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Comment 4 hours ago
Whoever approved of running that particular edit is dumb. Open with the fact that the Badgers are getting murked, cut to pregame hopeful fan interviews, back to the Badgers getting murked.
Comment 17 Apr 2015
Nm (deleted cause the tweet was posted above). Somebody at 247 is watching the twitters on a fri nt
Comment 17 Apr 2015

Anyone who doesn't appreciate Diesel is going to be the recipient of some words from me.  Main reason Bosa saw those favorable matchups and single-teams is because Washington and Bennett ate up so much space in the middle.

Comment 14 Apr 2015

I posted more than once that in retrospect, the Dean situation makes perfect sense given the late work done on Arnette.  It is a shame that some HS coach who doesn't think before he speaks is going to make it tougher going forward, just like with Cass Tech.  It is also a shame that Dean's story ends up with him leaving, and I hope he doesn't get a 2nd/3rd/10th opinion and play somewhere and expose himself to even worse injuries.

Bunch of White Castles closed recently in Ohio, including W. 117 in Cleveland, which was the onliest in NE OH, as far as I know.

Comment 07 Apr 2015
I think medians are 3.6 gpa, 27 ACT. It's much more difficult to get in now, even when compared to just ten years ago. I think the standards are more relaxed at the satellite campuses for undergrads, who can then transfer to the main after two years of good performance.
Comment 05 Apr 2015
Here's what impresses me most: these 5* kids sit back and let coaches fawn all over them. This guy wanted the attention and scholarship so he got on the phone and convinced the coaches. Oh, what's that Coach Meyer? You don't give scholarships to longsnappers? Well, watch me earn one.
Comment 04 Apr 2015
I think someone on mgo just posted the announced attendance is 35k. Edit- didn't see attendance already posted above. Decent for a Spring Game, but not when its the first chance to see the savior coach...
Comment 02 Apr 2015

Harley Davidson would have went bankrupt long ago had they not switched their target audience from 'outlaw bikers' to 'yuppies who want to be outlaws on weekends', and I believe they make much of their cash on merchandise rather than bike sales.

I come from a family of firefighters, and they call the bikes 'donorcycles', in that if you wreck while on one, that's about all you might be good for...

But, sounds of spring, man: birds chirping and motorcycles growling.  Can't be too mad.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

Here's what you're missing:

AubDude420: Bama sucks, all the players are criminals

BamaBro69: Barners suck; they never win without cheating

(repeat for several hundred posts)

Comment 23 Mar 2015
I've never seen the show, but I can't imagine an analog over here where a host is openly racist. Per Joyce, he can KMRIA
Comment 16 Mar 2015
This is an important situation, since it will be Harbaugh's first shot at public discipline. The O-line is hilariously bad up there as it is; lets see if Coach has the stones to do the right thing and boot this kid. If he's blowing drunk at 10a, you know he was REAL lit the night previous. He's been subjected to team discipline before as well (unrelated to the DUI).