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Comment 26 Oct 2014

Listen, how many times have teams dropped to teams they should have beat this year? We are young. That doesn't mean we aren't championship caliber. It does mean we will be inconsistent at times. But this game was headed toward the loss column, PSU had all the momentum...then our Buckeyes willed their way to a victory. It wouldn't have mattered who it was. Things like this are good. Adversity is good. I'm not saying we will make the playoffs or win a championship this year. But we are capable of beating anybody in the country. We are also capable of losing to a team that is well prepared.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Not a Finebaum fan, but ole Phil wasn't calling Finebaum a cowturd, she was referring to Colin Cowherds comments on his show earlier in the day. I'm ashamed to say I was listening to the Herd yesterday. 

Comment 25 Mar 2014

This will be my final comment on the matter. Not to keep anyone from having a differing opinion but to keep this civil. You are free to roast me.:)

Jack Fu, it is your right to yell at them.:)

JF and AV, I apologize for not clarifying, I wasn't saying that smoking and poor food choice exact the same consequence as not vaccinating. I was saying that if that's the stance we take based on being affected in some way we should also be upset when people's choices cost us money. In my experience people get more upset when you dip in their pockets than they do about most other things. AV I'm certain that you have studied info I have not and are more savvy on some things, however based upon your response I gather that there are things I have knowledge of that you may not be aware of. Please don't fault me for mine and I won't fault you for yours. It would appear we both have some information seeking to do, especially for something as serious as our health and the health of our families.

Allow me to say this in closing. What people choose to eat does affect your health in the long run it just takes awhile. Viruses adapt to treatment and come back stronger. When we just medicate for the heck of it instead of allowing our bodies to fight things it can cause global effect. I hope this doesn't sound like I am against medicine, because I'm not. I'm against irresponsibility and as you say AV, it would appear we have that in common.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

While I respect your opinion and enjoy your commentary on football, I am going to have speak up a little on this one AV. While these outbreaks may have something to do with lack of vaccination a vaccination is not 100% effective in all situations. I'm not against vaccines. I've been vaccinated and so have my children, but it is ones right to refuse a vaccination. And if we as a society are frustrated with folks who choose not vaccinate and then contract viruses then we must also be frustrated with folks who eat fast food and highly processed foods all the time and smoke all the time because these folks are also affecting us as we foot the bill as tax payers for there healthcare in many cases. All these folks have the right to choose what goes into their bodies. Raw milk is very good for you as well and anybody who says otherwise has bought in to the fear fest. With the beauty of the modern era you speak of comes the ability to keep the milk parlor very sanitary which in turn prevents ECOLI from forming. You have a better chance of getting ECOLI from store bought beef ( before they have drenched the filler in ammonia of course). Anyway, I know this is a sports site and I try to respect that, but you touched on something that is very personal for me. Thanks for the opportunity to politely disagree.

Comment 26 Jan 2014

I have to agree that the defense has been upgraded. I certainly hope it has. If nothing else I think the newness of Ash and his enthusiasm will be an asset. It will cause them to play better if for no other reason than its new and exciting. But I do think he brings a better Xs and Os mind to the table. When I listened to Withers it was all about effort and toughness. That's for the HC to preach. The position coaches need to teach scheme and follow that with effort and toughness. As far as LJS is concerned from what I hear from most of the commenters and the experts that was HomeRun hire material.

Comment 26 Jan 2014

If they keep doing their thing they will keep having success. I think if they get McDowell that may help the national perspective as far as recruiting is concerned as well. Not saying they will beat us every year because on paper we are better than every team we play. 

Comment 26 Jan 2014

Western Justice! 

Somebody tell me why I don't like Kiffin. Just seems like he always got a pass on actually being good at his job.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I think there is some loyalty going on with some guys. Every time Roby goes down and I see Built-like-a-safety-and-slow Armani Reeves in I know where the next passing touchdown for the opposition will be thrown. I definitely think there are guys who are better that aren't getting to play.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I'm upset but I can't say I was over confident going in to this one. I would rather be exposed in this game than the National Championship game. Sparty did play hard and our guys fought back and showed them that Defense they have isn't the end all be all. ( granted I wish we had something that resembled their backfield) Now let's remember what losing feels like and decide we don't like it for another 2 years. Let's get ready for this bowl game and roll over whoever they put in front of us. GO BUCKS!

Comment 22 Aug 2013

Yeah, he has like 6in on everybody. His challenge will be not getting complacent because anybody with his physical advantage would make those kids look ridiculous. I will say this though.... Kids got skill. Pretty accurate, able to throw the long ball and makes throwing on the run look easy. That's good to see because the running portion is to hard to judge. It takes the entire other team to bring him down. Won't be that way this year for him. But I do hope he continues to develop and earns a scholarship. Heard Tebow say one time that his dad used to tell him " Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work as hard". Wise words.

Comment 19 Aug 2013

If I said everything I want to say about that SWAT raid in Texas I would most likely be kicked off this site. My wife and I have a small farm in Ohio and we grow organic and drink our own raw milk (because its illegal to sell.... To dangerous you know, unlike most prescription drugs to fix the side effects of all the crap we eat from restaurants and grocery stores). Just ticks me off that the government abuses its power like this. Ok...ok... I'm done. Now I'm going to read that Urban Meyer article like DJ suggested. Happy Monday fellow Buckeye fans. CFB starts next week!

Comment 18 Aug 2013

How do I get a job working with this team? So many high character, strong work ethic guys. Parents should have no fear sending their kids to TOSU.

Comment 17 Aug 2013

Just watching the interviews from today on YouTube. I think it will all be ok. Quick observation... Joel Hale and Michael Bennett have got to be the 2 most well spoken individuals on this team. Sometimes guys get interviewed and they just look like what they are, 18-19 yo kids answering questions. Michael is just a statesmen out there. Just absolutely solid responses from those guys.

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Yeah I'm not worried so much about Dline or Oline. I'm worried about LB play and Brax staying healthy. I think Kenny G can manage for sure but it would be such a big stage to step into with all the expectations. But that's why Urbs maintains the competitive culture, so that guys are always ready to go play mentally.

Comment 05 Aug 2013

How heavy are those sleds? He did have help. And 3 relatively normal dudes flipped it back over. Don't mistake this as me saying I ever want to line up opposite this cat.

Comment 05 Aug 2013

This was being asked about yesterday I think it's Vonn Bell if memory serves me right. Seems they have him listed as número six but somebody was saying that's a typo. I could be making all this up. It was a way to relaxing day for me yesterday.

Comment 04 Aug 2013

I could be wrong but its fairly well known that UFM says Spring is for setting the depth chart and fall is to go win games. Obviously there is a little wiggle room but no spring and no fall could very well spell red-shirt.

Comment 04 Aug 2013

Please don't down vote me. I'm trying to become part of the 11W gathering of gentlemen, but.......... I don't understand why everybody hates LBJ so much still. Yeah it was a dumb way to make an announcement but he is still a son of Ohio. How often does Ohio get to boast that the best player in any sport is a native son. I'm happy for Greg. And I agree no need to feel like he is pressured to produce in Miami.