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Comment 08 May 2016

I can agree with the science to some degree. However, I think that personality plays some part in how a person may be affected after head injuries. I have had many head injuries in my life. Most of them in the Army. One of the times occurred during a night jump where there was no wind. Can't do the best PLF with no wind. I came down and slammed my head onto some lumber that was left over from an airdrop earlier in the day. I could not remember peoples' names for at least two days. I could hear people on the drop zone and picture their faces, but could not think of their names. I even forgot my girlfriend's name. That was just one of many injuries. I forget a lot of stuff from time to time, but I don't think that it made me more violent or less empathetic. I also think that slapping a girl around is pretty despicable, which may aid my point about personality being a contributing factor to how a person is affected after multiple head injuries.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

I concur on both accounts. I like Cardale and don't see the need to start a thread throwing shade. Cardale has impressed me with the various clips that I have seen showing how he breaks down the defense and other things. I'm sure that he can improve even more and have a successful NFL career. All that being said, I am off to start a thread conveying my dislike for corn flakes. Man, I hate those things!

Comment 09 Mar 2016

Definitely need to have Schmidt on that list. He is the one that was responsible for the eventual creation of the Gold Pants Club.

The 1934 game against the University of Michigan was not a season-changer, but it did give then-new coach Francis Schmidt a special place in the hearts of Buckeye fans. Ohio State won the game 34-0, its largest margin of victory in the series to that point.  Coach Schmidt changed Buckeye lore forever when, before the season, he was asked about beating Michigan.

Schmidt downplayed concerns; after all, he said, the University of Michigan football players “put their pants on one leg at a time same as everybody else.”  This comment created the “Gold Pants Club,” a group of businessmen who award a miniature gold football pants charm to all players who participate in a win over the Wolverines.  The charms are engraved with each player’s initials, the date of the game, and the final score.