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Comment 6 hours ago

So if I spent $173,000 on ringside seats, do I get my money back due to fraud? He did know about it before hand while no one else did. Hell, even get back $100 spent on the fight if you got the pay-per-view? Boxing would collectively shit themselves if someone files a class action lawsuit. Seems like an easy payday for any lawyer out there.

Comment 7 hours ago

That's awesome!!!

Here's the link for all the posters if he feels like making something different but honestly I would just take yours to kinko's or whatever and have it done up.

Comment 7 hours ago

Everything in the picture is available for free. You just have to find it. Try using search and input posters or poster. It brings up most of them. Hope this helps you.

Comment 11 hours ago

This WAS the thread I was looking for. I wandered into another May 4th thread by accident.

Deleted scene from the movie "Teeth"
I'm pretty sure nothing is showing but if it is please delete immediately.
Comment 11 hours ago

I really thought this was a Star Wars thread. May the fourth be with you!

Get some, get some!
I'll show myself the door.
Comment 03 May 2015

I thought earthquakes were caused by too many women going braless.

Man, I hope people remember where this joke is from.

Comment 03 May 2015

This is just something people say when they realize how boring the bout was. It probably did more damage to the sport than any other hyped bout ever did.

Comment 03 May 2015

I heard it did 1.2 million dollars worth of improvement.

Comment 03 May 2015

He pressed the block button the whole game lmao. So no punches were considered "landing". I honestly can't explain it though, it's probably why no one really watches boxing except for the big ones.