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Comment 31 Mar 2015

Here's what you're missing:

AubDude420: Bama sucks, all the players are criminals

BamaBro69: Barners suck; they never win without cheating

(repeat for several hundred posts)

Comment 23 Mar 2015
I've never seen the show, but I can't imagine an analog over here where a host is openly racist. Per Joyce, he can KMRIA
Comment 16 Mar 2015
This is an important situation, since it will be Harbaugh's first shot at public discipline. The O-line is hilariously bad up there as it is; lets see if Coach has the stones to do the right thing and boot this kid. If he's blowing drunk at 10a, you know he was REAL lit the night previous. He's been subjected to team discipline before as well (unrelated to the DUI).
Comment 13 Mar 2015

Two questions-

1. Upon snapping, he dips his head rather than come right up in stance- is that normal for longsnappers?

2. Did he play lacrosse in HS (because those pink shorts in the second video should be illegal to wear otherwise)?

Comment 09 Mar 2015
I fart silently under the covers and then shift positions, acting like I'm trying to get comfortable. The Mrs. does not find it amusing a few seconds later.
Comment 09 Mar 2015

In a vacuum, Chuck E. Cheese isn't a horrible place.  It's affordable (compared to say, Dave & Busters), geared towards younger kids, and the pizza is edible (IMO).  The problem is that some of the people that patronize such establishments are just awful- I've been to both Cleveland-area locations several times (and will probably go in the future with my little one), and it just seems like it attracts the scum of mankind as clientele, who feel that the staff's (and the other parents') job is to babysit their stupid kids.  Mix in the fact that many of the employees (non-management and non-kitchen) are younger, like HS age, and it's just a recipe for ill-mannered adults to take advantage, like in Parma.

If you take your kid there, keep an eye on him/her, and modify their bad behavior accordingly, because I won't hesitate to scream at your kid and get all up in your grillpiece if your brat is acting up towards/around a young relation of mine.

Comment 04 Mar 2015
Some really bad posts in this topic. How would you feel if it was your wife/mom/grandma? How about some Woody/Bo respect for chrissakes?
Comment 21 Jan 2015

IMG is in Ohio- Cleveland, to be precise;huge branch on E.9th.  IMG is the world's largest sports/entertainment agency.  Think about that- the parent company of that ahem... school is the largest collection of sports agents in existence.  It is what Deion Sanders' Prime Prep aspired to be.

I can't imagine how they are able to successfully schedule opponents (hint- your tuition dollars at work, should you not be awarded a scholarship).

Comment 03 Jan 2015
I personally haven't logged in here for months, and planned on just being a silent visitor going forward for just this reason: too many garbage threads, too hard to find the subset worth adding to, etc. Have you given thought to expanding the number of recent posts displayed on the main page from five to ten or even fifteen? I think it would further cut down on duplication. It pains me to type this, but check Mgoblarg's homepage for a model...
Comment 25 Oct 2014

My understanding is that the movement can't in any way be similar to movement typical of when the ball is snapped, and they must completely reset before the actual snap

Comment 25 Oct 2014

NCAA stopped selling current player numbered jerseys last year.  That seller must be stitching those name plackets himself.

Comment 25 Oct 2014

I can't figure out who the intended recipient of that shovel was supposed to be... Glasgow was the only UM guy nearby, and he's ineligible,  obviously