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Comment 2 hours ago

1. Is John Brandon gone?

2. Will there ever be more than five recent topics visible on the main page?

Comment 13 hours ago

Have to wonder if they'll have a Rutgers situation on their hands, and how UFM can capitalize...

Comment 15 hours ago

Yelling profanities at your position coach is never a good look.  I read on mgo that he made a good play in practice and shouted 'That's why you fucking play me' at the DBs coach in front of the whole team. Between that and injury, he's missed 2.5 games so far and has mainly played nickel.  UM really made their bed with him, anointing him all-world before he accomplished anything at all.

Comment 17 hours ago

Whoa, Muschamp's wife is very pretty...

Comment 18 hours ago

Not sure Muschimp's seat is appreciably hotter now than two months ago (it isn't like anyone should be surprised with where they're at), so why didn't Baker just wait?

When they fire him, it'll be a big gun replacement coming in, for sure. Baker stays, imo.

Comment 20 hours ago

Better work those corners hard this week, because Diggs and Long will be the two best wideouts they've seen thus far

Comment 23 hours ago

I like to throw shade on places that aren't Cleveland or Columbus.  I've talked trash about Toledo, Cincy, Akron, and Lorain County and still have a lot of helmet stickers.

I guess my point is to build up a lot of good karma before you let the 'real you' show.

Comment 24 hours ago

No, just a 15 yard unnecessary roughness.  I'd think Kill will sit him for a half next Sat.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

He actually said

Hey, remember when I ditched the Tech recruit at dinner to take this job?  I'm a huge asshole, lol!

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Exactly.   I was kind of enjoying the game, rooting for Kill, all the sad fanshots, etc; but when that stuff started happening to Morris I got a sick feeling.

It is impossible to say he was/wasn't concussed, but the severity of the impact (right on his chin) coupled with his behavior immediately after means the coaches and/or med staff have to get him out of there immediately.   One of the announcers stated something to the effect of 'Well, he must not have a concussion because they didn't take him out', and that's bullshit.  Put Gardner in, put Bellomy in, put Peppers in, whatever, but they have to run concussion tests there.

If I'm Morris' s father, I'm either having my attorney draft the complaint,  or I'm showing up at Hoke's office on Monday for a little 'talk'.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Kid has some kind of arm.  Might want to keep a safety or two deep.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Keeping Morris in is borderline criminal.  How awful for the kid

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Because he may not be the guy next year, and he doesn't appear to have a much higher ceiling.  Gardner gives them the best chance to win games, which is priority one for Hoke and Brandon, who ostensibly want to keep their jobs.  This is all my opinion, of course.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

He went bell to bell in the bowl last year and wasn't good.  Michigan isn't going anywhere this year, I say stick with Gardner, the 5th year Sr.