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Comment 7 hours ago

Indeed total scam... no Buckeye in their right mind would want Brandon or Hoke to leave..., been eating popcorn now watching the bonfire for years now...

Comment 7 hours ago

No matter how you want to rationalize the drop off... it is what it is... there is a problem getting people to pay to see your guys play... it ain't what it used to be... whether its coaching... opposition... talent on the field(how you all managed that with such stellar recuiting and having two of the leagues leaders PSU and tOSU both with limited schollies is beyond me)... weather... pricing... 

Your not winning the attendance bowl this year no matter what the size of your stadium.  10 yrs of Iowa like football has more to do with it than anything you have listed... all of your points do play a part, but if scUM was winning... you would also be winning the ATT Title this year too people pay to see a winner, that goes for any sport or town or league.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Agree coverage has been an issue for too long now... But must keep in mind New Coach, new system, young starters minus one from last year... indeed things to work on but I am hopeful progress will be made.  Some great athletes back there just need to better understand the sytem.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Relax we got the W!  Young team will always have those head scratching moments... Gunner is a great QB he was going to make some plays... Bearcats Offense was as advertised.  Still a team in progress... and good to see the itsfwd progress!

Go Bucks!!

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Coaching makes a big difference, peeps always talking about Talent drains and poor recruiting... but that starts and stops with an Elite Coach.

Gotta get a better coach in TSUN, the fall of that 'Univesity' has been at the expense of the whole conference... PSU sanctions haven't helped another so called Powerhouse either.  Two of the Top 6 Teams in the league are playing with the deck stacked against them, makes for a week conference.   Hoke now isn't just an joke for scUM, he is a joke for the whole conference. 

~Hope Hoke (as much as I enjoy the wins) gets the boot in favor of a Winner.

Nebraska, Wisky, MSU, PSU, scUM, and tOSU makes for a nice Elite Top 6 teams(insert Iowa, NW every 3rd yr... maybe even Rutgers or Maryland as they evolve)... just need everyone to get back to their levels of play... and level of coaching.  Only 2-3 Elite Coaches IMO in our top 6 teams, starts at the top.