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Comment 9 hours ago
They have like one guy doing the whole thing, and it's just a small piece of the Insider stuff they sell to rubes.
Comment 24 Jul 2015
Anyone interested in an update? A new school is expressing interest...
Comment 24 Jul 2015
So his offer was (at least in part) due to Davis's decommitment? Looking at the timing, I wonder if it had more to do with Dean, since he'd been on campus for a few weeks at that point. Wasn't Davis expected to not stick from very early on?
Comment 15 Jul 2015
What the hell is wrong with you people? If this was a Alabama kid, you'd be spouting off about bagmen and cheating and how great TMZ is for exposing that program. All they say is that is a ton of expensive stuff, especially for a college kid. It's true, isn't it? Someone here said designers loan stuff out, and that makes sense. I'm positive the staff knew exactly what everyone is wearing and approved. Bunch of you sound like goddamn Michigan fans with the 'everyone is out to get us' shtick. Seriously.
Comment 15 Jul 2015
I noticed recently that I watch local news based on my perceived intelligence of the broadcaster/program. As such, pretty, yet dumb newscasters and screamers drive me away. I realize too that is a big reason why I don't watch espn outside of live events. I assume that since I'm a 35 year old white male with disposable income, that I'm smack in the middle of their target demographic. However, since I can't stand Berman, Rome, Wilbon, Whitlock, Bayless, May, and espn's bevy of be-cleavaged sideline bunnies; that I'm actually an outlier, but heaven (and Wall St.) forbid more like me show up.
Comment 13 Jul 2015
That tuition has to be for tennis and golf parents. Football players aren't paying to go there. Best part is they don't even try to deceive: "Why yes, we are named after our owner, the world's oldest and largest sports agent collective". If I coach a nearby public school on their schedule, I have to think about forfeiting to protect the health of my kids...
Comment 13 Jul 2015
So I watched Happy Valley on Netflix recently, and feel Jay comported himself best out of all who they interviewed. I think he walks the line best between standing up for his dad and being aware that JoePa needed to do more. Not buying the employment thing though. I believe the Browns have/had a Sandusky in their FO. If you have the skills, you'll find a job.
Comment 13 Jul 2015
I thought I heard he and Onwenu (sp?) each won two of their four matchups in Oregon , hence a stalemate. Any clarification?
Comment 13 Jul 2015
On my honeymoon in St Lucia in 2010, was treading water a couple hundred feet out (had just got off the aquabike to cool off) when something very large nudged my leg. The water there isn't crystal clear like further north in the Caribbean, so I couldn't see anything. I jumped on the bike and gtfo. No idea what it was, but it was huge judging by the surface area of the contact. Also, holy shit with the rattlesnake bite
Comment 13 Jul 2015
Believe it or not, he slugged his girlfriend his very first day back at school, and did a few months in jail. I think juco now. Whoops, didn't see Hove's post. Good example of how talent always gets a 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th) chance.
Comment 11 Jul 2015
Prosecutor Meggs is on the case, so I expect charges to be dropped. Meggs indicated that he will be meeting with the team, likely to tell them about how to the legal system works (ie- dropped charges). Interestingly enough, incoming 4* QB Francois (whom OSU was after) was allegedly part of that group that Cook was introducing to the Seminole way (the other qb was too, this incident happened a day before he punched a female). It seemingly would be impossible to unseat the SEC in the biggest villain category, but Free Shoes made it look easy. I'll withhold comment about Fisher until he acts, but he sold his soul long ago. Meggs will make it easy for him.