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Comment 26 Aug 2015

I've always felt that if you take a dispassionate view of the teams involved and have an appreciation for The Game - what it represents, the institutions involved, the weight of its tradition - then you have to admire the way Devin Gardner conducted himself in those contests. I'm glad the results went our way, but I really respected his performance.

Comment 20 Aug 2015

My wife and I just moved from San Diego a few months ago. We lived in Little Italy and it was awesome! Very walkable, great food, and a great drinking scene. Ballast Point has a brewery/restaurant there and Stone brewery has a tasting room on Kettner (great way to sample 4oz of seasonal/experimental brews for cheap).

The Gaslamp/East Village area right around the ballpark is a fun scene especially if you're younger and single. Coronado is a great neighborhood but pricier. Pacific Beach is also a fun scene with more of the socal beach vibe.

Good luck. You're going to enjoy it there. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Comment 19 Aug 2015

visiting black shoe diaries is a similar experience to clicking through one of those "people of walmart" sites/tumblrs, except way more disturbing.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

the cultural aspect separating ohio state is absolutely right. I just feel like this program is in a position - especially in the playoff era - where they can afford to lose a game, but be so otherwise dominant through the course of a season that they'll make the playoff. and once there, the culture that urban has built will make them prohibitive favorites to win in that format every time. we may see quite a few years commemorated in the northeast corner of ohio stadium under this coaching staff.

"the future is bright at ohio state." - ufm

Comment 05 Aug 2015

same here, cricejr. I put a lot of thought into that vote, but here's the deal: mark may plays the character of a troll, pat forde is an actual troll. also, and I know we've been over this already, that mother*cker came to Columbus and wrote a column to the nation saying "if you pick any place to go while visiting Ohio State, go to mcfaddens." let that wash over you for a second. think of all the places around that campus that mean something to you: the stube, the thirsty scholar, the library, the out-r-inn, adriaticos, catfish biffs, etc. He basically told the county "yeah f__k those places, go to mcfaddens." what a grade A d-bag. I'll never forgive that transgression. mark may is a corporate clown and this is a tournament his character would love to win. I won't be a party to that.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

I'm really looking forward to the "one shining moment" montage at the end of this featuring a clip of penn state cultists knocking out nick saban with a buzzer beater.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

in the end, that's what put forde over dodd for me. i'll never get over what has to be the dumbest recommendation ever made in a sports/entertainment column.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

I wonder if usc ever got up for those Stanford games the way urban-led ohio state teams will likely always get up for The Game?

Comment 03 Aug 2015

bud foster's evil genius mind notwithstanding, his defense will still be the second best one on the field labor day night. this isn't a point I've heard raised much by the summertime #pundits, but do people really think Brewer is going to light up the scoreboard with Washington, Perry, Lee, Apple, Mcmillan, Bell, et al. on the other side of the ball? what is he going to have for the silver bullets that marcus mariota didn't?

Comment 02 Aug 2015

dubgate VI for the game I already have tickets for? nice.

DJ, I should be able to get a suitcase of fourloco by the dubgate bouncers, right?

Comment 29 Jul 2015

my rankings for best game of 2014:

1. the sugar bowl on the paul finebaum film room

2. the sugar bowl

3. the national championship game

Comment 29 Jul 2015

bout to ride on fort detroit. #shawneeriseup  *100 emoji*

Comment 28 Jul 2015

paul johnson's butthurt seems preemptive. maybe he was already playing out this lame #brand argument in his head when it looked like ga. tech. had fsu on the ropes in last year's acc title game. it's interesting to me that gary patterson, a guy with a much more legitimate playoff beef than the ACC runner-up, seems less bothered about how it all played out. I'm assuming that's because he actually watched what Ohio State did to wisconsin and has a brain. the facts are in boys, the science is settled - Ohio State was unequivocally the best college football team in 2014.