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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Winning the WPHL Championship during the 1997-1998 Hockey Season >>>> 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes Beating Alabama and Oregon >>>>>>>>>> LeBron James being the best on the planet and bringing home a title to Cleveland after 52 Years.
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Comment 2 hours ago

We should totally stop by the Hooters on the Lake Union waterfront.

I'd say picks so we understand but Hooters is universally known plus we need 2 big reasons to have a cold one anyways.

Comment 2 hours ago

Parents gave me Howard Fergusons book on life before he passed away. Don't know if you know who he is but he helped build Ed's into one of the most powerful high school wrestling programs in the nation. Pretty remarkable stuff IMO.

Comment 3 hours ago

My apologies Ax Man - Grateful just has a few different names for you that I borrowed.

Kbonay is a loose cannon so there's nothing that nobody can do about him or his So Cal arrogance.

 Just kidding, don't take it hard. 

No worries - it's all good 

Comment 3 hours ago

Some hippie people claim they will visit the PNW and some people put their money where their mouth is. Kudos to Elk - he's the man - maybe I can parlay his visit into some free legal advice.

Comment 4 hours ago

OK I am in - and if anyone else in the Seattle area wants to join in - all are welcome. Email me your contact info when you get a chance and we'll make it happen. Looking forward to it Elk

Comment 4 hours ago

There's a kid around here that lives in Seattle, originally from the ghettos of Shaker Heights. I'd take his advice with a grain of salt as you may end up bruised, bloodied and broken outside a truck stop in Walla Walla.

Can't believe you wen't there Iggy Boy

You're just upset because St Eds Rules 

Comment 4 hours ago

Don't even know where to begin Elk - Sorry arriving so late to your thread. Count me in next week if that's even possible Elk. Any idea how long you'll be in town for?