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Comment 5 hours ago

DJ, have you ever heard the E-40 song: Yay area? It's a #banger

Comment 24 Dec 2014

i have a buddy i used to work with that is from florida (huge gatorbater, SEC this, SEC that) and i about got into it with him on facebook, he started talkin his usual "this and that" about the SEC and i jumped into the conversation and came back at him with a couple points that he couldnt argue then basically told him to shut his mouth and talk to me in 3 weeks... surprisingly he stopped #thisguynevershutsup

Comment 24 Dec 2014

I think the TEs could be huge in this game too, Vannett and Heuerman are so good and such big targets

and i dont mean to sound boisterous when i say i have been telling people, but obviously living in ohio, it comes up in conversations a lot, but a lot of the points i make are backed up by stats or other facts that ive found

Comment 24 Dec 2014

DJ, there's not a lot of people out there with as much confidence in the bucks, but I've been outspoken in conversations lately saying I think Ohio State wins and I think we hang at least 40 on the tide, and the more research that I divulge in comparing the 2 teams, the more confident I become

jump on the confidence train now cold footed ones

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I dont understand why people are talking smack about brian johnson, sure he doesnt have a lengthy track record, but did zach smith have a lot of experience before urban hired him at florida? and look at him now, my bottom line is: urban will hire the right person for the job no matter what.  there will be no shortage of interested and qualified candidates, urban will make the right call

Comment 15 Dec 2014

not in a political context but a mic dropping context, this is a hilarious key and peele sketch, dude is rapping on the corner cuttin people up when limo pulls up, obama gets out, grabs the mic and says "i'm the leader of the leader of the free world", drops the mic and gets back in the limo