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Comment 08 Dec 2014

Excellent write-up.  One small nitpick: on the slide that has the caption "OSU Linebackers Fill Quickly," there are arrows showing Grant and Lee filling the hole.  Actually, Grant fills the hole, Lee goes outside to contain, Gordon tries to  bounce back inside to avoid Lee on the outside, then Bosa tackles him.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I find the graphs to be confusing. The axis labeled "Run" is actually the pass data, and vice versa.  Look at the Wisconsin. The chart would suggest that it is a below average rushing team. I get from the main chart that the line is intended to be what an average team would rush for, but that is not how the axes (not sure on plural of axis) would usually be labeled. 

Comment 04 Aug 2014
Raising prices in the face of a natural disaster is a necessary part of the capitalist system. Think of it this way. There are bottles of water being delivered all over the country. As a society, we are better off having those bottles delivered to Toledo. But why would a business incur extra costs of shipping bottles off water from Columbus or Cincinnati, if the business cannot earn extra revenue. Increasing prices in response to disasters provides the incentives businesses need to deliver needed supplies to the area. After disasters, you occasionally hear people advocating that raising prices should be illegal, but that would hinder the recovery effort.
Comment 10 Jun 2014

Very interesting analysis.  As a fan that is not knowledgable about blocking schemes, I personally greatly prefer the videos where I can pause the video and see see what the various blockers are doing.  Then I can actually see what you are talking about.  It all happens so quickly in the videos that I cannot pause that it is much tougher to see how the line is working.  I am not sure if you can post every video in that format, or if I am in the minority on that view, but I would suggest posting the videos so that the reader can pause and rewind the video.

Comment 22 May 2014
Nice write up. I would love to have links to the prior BKABs at the bottom of this piece. I am sure I missed some.