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Comment 8 hours ago

Mickey would be proud and ESPin is making Disney barrels full o'cash.... its Tabloid journalism basically making their own news.... WWF and Nature Boy Rick Flair baby there is only one.... woooh daddy!  And we are looking at it... ESPin.

Comment 19 hours ago

Self defense mate means defend yourself no need to hit another person if you are trained or not you can always walk or in the case of one of fastest players in football run away...   so your first reaction would be to pop a girl in the face... that is what they teach you in your "defense" class....   All your defense classes in the world wouldn't protect you if you popped my sister even if she was being an idiot... your guilty of being half a man.... and pay more attention in your defense class any defense class worth its weight should be teaching you more than how to hit a woman.

Comment 24 hours ago

Indeed man up!  Or why didn't he just run away in the first place...he can't out run a little girl... maybe Stoops should be giving her a call!

No idea how you got down voted but when sane people log in I am sure that will change. 

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Wow its a good thing Mixon didn't get a free TAT! 

Says a lot about the Sooners direction with the addition of the Missouri WR and now Mixon not being seriously disciplined for such a serious crime.  My Dad would have kicked my ass for hitting a girl... and I am sure he wouldn't have bailed me out. 

NCAA___________________________________________________(Insert Joke Here)

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I think Fisher just used it as a tool to knock other programs.... for me...more is more!

If Fisher can't see through his arrogance most intellegent people develop themselves as best they can and are NOT repressed by an organization that would in effect keep them from personal development... I am sure this comments will backfire when he doesn't have a Heisman QB under center... Winston is an amazing player with or without his coaching.

Its a kin to a company saying you can't take that extra software development class or extra finance training.... it certainly can't hurt...on your own dime... having an Elite QB in hand allows him to say that with some level of credibility... Confucius said with 3 men walking together there is always at least one teacher... and someone willing to learn, denying the student is just bad people management and a bit arrogant as well... we will see what happens if Winston can't stay healthy a whole season and he has to use his second tier QB....

And maybe most importanly, as you well put, the NCAA regs that limit coaching... it just seems intuitive to get more training to me... and down right wrong to actually deny his players that opportunity.   Sorry you can only know what WE teach you... might not be enough for the NFL unless you are 5Star Elite type player then would more than likely get to the league with ANY coach.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Come on by the cotton club I sing there every Tuesday and Sat nites... I will be the guy in the Woody Baseball cap singing and playing the blues!

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Having the Best D Line going at you EVERYDAY will help this young and inexperienced OL get better FAST....

OL is still is a worry but the tools are in place for them to succeed... great coach, great conditioning, great offensive scheme, and a daily dose of the best DT and DE combination in CF, Saturday will be like a day off.   The rest is up to the players are they making that leap... many are DL converts with less experience than their school year intimates...

As the OL goes so does our chances for Nat. Championship.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Again RB depends on the success of the OL... OL key to keeping B. Miller healthy.,,, KEY of KEYS.

Might it be our OL was just amazing last year and second and 3rd team RBs enjoyed that OL's success  as well.... Faith in the coaching but there is a gap in recruiting before Urban arrived... and poor coaching before well as many of the potential starters are converted DL prospects which have potential, but will be missing experience and training, footwork... etc.   

I'm Hopeful like you but we will most likely miss our OL from last year....

Comment 28 Jul 2014

East Lansing is a cool campus is a nice place to catch a game... college town and they love their football.  I see many similarities with Buckeye faithful in their fanbase.  IMO they are a different kind of Rivalry... more respect than hate and I think they feel the same way.. 

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Oline is team unit, a good example of having an elite LT and a weak OL....look at scUM last year with there so called great LT drafted in top 10... they didn't average 2 yrds a carry.... Center is key to call the blocking schemes as important as LT... The good news is they get to practice DAILY against one of the best DL in the Nation... that will help.

Like all of us, I am hopefuly for a plague too... but even with Decker becoming a No. 1 draft pick is no guarantee of OL success.  This unit needs to come together as a team... may take a few games to play as a Unit...

I am still most worried about the OL as a Unit(not Decker), more so than DB(scheme was 50% of the issue last year).

My faith in Warinner is greater than my worry!  By B1G time... they will be ready.... but can't stop the worry!  

Comment 28 Jul 2014

If he was indeed hurting all the more reason to hand off to Hyde.