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Comment 09 Mar 2015

So let me get this right, the NCAA is going to disallow an un-tucked, rolled-up jersey, but players can remove their knee pads and roll up their pants...exposing unprotected knees?  Now that makes sense.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

I like Dr. Zero's game and I believe he has a future in the Association, however let's be honest, he's the only offensive weapon on an otherwise inept offensive team.  D-Russ has to score big for the buckeyes to have any chance in any if not most games.  No other buckeye has proven themselves to be a consistent offensive threat all year long.  

Comment 11 Feb 2015

As for the moniker....."Silk"....I heard someone, not sure who it was, refer to Russell as "Dr. Zero", the "Dr." representing his first and last initials and "Zero" is his number.  Sounds like a keeper to me, and if you think about it, the way he (the doctor) operates is cold (as in zero degrees temperature) blooded.

Will someone please second the motion to officially make D'Angelo Russell's nickname.................."Dr. Zero"

Comment 30 Nov 2014

To quote Mr. Spoke (played by Leonard Nimoy, not Zachery Quinto)..."Fascinating"

Comment 05 Feb 2014

So proud of the Buckeyes win last night.  Craft was the leader he needs to be for this team to win.  Amir and Q finally played with some sustained passion.  Lenzelle, Amedeo, Slam, and McDonald contributed in the exact way the team needed them to.  Kudos also to Scott for not getting down on himself when he made mistakes as he kept his confidence to hit some key shots at critical moments.

Also have to credit Thad for making the right adjustments over the last few games and not panicking on this season and getting this team back on track.  Great win fellas...keep fighting!!!

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Let's be real, Scott has great quickness and is a tremendous defender, however he is an offensive liability.  He's probably under 50% when it comes to shooting lay-ups. 

What concerns me more about this team is the overall lack of leadership, intensity and enthusiasm.  Lenzelle and Aaron are the only players who even come close to showing any emotion or intensity.  Scott, Q and Amir are unemotional, passive, finesse players.  Sure Amir may give a shout / scream from time to time on a dunk, but when I watch other teams around the country and the way they get fired up there is just no comparison.  Just once I'd like to see this buckeye team get and stay emotional, intense and fired up for an entire game.

Comment 26 Aug 2013

Bless you...and yes I was Entertained....LET's GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Comment 26 Aug 2013

Guys, I have to be honest...I was hoping for a Buckeyes Pump Up Video.  The Autumns Here is kind of tame for my taste and the fact that it's not exclusive to the Buckeyes caused me to lose my interest almost immediately.  Hope there's a Buckeye Hype video to follow.

Comment 02 Aug 2012

Plan on having a team of CSI / Detective types scan the place for bugs, micro video cams and other listening devices after the "Worldwide Leader" has left the complex.  Simply put..ESPN has lost my trust.......FOREVER!!!!

Comment 11 Jan 2012

Last year the Big East was the best basketball conference and the battle tested UConn Huskies were 32-9 on their way to a National Championship.  Look for OSU to lose a few more games but in the long run it doesn't have to mean that's a bad thing.

Comment 21 Sep 2011
Excellent story - job well done!