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Comment 3 minutes ago

Agreed - I love seeing it from this angle as all the footage I've seen is from the other side  - Props ATL

Comment 10 minutes ago

At least their basketball team is good  scratch that............

Comment 2 hours ago

Agreed Kin - I love the energy he brings and his maturity.  

Comment 2 hours ago

@DB - Nice post - one thing I think we all forget is that M-Man is clearly grabbing at straws without any luck.

Let's see His team has been:

Less than average since Lloyd Carr left - in fact need I say anymore than Brady Hoke and their former AD

They've been beat in the Game all but twice since 2001 - while Tressell owned the entire state and now colleges best recruiter is doing the same

Now they are losing their hometown recruits to tOSU - yes M-Man there is a new pipeline from Cass Tech to Columbus

Their once established 4-5 star recruits have left the building for much greener pastures

They have an incredibly ridiculous marketing campaign that somehow allowed the local coke distributor to give AWAY free tickets to the games

They have not just lost the attendance record in CFB they lost it to tOSU

Their supposed new coach will have a splash but fall into average after he burns more bridges in AA

They count in their win total a victory over AA high school. 

Things at tOSU keep getting better especially since we have won the B1G so many times and now we are in the PLAYOFFS - We won the B!G CG with our third string QB

I know there is more so please feel free to pile on if you feel the need

One last parting shot - M-Man who I do respect because I do think he has some very good points. Had a verbal pissing war with the 11W staff and had to spend a couple of weeks in county lock up.  

Love ya M-Man but come'on Man

Comment 21 hours ago

@BD - those at espn are all on suicide watch. They're hating the B1G even more now that PSU got over 

Comment 21 hours ago

USC keeps dropping picks

Comment 21 hours ago

Love Huskers aggressiveness - they just need to stay disciplined

Comment 23 hours ago

Agreed Elf but that''s just part of the problem with college football

Comment 23 hours ago

Nice Fug - Hack actually threaded the needle nicely there on that TD

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Well said - one mess after another

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Boone has some skills but they have a big 4th down conversion coming up

Comment 27 Dec 2014

That video is a real nice find. I had no idea he even did a presser when he came back for the game. I really liked what he said about advice that he would give to JT for the Game - "just play your game" I didn't even think about the coaching angle - that's a nice call 

Comment 27 Dec 2014

K - don't be a stranger - I look forward to your posts and usually laugh when you bring your "A" game. 

Maybe a little self-initiated Time-Out is a good thing.

We'll miss ya

Comment 27 Dec 2014

That is one GREAT video - Nice Job Wise 

FWIW - I still crack up every time I watch Jalin Marshall leapfrog D Smith on that first TD