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Comment 5 hours ago

Agree with all you said, but TCU is a pretty good team this year too... I think if OSU wins out and shows our powered offense we should be OK and will sneak in at number 4.  Someone in the top 4 will lose... Bama.. FSU this weekend... Or even TCU.   Ducks look pretty safe.

Comment 5 hours ago

Its good to have standards... try and exceed them should be tOSU standard.  As pissed as I am can still see the rationale for dismissal.  Its sad indeed as he is clearly a good person that is caught up in something not so good... hopefully as he mentioned himself he has grown up some and indeed enter the supplemental draft... like Chris Carter this could be just what he needed (and from the sound of it, this ruling will positively change his life... sometimes you all me too need a kick in the butt to get you headed in the right direction).

Wishing you all the best Noah would have been amazing to see you play this year with Bosa... hurts just thinking about it...I hope you make the leap playing on Sundays! 


Comment 17 hours ago

But.... if we are being honest... means very little until we play some real competition... is indeed nice to see but needs to be measured against who we are playing.    Scott keeps up his D and high assist numbers there is no every reason to believe he will play in the NBA, back up guard who can run the offense and excels at D.  Seems he has taken a step up... but will wait until we play somebody... its so early and we are a young team.

The team certainly has shooters deep the line up.  I am sure we will have a few games with 5-6 players in double figures... that in itself is promising.  Will be hard to stop a deep team... early on we do have a different look than last year...the pace is different too,  Excited but just holding back a little till we play someone! 

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Yeh but might be good enough to play and good enough to beat out two solid starters is another story. 

Remember Hubbard has been at a few different positions, showing off his athletisism... that doesn't mean he gets the Offense as well as others, or is better than others at this moment.  I can see how that might look like talking out of both sides of your mouth but can also see  Urban might be using that as a tool to push Hubbard... remember we also have a very good back up at TE too outside of the two deep.

With how we use the TE I have no problem letting Hubbard grow a little more...Our starting two TEs are doing pretty OK just under utilized.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

12 pts from Amir... that is a nice bonus... if he makes that leap becoming an intregral part of the Offense... the shooters will have more space and be more effective.  Great to see him playing up to his potential... He could be the biggest difference maker on the team, more so than any Frosh.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

E and S ARE good... and will be for 3 more years. 

We are starting some DL on OL(doing a great job but had to be coached up not their natural positions)... as deep as 18 OL may seem... we will need more just to fill the two deep you need 10 guys...  DL we will lose the whole starting line this year and next... DL is critical 2 yrs away we have no idea who will lead the DL.  H-Back is the new FB... TE is 1/2 a FB as well in this Offense.   Just trying to measure need 2 yrs away, and TE, OL and DL are all question marks... RB is solid with E and S(as well wouldn't  Dunn and Warren will be seniors assume one will move on... and we have Baker ATH).

Agree you don't pass up the no. 1 RB in the country, but truth is we don't need him as much as we need DL or OL (think about who gets drafted first by the NFL a game changing DL or OL vs Game changing RBs... the game is still won at the line of scrimmage. 

If we get a top flight RB I will not complain one bit... just feel DL and OL are more important for what we need... Today. 

Is a Good position to be in with excellent FB players in the cue.  Looking forward to see what happens.


Comment 16 Nov 2014

I did that for last year's MSU game my bro set me up... but didn't like the game... but was hilarious watching "with" him there we were both screaming at the TV.  Will try that again it was Ok and almost like your in the TV room.  But only works when he is watching the games at the same time.

11W should do a gamecast... Play by play... not sure if it was possible, but would be good fun I am sure... more interesting color commentary!!  

Comment 16 Nov 2014

This game was not as close as the score... Away... against a top 25 team... and in extreme weather.  Never giving up... always pushing on both Offense and Defense... The DB played VERY well today.  I am excited even more now after this win, it was HUGE... bigger than critics will ever know ... will help the team's psychy.  NEVER SURRENDER!

Comment 14 Nov 2014

WISE WORDS FROM LeCHUCK. Former OSU great LeCharles Bentley, who runs a premiere offensive lineman factory these days, had some fire tweets yesterday:

When a coll FB program only recruits the top 1% of genetic gene pool, don't tell me what they "build". Diamonds will always shine. #Truth

— LeCharles Bentley (@OLineWorld65) November 12, 2014

Take the walk on and "build" him to a starter. That takes a process and demonstrates mastery. The Orlando Pace's of the world are born.

— LeCharles Bentley (@OLineWorld65) November 12, 2014

Indeed interesting speaks volumes for what the OL staff have done this year with DL starting or in the two deep... Building them up, improvement game on game....and last year 3 drafted linemen...