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Comment 4 hours ago

In general, I hate rap.  I can honestly claim to have never listened to a Jay Z song from beginning to end.  Kanye West either.  However, ten years ago, the volume was going all the way up every time Because I Got High came on the radio.

Only Clevelanders will appreciate this, but every instance where an attorney spews that boilerplate defense, I think of the Elk & Elk brother with the shoe polish-black combover.  Fun fact: they opened an office right across from Metro because why chase ambulances when you can park right next to them? Savvy.

I think you just hit why Hoke will never be loved in Ann Arbor.  He does sound like a union rep, or the guy who supervises press operators.  Michigan fans want a guy who drops his r's, wears a suit with tails,  and sports a Mr. Peanut monocle. For all the grief given Brady, he just seems like a regular Joe Sixpack who lucked into a job he's obviously way unqualified to perform. 

Comment 19 hours ago
I complained two weeks ago about the flood of midget porn ads on this site. Glad I didn't make a topic, that would have been embarrassing
Comment 20 hours ago
Wait. UNC and ethics? Let's hear some more stories... That's great about Arky, though. "You picked Arkansas? Were you high?" "Well, actually..."
Comment 21 hours ago
I'm just having a little fun in this topic, but I recall posts critical of ESPNs methodology re: recruiting, especially when compared to Rivals and 247. I'm just going to lightly take y'all to task for forgetting past wounds now that a few guys are high up in their rankings..
Comment 21 hours ago
I advocate a lockstep hivemind approach to certain things: Bleacher Report, Taylor Lewan, Clay Travis, ESPN. You don't have to subscribe to it. Or do you?
Comment 22 hours ago
16 hours later edit: jorts is bleeding recruits right now: any scuttlebutt on everyone's favorite Benedictine Bengal?
Comment 22 hours ago
What the heck? If we're ignoring and b*tching about the WWL, it has to be consistent; not just when its convenient. I care not one iota for their rankings, no offense.
Comment 22 hours ago
He's the best band director in the game, so I'm sure the administration didn't act rashly. I'll defer.
Comment 22 hours ago
It looks like those old remote control car tracks that were never as cool as the commercials promised
Comment 22 hours ago
They have a pretty favorable schedule. They lose to OSU and MSU. PSU and ND are tossups. That's 10-2 best case, 8-4 worst. Either way, that'll buy at least another year for Hoke. Plus, old Gerbil Peppers is playing every position on D, as well as WR.
Comment 28 Jul 2014
The resize has never worked for me, either. Tag for later
Comment 28 Jul 2014

Whitner and Ginn: do they even lift? Yeesh.

That aside, I'm a little ambivalent about the Glenville program.  I love how Sr. prepares youths from largely disadvantaged backgrounds for college and gives them a sense of pride on the football field, but there are costs associated with that.  Glenville recruits a lot of talent from the eastside, to the detriment of other Senate schools.  Glenville has the big Nike contract and sweet facilities while schools like Rhodes, Tech, Collinwood, etc. (their best neighborhood kids get recruited to Glenville) certainly don't have nice uniforms, new equipment,  a snowball's chance of competing. 

Its a Catch-22 for the CMSD, because I guess its better to have one strong program than have everyone be mediocre. It is just done at the expense of schools and neighborhoods that could really use a boost too. I'm certainly less perturbed by my alma mater and Iggy's cherrypicking kids out of the suburbs, though.

Comment 27 Jul 2014
Time to focus on EGW again. He apparently just goes to FNL and whups on whoever he's matched up against. Hopefully he keeps his nose clean, continues to fly under the radar, and kicks some ass next year and beyond...
Comment 27 Jul 2014
Pulled the monster head mask off Ginn and it ended up being old man Uncle 9er, who ran the amusement park. And he would have got away with it too, were it not for you meddling kids.
Comment 27 Jul 2014

Gibson has an all-world teammate down in FL, a defensive back.  Is the OSU staff on that guy too, trying to bring them both into the class?