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Comment 10 hours ago

OK - I promised L-Linga that we would go to one game a year so I will reach out next off season if I am in need. Hopefully you have enough buyers to sell your tickets. Wait a minute ............. strike that last statement - of course you will always find buyers - they are Buckeye tickets. 

Comment 10 hours ago

He's 11 and it'll be his first experience at the Shoe

Have a great trip and bring home a winner on Monday night.

Comment 10 hours ago

Taking those three kids out in public would be a challenge no doubt - Think of it as the cross you bare everyday Jumar. After all enjoy their youth - they grow up so quickly - our oldest is 20 and it was like just yesterday she was in her crib. I was looking at some old photos yesterday - pretty cool stuff.

Comment 10 hours ago

I'm alright - can't wait to take Little Linga to the Hawaii game next weekend. Will you be going Northbound for any games this year?

Comment 10 hours ago

Sounds like fun - hopefully you have a three day weekend and can get some shut eye along with your 1 year old. 

Please tell me you've seen Mr. Mom - Does this pic reflect a common thread around the Jumar household?

Comment 11 hours ago

You were correct CP - we had to invite 3M - He would have pulled an Owen Wilson and crashed the party anyway.