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Comment 6 hours ago

Indeed Brothers Karamazov is the best Novel ever written... But I prefer Mikhail Bulgakov to Tolstoy...

Comment 6 hours ago

Clearly you've been hanging out with the wrong guys!

Comment 20 hours ago

IMO its an honor to play the Military Academies.   Such great tradition there, it is fiting to play a team like tOSU.   Those games aren't about winning or losing for tOSU is a tip of the hat to the opponent who is more than just an adversary on the field they are our shield and sword against real opponents.  ITs a different feeling playing them, my Dad is a Navy Vet and it means something more than playing any other OCC game. 

I hope they play an academy every year.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

From Above Stats:

80 POINTS 56
28-60 (46.7) FGM-FGA (PCT.) 26-50 (52)
10-17 (58.8) 3PM-3PA (PCT.) 12-25 (48)

Not sure but don't think those Maryland Numbers add up to 56...ESpin has the Termps shooting 30.5% from the field and ~35 from beyond the arch...

FG 18-59 3Pt 9-26 FT11-16
30.5% 34.6% 68.8

Comment 29 Jan 2015

First please check again ALL my posts I love Matta and wouldn't trade him for any coach, I think he is the best coach in OSU history regardless of not winning titles... he's just a better coach (his only fault is he hasn't coached NBA hall of famers... but that is not his fault).

But then you'd be forgetting about Sullinger, Oden, Koufas, and Mullins - all got drafted.  I am not forgetting about them... Sully was a 4 pushed to be a 5, Oden was the only true 5 the rest are stretch 4s or Centers that didn't make it in the NBA because of lack of development (again NOT Matta's fault but they were not ready for the pros... Matta as mentioned should hire a hero Bigs coach Like a Football DL coach Larry Johnson to help address this specific issue.  One coach can't do everything like a team it takes a strong coaching team to bring up every position....

OSU hasn't either been able to get the Centers they wanted we miss EVERY year on our top 5 bigmen... we just seem to go down the list every year having to settle for a PF or a Stretch 4, or a Center that is NOT a rim protector( He needs to constiantly find a 5 to FIT his system... it would be like Meyer without a Percy Harvey position player... Next year...Gidden will be the first Athletic Big Center and Rim protector since Oden), or they have not been able to develop them they way they should and Koufas and Mullins are great examples there... neither are rim protectors and played most of their time outside the Key. 

A residue left from AA ball where everyone seems to think they are a Point Guard....7 footers should be taught the Post position.  There are smaller players who seem to understand how to post up, and how to crash the boards and how to play solid Defense.  Gidden has these things others didn't... so you teach it!  Is it all Amirs fault that after 4 yrs of instruction that he is the same player he was in High School?

Anyway the only think I hope you get out of this is I really Think Matta is an Awesome Coach...

Having said that I feel there are clear gaps in our Bigs recruiting and development... and breaks my heart to see Russel dominate and have noone underneath... JUST making a point that I hope we see some staff changes with some more focus on BIGs.  Meyer hires amazing coaches... fills needs when he sees gaps(obvious gaps in DB coaching and loss of DL coach... he hired upgrades with recruiting and clear player development... I sometimes think Matta actually hires assistance and works to develop them like he develops players which is awesome and looks great on his coaching tree... but doesn't fill the need or the gap we have on the Baseline or get us to the National Championship.  Bring Oden back as a position coach?  Something... ANYTHING... cause status quo aint working... Talking about players with a HIGH Cieling or Raw Talent... if you recruit those players you have to develop them... it hasn't happend in both Amir and Mcdonalds cases... but I guess Matta and staff did all they could... the players just suck (OK then why recruit them!!).

And I am hopeful didn't piss you off just frustrated as hell at the misses and we find it so easy to blame the players when coaches are paid to develop and recruit those players... there should be some shared blame on my Favorite coach too.  I am a bit critical here of Matta I guess but only because I care and I do indeed love Matta as the OSU coach... I have been a fan since the 80s... and he is the best we have had or most likely will ever have... but if OSU EVER wants to win a National Championship again in Hoops we will need Bigs to do it.... not 4 yrs projects with potential.


Comment 29 Jan 2015

Indeed!  Just a photo op and an excuse to get a trip home and hooky from "work"...  Like they had anything to do with it.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

All known facts... just further illustrating the point that Matta and staff have poorly recuited and or poorly developed this segment of the game...

