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Comment 23 Nov 2011
I really hope I'm wrong but I'm feeling 27 Michigan 17 TOSU Prove me wrong boys; would love nothing more than to send Coach out with a W in The Game!
Comment 02 Nov 2011

Congratulations 11W!  You have a great thing going here (my one-stop shop as well), keep doing what you do!

Comment 30 Oct 2011

Thing I absolutely love about Miller is he really seems to be a team guy, and hopefully he stays that way.  He hasn't been given the chance to fail on a regular basis, but something about him makes me think I won't see him saying 'IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!?!?!' to the coach after a mistake.  Was great to see his success last night, and his post game interview was priceless :)

Comment 14 Aug 2011
Been reading for over a year. Never registered until today just to make this comment: keep 11W just the way it is :)