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Comment 28 Oct 2014

Just in case you missed it, the Pac12 does have a CCG and it's infered in the article you linked.


Comment 27 Oct 2014

I think they'll stay in the top 50 even with the situation that's going on. UM's cachet is still strong enough to convince enough 3-4*s to commit despite the dumpster fire in AA and the uncertainty swirling through the program. Even if they lose half their 4*s currently verballed, it should be enough to stay top 50. Based on recent recruiting history, just a couple of 4*s and a bunch of 3*s should get them in the top 50.

Whether UM retains a spot in the top 25 of class rankings depends a lot on who they replace Hoke with and how quickly they make that move.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and get upvotes...and I'm all out of bubblegum."


Comment 11 Jul 2014

I love night games but I voted for sparingly. I think they'd lose something if all we had were night games. Let's stay with several night games a year and have them for the big games.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Thanks for the update Jason. I think we would all appreciate you all doing your own preview. But I also know you all provide the hands down greatest team dedicated site out there and you all do it for free! So I'm grateful just to be able to come on here every day and read multiple articles on OSU, Big10, and NCAA related news. And we get other sports like Bball, hockey, LAX, tennis, etc in addition to the football stuff. Any preview you may or may not do would just be icing on a really already delicious cake.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

They will be out two of their starting defenders as well as a forward. US will miss Altidore as US struggled to threaten once he went down and Dempsey got his nose broken. I'm feeling a lot more confident about this game than I did back in December when the groups were drawn. But that doesn't mean it's going to be a gimme.

I'm hoping Klinsman's comes out with the right tactics and lineup, that Bradley plays like his normal self, and the team plays with confidence. I could see a close low scoring game by both sides with US coming up with a 1-0 win. Hopefully Brooks has another dream about scoring!

Comment 20 Jun 2014

What a great way to start out your 11W career. Just don't get complacent, a spot at the top of the leaderboard won't happen by itself!

Comment 10 Jun 2014

Let me head off the rest of the complainers.

Oh woe is us, he's not a big name commitment. Urban Meyer isn't a great recruiter. Urban can't compete with Alabama  . . .  boo hoo.

Now that that's over, welcome aboard Liam! In Urban I trust.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Do we have to go over the number of highly productive college and NFL players who were ranked a 3* or lower? Just because someone's ranked as a 3* doesn't mean they're automatically garbage or inferior. If a young man proves himself in front of Meyer & Co, then I'm more than willing to trust their appraisal of his potential. Sure a 3* isn't as sexy as a 5* player, but not all 5*s pan out either. The ratings services simply can't keep up with all the thousands of high school players each year and some will invariable slip through the cracks. I'd rather have a hungry 3* player with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove than an entitled 5* player who expects to be handed a spot on the depth chart.

Comment 06 Jun 2014

I for one was extremely happy to see his rushing numbers drop from two seasons ago. I hadn't seen the stats like this before, but only accounting for 25% of the Buckeye rushing yards is a great thing IMO. And I'm hoping that trend continues this year. Especially considering that we don't have smooth jazz to come off the bench if BM goes down for a quarter, game, or several games.

Comment 03 Jun 2014

I recently saw an argument online where a STEM academics fanboy tried to call out people in the Humanities disciplines for not using all that observation and data that they collect to be more predictive of human behavior. In other words, a math nerd got mad at history dudes for not creating a model to predict when wars will happen.

It sounds like someone's been reading some Foundation series from Isaac Asimov. Psychohistory anyone?

Comment 24 May 2014

Small correction. Jenkins 'only' had 800 some yards his last year at OSU. Adding his return yardage to that pushes him over 1k total yards that year.

Having said that, I originally voted Ginn but now I'm wishing I picked Jenkins. You're absolutely right, we have the speedy burners that can play the 'Percy Harvin' role on the team. We need a dependable tall WR who can make plays and stretch the D in other ways.

Comment 01 May 2014

“It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo (SB97). The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end… because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing… this shadow. Even darkness must pass.”

- Sam Gamgee, LoTR 


Comment 28 Dec 2013

And OSU's been a little lighter on number of recruits compared to some of the other programs at the top due to the sanctions. I bet the average goes down a bit if you include those 3 scholarships into the equation.