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Comment 03 Mar 2012

In fairness to Molk he is the Rimington Trophy winner and he is a beast. I get what he's trying to do, raise his draft stock because it will translate directly to $$. Having said that I have never been a fan of smack talk. I always appreciated when players like Barry Sanders did the amazing things they did and never tried to draw attention to their feats with choreographed showboating or excessive celebrations. Sanders just put the hardhat on and went to work. Unfortunately there are always going to be those who would rather talk shit than do their talking through their actions. 

Not all Michigan fans are arrogant A-holes. Yes we do have a new found confidence in our program after wandering 3 years in the wilderness. Can you blame us? Yes the OSU game could have gone either way but the Bucks weren't the only ones to have things go against them, UM had a TD reversed. One thing that UM fans complain about is that OSU fans conveniently forget what happened prior to Tressels arrival. Now both programs and fan bases have reason for optimism. You have Meyer we have Hoke/Mattison. The rivalry appears to renewed and quite honestly that's good for both schools.