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Comment 08 Aug 2013

Had the greatest view of this from the stands.  

I was sitting behind the band at this game.  So the Buckeyes were driving to the opposite end zone.  When Pryor rolled out and threw that ball, all I saw were multiple green jersey's ready to snag it.  Interception, I thought.

Then out of no where, I see a pair of hands rise above the green jersey's, snag the ball out the air, and bring it down for a great catch.  Huge relief followed by a big cheer from myself.

Still the best game I've been to


Comment 30 Apr 2013

I see Kevin Durant is trying to make up for the loss of Russell Westbrook by adopting his sense of fashion

Comment 17 Apr 2013

To add to the idea of changing the shot clock in CBB:  In the NBA, if I recall correctly, in the 4th quarter with under 2 minutes remaining a team inbounds the ball just beyond halfcourt after calling a timeout after an oponenet made free throw.  But in college, the inbound is made under the basket.  Why is this?  And, what about that rule being disscussed as being implemented to the College game as well?

Also, about the Costa Ricans getting revenge against the USA:  They should be upset at FIFA for allowing the game to continue, not the Americans.  Not to mention, if they REALLY felt that game was unplayable, they had multiple times to choose to end the game.  

Comment 28 Feb 2013

Props to Matta for trying to get his face the same color as the trim on the jersey's tonight.

Also there are some great reaction faces in the background as this is unfolding 

Comment 24 Feb 2013

The Browns could use a lot of anything right now.  

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Would not blame him one bit if he wants to be closer to home and his child.  Hope he chooses whats best for him