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Comment 02 Jan 2016

I'm walking past a lot of goobers dressed up in Iowa shit in the Phoenix airport.  They must be connecting from LA back to whatever bumblefuck cornfield they came from.  I'm making eye contact with each one and shaking my head to let them know that they have shamed the  big ten conference and themselves.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Buckeyes will have a huge advantage in the "eye test" when compared to UNC.  Remember the committee is made up of old football coaches and players, not sports writers or Jeff Sagarin-type stat heads. That may be the edge the Buckeyes need because neither team's resume will be great. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Rick Van Brimmer and the rest of his stooges in the Trademark office are total a-holes, preferring bullying and deep pockets to actual rule of law.  I fully understand the need to protect an organization's intellectual property but their behavior is way out of line with every other major college athletic department and professional sports franchise in the United States.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Kudos to Cameron Johnston.  As much as I groaned every time he came in to punt deep in PSU territory, you can't argue with the results.  He was perfect last night.

I've been thinking about him this morning since I found out that the Michigan goat is also one of these Australian punting imports.  I wonder if his lack of football background and instincts that come from a lifetime of watching the game contributed to his monumentally boneheaded decision. I know it's unlikely that Cam will ever be in a similar situation (especially with that magnitude of leverage), but I bet the coaches bring it up to him this week a couple of times just in case.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Haha.  Did you know he could also do a rubik's cube really fast?

Comment 06 Oct 2015

James Laurinaitis' father was a pro wrestler.

Craig Krenzel was a molecular genetics major.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Those were really fun runs from Zeke. The last one was an especially pleasant surprise because I was really unsure the whole time if the penalty was on the Buckeyes and if it would be coming back.

But I hate, hate, hated the use of him on the last drive.  For a guy that had three big hitters right up the middle, I have no idea why they tried to stretch him out way wide when they needed to burn the clock and move the chains.  

Oh well, it worked out but a couple more first downs would have given him a good shot at 300 yards.