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Comment 10 hours ago
I'm sure most players wear that mask to look cool, but one of the unwritten directives of the pile is to go for the eyes, groin, fingers, nose, whatever you can twist, bend, or gouge. Fishhooking incidents on the horizon...
Comment 17 hours ago
It's funny, because while he's a Michigan Man through and through, he's also humble (kind of), realistic, and seems to have a sense of humor - which basically makes him the antithesis of what a Michigan Man is all about.
Comment 23 hours ago
I was really into Kid Rock and Devil Without A Cause, but can't stand his newer Southern Rock stuff. My opinion of The Stones mirrors that of the Beatles: I respect their contribution to rock in total more than I'm a huge fan of their music.
Comment 23 hours ago
I only have two: -Pogues/Flogging Molly -Pop punk- Sum41,Blink182,Rise Against, etc
Comment 27 May 2015
I know a guy who was a 2nd/3rd string OL during the Tressel years, and he lost 30 lbs between the end of his sr. season and graduation because he didn't have to force feed to keep his weight up. Something tells me scholarship athletes get plenty to eat.
Comment 27 May 2015
Most of the guys came in just 'different' at Ed's : -NFL: Dejuan Groce and Rodney Bailey -NHL: Mike Rupp -UFC: Gray Maynard -USA Wrestling: Andy Hrovat -WWE: Dolph Ziggler (Nick Nemeth) -NBA: Steve Logan (the other guy, Lepore, played in Europe, I think)
Comment 26 May 2015
Went to HS with two guys who went on to play in the NFL, one future NHLer, a UFC champ, a WWE champ, an Olympic wrestler, and a few basketball players who went to big time programs (one drafted by an NBA team). The physical differences between these kids and the rest of us were unbelievable, even as freshmen.
Comment 24 May 2015
I thought it was set that he is going to play CB... I'm probably the only one, but I don't pay much attention to highlight reels. The focus of every vid looks great by design. I would pay more attention to what he does when he's not supposed to be involved in the play.
Comment 23 May 2015
Watch the 30 For 30 on the Auburn v. Bama rivalry to see how self-perception in the South drives fans to identify with the whole conference. It won't happen here because the North won the war. Any conference rival school fist bumpage is likely due to everyone being tired of the 'SEC is king' narrative.
Comment 22 May 2015
Pretty sure he gave himself that nickname, which in retrospect should have been a sign that the karmic safe was about to drop on his noggin. From the SEC to a tiny, fundamentalist Christian school. Good luck with that.
Comment 21 May 2015
Sweet Home Alabama is one of the great Southern Rock songs (=/= Country, btw), and might have the most recognizable riff in the history of music. I don't care about the Vols or Tide, but that's a great, great song. Oh, and eff Kid Rock for co-opting said riff.