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Comment 31 Aug 2014

I think the author is crazy for not liking the DL play.  Washington and Bennett were awesome in that game and Bosa was sound too.  I think Darron Lee is going to be a star, and not just because he picked up a fumble.  He played pretty well and flashed all over the field.  He made some mistakes, but he made some great plays too.

Triple Option is a tough gig and Navy runs it beautifully.  Every player on the field for Navy is unselfish and blocks in a way that I wish our guys did.  When you play Navy you are really playing 11 guys on every play.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Navy win 10-11 games this year.  Navy is a good team, and they execute their offense as well or better than anyone else.

Most Impressive:  Washington.  He looked like a top 5 NFL draft pick this week, beating doubles into the backfield and blowing plays up.  He has the size and frame that Mike Bennett is missing.

Most Disappointing:  Elliot.  Granted it was a small sample size, but I was not thrilled and I found myself bummed when he got the ball, as I was wishing those touches would go to Wilson and Samuel.  I think (based on small sample size) that Samuel could end up as the featured back by the end of the year.  He is small, but he runs hard for his size.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I was in GTMO from 97-00, small world.  Worked at NSGA GTMO.