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Comment 2 hours ago

Dude doesn't even flinch.  It reminds me of a line i heard years ago, when that boy band dude was cheating on Jessica Simpson:

Behind every beautiful girl is a guy thats tired of (blank) ing her.

Comment 4 hours ago

With all that talent, with that location, how the heck does Muschimp make such a mess of that program?

Comment 5 hours ago

Tressel lied, and thus dug his own grave; lying always makes things worse. 

The public saw a clip of Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of the elevator.  I think it was revealed pretty early on that someone (the police?) had the elevator clip.  We, the public, knew it was out there and that it was likely only a matter of time until it surfaced.  I understand that the criminal justice system cut Rice a huge break, and I understand that there'd be pressures from the NFLPA (and they're defending Rice now re: the current undefined suspension), but Goodell cannot, as an authority figure, say unequivocally that he based his decision to punish on viewing one tape only, denying that he saw the other, arguably more important piece of evidence.  I think it comes down to him thinking that the police and the NFL offices were the only entities that saw the elevator vid, and that Rice is a big star.  He never banked on TMZ getting the scoop, and is caught now- instead of backpedaling and admitting, he's going to ride it out, and I can't see him surviving (as P&G just pulled their sponsorship).

I've been following the Deadspin coverage of this whole thing, and think they are doing a bang-up job of exposing the hypocrisy and lies coming from Goodell's office.

I suppose I should be embarrassed but I'd auto-upvote that monkey gif every day...

Comment 8 hours ago

If the big boys want to come to Columbus, UFM will make room

Comment 8 hours ago

Same on my Galaxy Tab 3.  As SF said, long click and open in new tab.

Comment 8 hours ago

Hatin Ass Sharks definitely hates him some Deion.  No tackling, jheri curl having, prima donna, wife abusing, car crashing blaming Jesus, pimp suit wearing clown.  Any time someone bumps his name from the record book, I'm a happy camper.

Helmet sticker for anyone who can find a .gif of Dave Brown running him over and then doing Deion's silly little dance.

Comment 20 hours ago

So better to lie to the general public; pissing off both the consumers of your product and the sponsors who fling money at you for a chance to market to those consumers?  Story came out the other day about some high ranking Walmart executive fired for fudging his resume.  Completely different story, same result- if you're a top dog and you lie, you fall on your sword when caught.  Goodell is a liar, and as such, he cannot be trusted to run the most valuable athletic league in the country.  Regardless of whether he's kowtowing to the player's union or not, he claimed multiple times that he did not see the elevator tape while rendering his decision, and it appears that he certainly did see that tape.  He's done - dishonest and a coward.

fwiw, I haven't been dv'ing you and wish to continue this repartee without up and downvotes.

Comment 20 hours ago

Anyone in the CLE metro is advised to try the cheeseburger with a fried egg at Touch Supper Club on Lorain near St. Ignatius.   Best I've had locally, I think it's like $16 with a side.

Comment 21 hours ago

Gibson seems more of a (relatively harmless) prima donna a la Terrelle Pryor rather than a criminal prima donna like Winston or old Jayru.  Obviously, I'm basing this off what little info I've seen on Gibson, and I may be way wrong in my assessment.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Q.  What kind of car did Jim Tressel drive?

A.  A Lloyd

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Who isn't blaming the players?  It isn't an either/or conversation.  The players are blameworthy for the acts, the NFL executive office is blameworthy for possibly covering up what they knew to avoid damaging their brand.  Two completely separate lowlife actions, but each should be addressed.

Ray Rice and Dwyer ought to do time for their actions, and I haven't formulated enough of an opinion on Peterson's situation.  Goodell should be fired for trying to cover up the fact that he (or his associates) knew more about the Rice situation than they let on, ostensibly to get Rice back on the field in a short amount of time, because he's a star.

You can argue all day long that the players ought to be punished, and not only would no one disagree with you, but it'd be an irrelevant discussion in this topic. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

What are you talking about?

I'm referring to the NFL's leadership inability to be forthright and truthful about what info it possessed and when regarding the Ray Rice fiasco.  Also, I'm referring to a contradictory and seemingly random drug abuse punishment policy.  As CEO, Goodell gets his head necessarily lopped for the executive office's failures; the buck starts and stops with him.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Well, he's a backup, so he be gone.

The NFL needs to get it's shit together and start by firing Goodell out of a cannon to somewhere far away.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

That's what I came to say.  It's childish, imo.

Edit- I guess omitting the M or using TTUN is ok, but meatchicken, meshitagain, etc. needed to go yesterday.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Last season (and this Spring), everyone was on the EZE bandwagon because he lit up FL A&M.  Now, everyone's on the Samuel bandwagon because he lit up Kent St.  At this point, I still think its Rod Smiff.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

If I'm sitting in a cafeteria or student union and some guy started yelling that, I'd crown him king of all douchebags.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Harbaugh. The way he proclaimed he wouldn't have a domestic abuser on his roster a few days before McDonald was arrested (still on roster, 2 weeks later) screams Michigan Man- all form and no substance.  Plus he buys $10 khakis from Walmart- thats too perfect.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

I shall name that hamster Joey Chestnut II for the way he worked Kobayashi...