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Comment 22 Jul 2013

This skull session leads me to believe its time Rod and B. Dunn to step up.

Comment 07 Jun 2013

As as a Warren G Harding grad thank you this was amazing to read.

Comment 27 May 2013

I hate Michigan but this is how it is supposed to be. We go get Apple and Bell and they go get Peppers. This rivalry is going to have so many NFL players playing in The Game it's going to be sick and that's how it's supposed to be. I want another 1 vs 2 matchup. There is nothing better than when The Game means something in the NC picture. The plays are bigger, hits harder, the V.C. is little more packed, the ladies are sexier and the beers are colder damn I can't wait.

Comment 07 Feb 2013
I know I might get heat for this but if this is true about the Townsend kid this is bad. We blast USC and other schools for doing this to kids and this is no different. A kid has been committed for months and on the biggest day of his football life up to this point he is told the day of we may not have a spot for you. I know some of you will say he's a punter and make other ridiculous excuses for this screw up but doing this to a kid is bush league. Yesterday was amazing but this is BS and I hope they fix it.
Comment 03 Jan 2013

That is just one play out of this formation. With the amount of backs that are on this roster there are so many different things that you can do with this formation that will stress a defense. Inside Zone, Outside Zone and when you add Zone Option to this it can get crazy. Urbs offense gives teams fits already it will be cool to watch him throw another wrinkle in the mix.  

Comment 31 Dec 2012

Hurd is a big kid he will be 6'3 220 next season but he is going to be a tougher pull than many think. Autry is for real would love to see this kid in scarlet and gray.

Comment 24 Nov 2012

Jimmy T changed OSU. My first year of undergrad Cooper and the bucks were bad Bellisari was our quarterback, we got beat by Michigan and then we got smoked in the outback bowl by Ryan Brewer and the Game Cocks. Michigan beat us like a drum year in and year out.The first OSU meat chicken game I saw was in that slut of a town known as Ann Arbor. Cooper was the coach and we got beat but one of the things I will never forget about the game is when they announced  the starters the fans booed every player announced but when they announced Cooper the Big House went crazy they cheered for our coach because we were a joke. Then Tres came in and we beat Michigan's ass year after year we went to national championships and won BCS bowl games and Tres was our guy. I love Jimmy T and I love this game and I cant wait till we kick their ass today. Go Bucks Ann Arbor is still a horror and I am headed to campus O-H.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

The show is perfect. It gives a view of what camp is really like no narrators no commentary just pure football. Its amazing. I hope they show more of the defensive side because those players and coaches are pure crazy, and they practice that way.