6'10" is a PF in the NBA... and 6'8" is SF in the NBA... Purdue has two 7 foot centers on the team...

Numbers just further add weight to my arguement that we need a better coach(assistant coach Matta is the best coach OSU has ever had IMO) who develops and recruits for the PF and C positions... See above post.

WE got 5 players and they are ALL out of position (except Amir... and he shouldn't even be on the court).  Love Matta and The Buckeyes... just lamenting the sad truth... if Russell had ANYONE down low we could go far in the Tourney... but sadly we are watching one of the best players to come through C-bus but will have no real historic meaning to the program as a whole(one and done).

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Love Matta too...but wish he would pick a system and go with it earlier... and stick with it so he can recruit players that fit with his amaing coaching talent.  Also wish he would hire a Big Man coach and recruiter(wondering if the absence of Jent on the bench and recruiting trail has hurt more than we know), I believe the harvesting and development of Bigs has been missing for us for a while now, hire a Larry Johnson like coach, Meyer did.  One could only imagine what Matta could do with a proper center and a PF that is not playing out of position. 

We still don't know who this team is after so many games... but indeed makes for good viewing and hard to prepare for...

I have faith Matta will start to put it together, but also realize there are team needs that will have to wait till next year sadly.  I can't wait, bet Matta can't wait either.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Nothing wrong with playing one MAC school OOC, but that should be paired with playing one top tier top 5 conference opponent every year. 

It seemed to not matter this year, or most likely next, but want the best teams best games only then will a true champion rise.  As we have seen this year it is good to be tested early and even with a loss can make it into the playoffs.  A loss to a better team than VT would have made the OSU in or out question less impactful... and would have been in without "contraversy".

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Credit given to the line too... they controlled the last 3 games against some of the best DL in the country.  Wisky, Bama and Ducks...

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Indeed he played Center... we haven't had a proper center since oden...

Lamenting the lack of recuiting at that position and the lack of player development.  We need a Bigs coach that can recruit and develop players WITH HEART AND FIRE.  This is a 5-6 yr issue that is not being addressed relying on SF-and PF to do a center's job.  It would be like Meyer not recruiting an H-Back or not having a premier DL coach.  This has been going on for a while now...

Love Matta and the Buckeyes... but we must assess the results and seems to be stop gap measures to fill needs that should have been filled through recruiting at that position.

There are high school teams with more size than the Buckeyes... and there are small ball teams that are more effective.

Its just a bumber if any of the Seniors would step up to become that second scorer(missing that the last two years as well).  The senior class has not developed as much as we love them it can't be said that in 4 yrs any of the players in that class has blossomed into a star(minus one already in the league).

I do like putting in Lee even if he is smaller... it has worked before putting a PF at Center(Sully)... others have to hit the glass... but Amir experiment should be over... even to the point of NOT playing Lee and McDonald as much and going 100% with Youth might be an option... 

Recuit a center... try it might just wash away this issue entirely.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

No need to click on the above Losing Hair Advertisement... I know why I have virtually no hair on my head...might have something to do with watching this talented team play.

Just keep winning.   Would have been worse if they didn't pull this out at home...Thankfully, still a few hairs left for this weekend!

Comment 23 Jan 2015
Not sure I agree with the logic, I still think Miller would run the ball more at QB and be hit by HUGE DL... Miller is a better runner and has proven that he doesn't hand the ball off as much as he should because of his amazing running ability... MSU game last year he was hurt but didn't dish off to a guy who averaged 5 yrds a carry on a bad day... his decision making process usually includes run first as he is so darn good at it... why not get Miller in the open field.... with a LB trying to keep pace with him in coverage... or their fastest DB covering him... he would still be just a step slow. And if DC need to put their best man on Miller what does that do for the rest of the passing game? In any event hope he stays and plays... Anywhere he should be on the field and touching the ball often! Miller would be way better at H back than either Marshall, Dontre or Samuel... he is a proven top 5 athlete in CFB... DCs would have nightmares trying to figure out how to stop Miller in the open field. I don't think a DC this past year schemed to try and stop any of the afore mentioned players... but Miller getting the ball on a sweep or 6-7 yrd pass... HAVOC! :-P GO BUCKS HAVE A KILLA WEEKEND