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Comment 5 hours ago

I believe they also used to support smash brothers at some point in time, but i don't think they have for a while, i remember my old roommate telling me he did an interview one time with Kenny (the professional gamer that was one survivor) for MLG, and he is a smash bros guy

Comment 10 hours ago

My roommate my last 2 years at OSU worked for MLG, and was always getting paid big bucks to go out to vegas or down to san antonio or florida or tons of other places, whenever MLG came to columbus rather than staying at home he would go stay in his free hotel room downtown

I don't know how MLG makes all their money but apparently they are doing alright

(my roommate was a history major and now works full time for pokemon)

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I would consider just buying the tickets and getting the bacon depending on quantity of bacon and ticket price

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Maybe the team will take a vote and decide they need him for the whole game

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Eric Smith needs to be mentioned in this article, the kid is a missile out there and I have been impressed every time I have seen him since the Army AA game.  He had an INT against Kent.  The kid has a nose for the ball not unlike Vonn Bell, and as the season grows, I see it getting tougher to keep him off the field.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy DJ on a daily basis, but I do miss Elika's friday skull sessions, always a great read

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I think a relegation system would be fantastic in the B1G (if it weren't for all the damn tradition), But it would have to be a yearly basis like European football leagues, you could only move one... probably 2 teams, the EPL moves 3 teams a year because they keep 20 teams in the top tier, la liga and serie A both use 20 also, and the bundasliga uses and 18 team format, but I agree, i think say... northern illinois would bring more to the conference than regular illinois

Comment 09 Sep 2014

ya know who had a a lot of good ideas, saddam hussein