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Comment 04 May 2015

Yep, there we go.

I completely disagree that he was a serviceable part time starter.  Throw that interception out, because that was a right place/right time/never happen again in a million years type play.  He was a rock all year long bookending with Bosa.  He wasn't flashy, but he put tailbacks on their asses behind the line of scrimmage with regularity last season.

Comment 02 May 2015
Clemmings from Pitt dropped a bunch too for no discernable reason. Every year a couple guys suffer through that. In the long run, they're all going to be playing for that second contract anyway...
Comment 30 Apr 2015
Does anyone really think that if these kids don't pan out that Da U (or Urban or Haaaarbaugh) is going to honor the scholarship? It makes sense because it doesn't bind either side, but can be hugely beneficial if the kid ends up being the real deal (like LSU and Dylan Moses).
Comment 30 Apr 2015

...Too often we hear stories about Keith McCants, Tony Bennett, Andre Rison and others who either had their careers cut short by injury or had to file bankruptcy as a result of blowing all their money on trivial things. ...

Maybe I'm just mean, but while I felt bad for a lot of the guys on that program, no sympathies for Rison.  I freely confess to laughing heartily when he began crying as he recalled Left Eye torching his crib.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

If not a staff position, a special area on the front page for his posts (so they don't disappear after being bumped by the latest Braxton Miller panic topic).

For any budding analysts, I think I read on their site that LGHL is hiring a writer

Comment 29 Apr 2015

Stanford is forever going to be a pariah for that drop.  Man, though, that pass was way underthrown.  That had to be at least five yards shorter than where he expected it, and a catch would have looked relatively routine, but would have actually been an incredible adjustment.  I get that Mariota was flushed, but blaming Stanford alone for that is unfair.

Comment 25 Apr 2015
Married With Children Saved By The Bell All In The Family
Comment 23 Apr 2015
In this situation, uncle's a felon. I know he can't own a firearm, but I'm not sure if one is allowed in the house- different owner. Although, if they're drug dealers, the odds of any gun there being lawfully owned...
Comment 21 Apr 2015
Clevelanders are so used to being made fun of for being poor, river on fire, sports teams never win, etc that we're naturally defensive toward slights, real and perceived. We're not the descendants of east coast Puritans, but of poor working class Irish, Italians, Jews/E. Europeans, etc. Of course, Cleveland is majority Black, and staunchly Democratic as well. Being from the big city, I view rural areas (most of the rest of the state) as foreign countries I'll never visit.