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Comment 12 hours ago
I really think that losing Narduzzi was both the first and final nail in that coffin. Those defensive teams he put together were consistently great. The fact that Corley and Layne were so highly chased by OSU means it could have been Columbus, or Ann Arbor, or Tuscaloosa that's feeling that sting now. This is one of the major reasons it's stupid for fans (usually Wolverine) to crow about only taking high character kids and having a culture of excellence and all that crap. Big schools all chase the same kids, for the most part. You can only know so much about a person, and we all make our own choices. Edit- obviously no one's been arrested or convicted of anything, and the MSU alleged perps would be innocent until proven guilty if they're ever charged.
Comment 19 May 2017
Checked his LinkedIn, Twitter, and website. I think he is what you kids would call 'thirsty'. Didn't attend UM, DMs recruits, produces his own web show for a living. No idea if he has anything, but it would be odd this guy would have something that people plugged into the programs don't
Comment 15 May 2017
"...(B)ut his potential is off the charts. There is a reason he was the top-ranked recruit in the country in the 2016 class. He fits the mold of someone who can change a game defensively..." That's strange, other than the 2016 part, I swear I've heard that all before... I'm kidding, of course, Gary is a mutant, but it's never the wrong time to bag on Peppers
Comment 13 May 2017

I invite all down votes, cause this has almost nothing to do with anything, but I don't really follow the UFC, and haven't heard of most of these guys and girls.  I do know that headgear can be had new for about $20, and I can't understand in this day and age why anyone would be walking around with cauliflower ear like that.  Do these fighters consider it a badge of honor?

Comment 13 May 2017

Well, let's do some math.  These recruits will be 18 years old, meaning most were born in 2001.  Oh Jesus Christ

Comment 12 May 2017
I personally feel that outside of catching a live OSU game not televised elsewhere, BTN is unwatchable. I have Prime, but I'd rather support my local bartender a few times a year than pay more or jump through any hoops for BTN. If they give it to me free, whatevs I guess
Comment 10 May 2017
Perine and Mixon in the NFL is going to devastate them; that whole offense was built around those two, especially the coverage looks Westbrook got because safeties had to cheat to help linebackers. OSU is probably going to wallop them this time around.