Championship during the B1G dark times would damage his OSU legacy. I think the Buckeyes get it done this year though. 

Comment 29 Jul 2014

"I'm not sure I'd play them in a neutral-site game," Smith said, preferring a home-and-home. "Come to me baby, then let me come to you." -Gene Smith on Alabama and preferring  home and home more than neutral site games.

OSU wont play two games away from Ohio Stadium in the OOC schedule. The nearest year that OSU has a non away game in OOC is 2019 (TCU and UC). I don't see it happening but if it does it will be a long time from now.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I don't want OSU vs UM at night. Therefore give me St. John Arena.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

1)You must sit in the visitors section. I've sat in nosebleeds in Spartan Stadium and Michigan Stadium twice and its been 3 of the rowdiest and best experiences I've ever had. You cant beat cheering, high-fiving, singing the fight song/Carmen Ohio with Buckeye fans on the road. Imagine this scenario, Braxton Miller runs in a game winning TD with 15 seconds left to play would you rather be sitting with thousands of angry Lion or Spartan fans or be going crazy with Buckeye Nation?

2)Wear Scarlet and Gray, neutral colors are bush league.

3)Act how you would want opposing fans to act in Columbus. Would you want to walk in Eddies Grille and see/hear drunk UM fans singing Hail to the Victors? No? Well Spartan and Lion fans wont want loud, annoying OSU fans in their stomping grounds either. Don't be afraid to show Buckeye Pride but do it in a respectful manner.

4)Be prepared for verbal abuse. It's going to happen. The best thing to do is laugh it off and look the other way about it. If you see it might turn to physical abuse leave the area immediately.

5)Travel in groups. This will cut down on half of number 4. Think about it, are opposing fans more likely to say something to 2 Buckeye fans or 8-10? And meeting new Buckeye fans is one of the best things about road games. Went to East Lansing in 2012 and found a Buffalo Wild Wings near the stadium. That place was packed with Buckeye fans! We sit down with a group and drank and ate with Buckeye fans before walking to the stadium together and not a word was said. After we beat Sparty and walked to the car by ourselves was a different story.

6)Do research. Look online for friendly Buckeye places. If a review says "College oriented, rowdy crowd" you probably should find another spot. Last year I went to AA and walked in my hotel and there was blue and yellow balloons, the blue read "GO BLUE!" the yellow "OR GO HOME!". The staff was actually friendly but I remember thinking "Uh Oh" after seeing that.

Don't be intimidated. The majority of fans are well educated, mature fans. It's that 1% that gives a fan base a bad name. OSU will always travel well so you will have plenty of support wherever you are. I will be in East Lansing again this year and would love to meet up with fellow 11W's. GO BUCKS!