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Comment 10 Sep 2015
I think Maddy had a clean shot at him, went high, and ended up on his butt in 12's rearview. I saw a number of LBs and DBs hit him low throughout the game, so it must have been pride. Or maybe Bud threatened to fine them.
Comment 07 Sep 2015
Espn gets ripped here all the time, most of it deserved, but BTN is such a low rent organization. The on-air personalities are lame, the original programming isn't any good, and the main sponsor is some bootleg car insurance company no one's ever heard of. I would much rather the games be on ESPN or ABC
Comment 06 Sep 2015

I was on my tablet between games with espn on in the background when I heard his voice.

I was like fuuuuuuuuu

Comment 04 Sep 2015

My obligatory 'Prime Prep East' comment goes here.

Really not hearing much about the academics there; other than the top tutors in the world (for $70k/yr, have to be, right?) couldn't get Jurkovic eligible.

Comment 03 Sep 2015
When you say Homage is having a sale, does that mean one can get a tee from them for less than $40 after tax and shipping? They have some nice designs, but their prices are something else
Comment 02 Sep 2015

Remember when Will Smith changed the ending of  I Am Legend because he wanted to only be a good guy?  Remember when he gave his dopey, overindulged children singing and film careers (well, not his older son with the different mama- that dude got nothing)?  Screw Will Smith the closet Scientologist in everything he does; and this coming from someone who grew up with The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and Parents Just Don't Understand. 

Comment 31 Aug 2015
I thought I read somewhere that Snoop took over his son's recruitment and pushed him to UCLA, only to have the kid quit the team to take up acting before the first practice. Helicopter parents are the worst, not saying that's what Sr. is here.
Comment 28 Aug 2015
IU alum here: the campus is gorgeous, especially in the fall. Indiana is a basketball school, no one gets worked up over football (since the Randle-El v. Brees days).