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Comment 13 hours ago

Whether he gets an offer, or not, I am glad he is joining fellow Ohioans and getting a chance to learn more and compete. 

We messed this up from Day 1.   If he joins the Buckeye family, even better... wish him the very best in his College career.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Indeed can fast become a nice second PG option, and a defensive stopper... will not hurt you, put him in to protect the lead or on spot defensive duities resting your starter... and is a winner asset to your bench and your basketball locker room culture.  

What is the reason for him not making a roster shooting?   I think shooting seems to be a problem with a lot of pros in their first few years in the league...and is the skill-set that can be most improved.  Your not going to suddenly develop defensive stopper ability or mentality... your not going to suddenly become a good passer always finding the open man... shooting CAN be improved. 

Fingers crossed.... selfishly, I would love to see him play more.... wouldn't it be awesome to see him in Boston with Sully again... and Turner!  Thad5   2.0

Comment 22 Jul 2014

No Doubt... was thinking the same thing...

I believe with him solely focused on Hoops his shot will improve, he has always been a student athlete focusing on both academics and basketball.  Pre-Med is no joke classes... 100% focused on hoops... My money is on Craft getting better and fast.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I need to get me some of the Mickey workout program...!!

ELEVEN WARRIOS STAFF... MUST INTERVIEW MICK GET SOME TIPS OR UNDERSTANDING OF HIS PHILOSOPHY....I think a lot of Buckeye fans would love to know and use aspects of his strength and conditioning programs.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Indeed I always think of Snake Bliskin escape from New York when I hear his name... I know I need medication, luckily its what weekends are for!

Comment 18 Jul 2014

That was a terrible game, and helped that dude get paid on draft day... Was it over 200 yrds or something around there... but scheme has as much to do with that as anything else...

This years DBs will benefit from one of the BEST pass Rushes in CF... and a scheme that tightens up the corners will help.  I am not as positive as Steele on this, but feel there should be vast improvement, maybe 50-70 places on over-all team Defense.

Is there a winning program that plays off the ball?   I can't think of one.... all that come to mind are dominating Defenses with at least one lockdown bump and run corner, as others have mentioned locking down one side of the field.

How do you like the JING?  I used to live there 6 yrs in the 90s.

Comment 18 Jul 2014


Basically, I can't imagine it getting worse, so indeed must get better... The game plan last year was shockingly bad, give someone a 7-10 yrd cushing EVERY PLAY... they would be crazy not to take advantage.   The change in scheme alone should improve the Silver Bullets... as well some very athletic and speed players at every position.  Just can't get worse I don't think that is remotely possible.

Thanks for keeping it Real Earle!

Comment 18 Jul 2014

And There you have it!   That would be a great Tourney and seats would be in demand...50% of those games would be played anyway... maybe the MAC wouldn't like playing each other before the season... but outside of that... looks like fun!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Maybe call it the King James Classic, and host it in Akron.... give even more face to the Ohio programs...  Not sure if that is even possible that kind of affiliation with an individual or the NBA... Hope someone in charge reads your article, nice job indeed.