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Comment 16 Jun 2016
It's not like it's a Ferrari. It's a Ford focus for Pete's sakes. I went with what DJ said, but it looks like it's a Kia. It's okay now.
Comment 08 May 2016

I can agree with the science to some degree. However, I think that personality plays some part in how a person may be affected after head injuries. I have had many head injuries in my life. Most of them in the Army. One of the times occurred during a night jump where there was no wind. Can't do the best PLF with no wind. I came down and slammed my head onto some lumber that was left over from an airdrop earlier in the day. I could not remember peoples' names for at least two days. I could hear people on the drop zone and picture their faces, but could not think of their names. I even forgot my girlfriend's name. That was just one of many injuries. I forget a lot of stuff from time to time, but I don't think that it made me more violent or less empathetic. I also think that slapping a girl around is pretty despicable, which may aid my point about personality being a contributing factor to how a person is affected after multiple head injuries.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

I concur on both accounts. I like Cardale and don't see the need to start a thread throwing shade. Cardale has impressed me with the various clips that I have seen showing how he breaks down the defense and other things. I'm sure that he can improve even more and have a successful NFL career. All that being said, I am off to start a thread conveying my dislike for corn flakes. Man, I hate those things!