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Comment 02 Aug 2016
-I don't think you are as deep at QB as you were in 2014. I don't think anyone could have or did predict how deep we were at QB that year until it was needed. That's the great part about player development. Hopefully Barrett runs the gauntlet unscathed, but if needed; I hope whomever backs him up hammers everyone in their path.
Comment 27 Jul 2016
Many years ago while in the Army, I fell asleep at the wheel heading back to base, went left of center and head on with a semi. The entire front end of my Ford Escort was crushed except where I was sitting. I had my seat belt on and walked away without a scratch. I wear my seat belt all the time and if I don't have it on before I start backing out of the drive, my kids start yelling at me to buckle up. Smart kids.
Comment 26 Jul 2016

Woody was insane, but he loved people. Not sure I see that in hargaugh.