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Comment 05 Feb 2016

I am a little more leery of charter schools than I am STEM schools. However, I need to learn more about STEM. We have one around the corner and Mrs. Shaded and I have been contemplating looking into it for our son. My wife is a teacher here in our school district, but we would be willing to look like black sheep for sending any of our kids to STEM if that is what's best. Can't remember why she was around the STEM kids, but my wife said that she was impressed with some of the curriculum that she saw. The kids seemed more accountable for their work and were forced outside of their comfort zone in order to complete projects. I want my kids to be challenged and pushed to do things that they didn't think that they could. That's what helps them get better in school and in life.

BTW. Congratulations to Lealman2.0

Comment 05 Feb 2016
I haven't listened to GNR for a while now. The Use Your Illusion albums were very instrumental in helping me kind of find out who I was after I left home and joined the Army in late 91. I will have to go over to YouTube and do some reminiscing for a while. Thanks WeakSide.
Comment 05 Feb 2016
I think that if a coach drops a committed recruit close to signing day, they should be kicked in the nuts and required to pay for the recruits greyshirt season or whatever scool they choose regardless of scholarship status. Saban should have no problem since the boosters can pick up that tab.
Comment 04 Feb 2016

I was yelling at the TV with several minutes left when Loving threw that lazy pass that was stolen and then his man came down and scored on him. That could have been the possession to help push the team forward. Could have cut it to 1 or even tied the game, but ended up down by 5/6  and never seemed able to climb back out. Lyle on the other hand was solid this game. I was very impressed with his game tonight.