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Comment 1 hour ago
No mention of Disney, so that's a plus. I'll wait for some reviews, nothing in that preview that I haven't already seen in The Blindside, Varsity Blues, etc.
Comment 8 hours ago
At my reception, we had a small wedding cake for the ceremonial cutting. We had two huge Giant Eagle sheet cakes in the back that we served. They tasted great, and we saved at least $500. No one knew it was grocery store sheet cake until we told them later.
Comment 12 hours ago
I read somewhere recently that he is working on easing up on the sidelines, but is mild mannered in other environments. I like him, he seems like a pretty cool and self-aware cat. Yes, I said cat.
Comment 31 Jul 2014
Amway? The sponsor of the Coaches Poll is an MLM? 6 sounds about right. Auburn has LSU game 4, MSU could knock off Oregon, Oklahoma has WVA and Texas the first half of the season, its not too far fetched that OSU gets into the mix pretty quick...
Comment 31 Jul 2014

Even before all the heroics, I was confident with Guiton because he was similar in style to Miller (a smaller, mobile QB).  That meant that the offensive scheme wouldn't have to drastically change when Kenny was under center.  Jones, on the other hand, is a big dude with a rocket launcher arm, meaning that when he comes in, the offense has to change by necessity.  I think Jones is a fast straight line runner, but am not sure he's very mobile at all.  At this point, mark me down for moderately confident, and lets get him some game action late so he can step in quickly if needed.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

I don't know which way to lean on this yet, but I guess I just assumed that they didn't suspend him while they investigated (you know, to get it right) because they already conducted an exhaustive investigation and termination was the only option.  If they did this knee-jerk because of some helicopter parent's complaint, then facepalm.jpg.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

I can actually relate.  My dentist is hot.  Like, noticeably attractive.  Super awkward when she's doing her thing and I'm purposely not making eye contact.

Comment 30 Jul 2014
I think Urban called off the dogs in the 4th last year. Need to obliterate them this time around.
Comment 30 Jul 2014
Too bad, he was a class act. Hopefully, the prospect will pan out, and you have to think Dolan wasn't going to give Masterson a huge contract next year. Poor Indians, third place team in town for the foreseeable future.