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Comment 13 hours ago

It is amazing to see Fickel's development under Meyer, we talk about how players develop, but Fickel has become a different coach, and enjoy listening to him speak now... those leadership training courses not just helped build the Units and leadership inside each, but I believe it helped Fickel grow into not just a good coach, but a great one.

Comment 13 hours ago

That is a lot of yards on the ground, over 3,500... was hoping we could pass more this year... but that doesn't mean we can't have 3,500 yrds in the air too...

Comment 28 Mar 2015

I think we have offered two 6'10" plust guys from Ohio... close enough and can play Center...

Funderburke would be better at PF otherwise its like having Sully play the 5... The 7 footer allusion was more for a proper center... without question 7' guys are hard to find... they go to NC, Duke, Kentucky and G-Town....

We have 3 spots then King should rest his crown in one of them....

Comment 28 Mar 2015

Indeed and he is genius... organizing the first and maybe most important recruiting weekend just AFTER the rings arrive... surely recruits are gonna want to try those on... if they want one of their own... COMMIT!

Comment 27 Mar 2015

I Still don't agree... King hasn't proven anything either if we have to really be honest... he is a star in HS... Don't get me wrong if we had 3 schollies my hope would be for King to join two 7 Footers...

With due respect to Russell... he's a top 10 player in the country regardless of class (College not HS) and without a solid Center and PF you can see the results this year. 

Give me a top 20 Seven footer over King any day and twice on Sundays... 6' 5"-7" guys are everywhere... a true Center, Rim protector is harder to find... Ask Jordan after his first two years in the league... or LBJ his first stint in Cleveland... and the beginning of this year...Even pro's have trouble finding solid Bigs!

You can't win a NC without a solid Center... we will not win one until we have a baseline that matches our back court...maybe not an Oden... but someone that excels at that position like we have found at Guard and Wing.

Maybe we will have 3 schollies if there is a transfer... and indeed then hope King joins the team~!!

Go Bucks! 

Comment 26 Mar 2015

As the Number one team in the Nation there are two things that will always be true...

1.  You will get your their best game every time... its the oppositions Superbowl...

2.  Every team you play will have a lower ranking than you, not helping strength of schedule...

Finally OOC really doesn't matter much if you are going to the playoffs... your last two games are against top 3 teams in the country, a perfect example is last year... people talked about tOSU OOC schedule last year... but somehow the Buckeyes were still able to win out against TOP programs the last 3 games of the season. 

Comment 24 Mar 2015

Matta is the Man... just needs a Chris Jent like guy back who can recruit and develop bigs... the PG, SF positions are well prepared and elite enough... the gaps are in our Bigs and their development... Like Meyer he needs to go out and get a bigtime Bigs coach... that will make the difference...

Matta is indeed a great coach, but with back problems there might be a need for better assistants on the baseline... Matta is the best coach tOSU has had in living memory(mine anyway).  Discussion of his removal is just pure folly, but getting better as a staff is not out of the question.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

And there is the problem... you have to recruit heart and work ethic... Stars clearly don't mean as much once they are at the college level... we have had over weight players at the combine for a few years now... and that kind of so what its the player's responsibility attitude is part of the problem... remembering well it was craft that insitutued the Amir Mile Running program...Craft is indeed a team player and a coach on the court but off the court there should be weight programs, speed, shooting workouts, footwork, jump/hops drills... of course would need to be done on their own, but could be easily managed and monitored without spending time with the student athletes...

Some do... some don't... just seems to me to outline the issue at its core....WELL.... recruit ones that WILL... and give them the programs for them to work out to on their own... spend 10 minutes of the 2 hrs developing downtime programs for them to work on for their personal training.

The gaps are clear just a matter of is there the WILL power to do anything about it.... some do.... some don't... the ones that don't NEVER WIN A NAT CHAMPIONSHIP.   EVER... Until that core attitude changes, there will be NO Hoops NC in C-bus.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Special teams have been special in C-bus since Tress, more FGs and Punt units, indeed nice to see Kick Off coverage team getting to the top of their craft....very cool read.

Now we just need to return a few KOs for TDs this year then will round out the excellence in special teams units.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Two projected starters were recruited as DL, which might explain why there is DL gaps in the two deep.... more so it says amazing things about Warriner player development.