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Comment 22 Apr 2016

Just a fantastic episode, the way a mid or even regular season finale should be. Left me ready for more in the rest of the season to come.

Comment 19 Apr 2016
My guess is they would just limit the number of camps a coach can attend away from his home area. It could be as low as 3 or as high as 5. This makes it so you really need to be picky about which satellite camps you attend or host.
Comment 18 Apr 2016
Actually, Harbaugh is the one who fucked everything up. If he did satellite camps like most the NCAA likely doesn't bother to do anything about them. Instead, Harbaugh gives everyone the old fuck you and has 100,000 satellite camps like a dumb ass, until the NCAA shoved a q-tip up his peehole. Maybe he should just stick to sleeping with recruits and following naked chicks on instagram.
Comment 11 Apr 2016
No thanks. I'd probably vomit 1/3 of the way into the movie. If it's done in small sequences throughout the movie, not a big deal but if it's the whole movie I don't think I could handle it.
Comment 09 Apr 2016
I feel there is more to the story but from what we've been told this is my advice. Don't drag your friends into this. Request the Sheriff or regular police to help recover your things, trust me. Hell, do you even have anything of worth there? If the answer is no, just leave it all behind for now. Let things cool down for a couple days and let her contact you first before going forward. If you do start back up with her, I recommend against it, however if you should you need to lay down at least one ground rule that cannot be broken. The ground rule is she can't do something like or threaten to do this again or its over permanently. This should help for now. Now some back story, had a crazy chick steal my slippers because she knew I loved them and would come back for them. I made a fateful decision to NOT go back to get them. I'll never know what happened to those wonderful slippers but I do know, I didn't end up arrested and in jail. A couple years later I found my unicorn.
Comment 06 Apr 2016

After I calmed down about the terrible ending, this was also my conclusion. I wonder if the Loper show read my comment here in this thread lol.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

I didn't like the ending, it felt cheap but I know why they did it. I'll tell you why they didn't show us who died at the end. It's because they don't know themselves and haven't chosen anyone. That's the shitty irony about this season finale. They said someone dies and they were all sick to their stomachs about it but they all lied. Lauren Cohen (Maggie) in the short interview on the Talking Dead said she didn't know who got killed and then later on in the show Chandler Riggs (Carl) tweets that he's read the script 6 months ago and still doesn't know who died. So in the end, no one knows who died, not us, not the characters not even the writers know because no one has actually died yet and no one has been picked to die.

I also think it cheapens the death. If we open up season 7 with the death scene most people will have the reaction of "Oh, that's who they killed." and just continue on with the show. How boring instead of having 7 months of freaking out about who died and how are they going to get along without that person, we get nothing.

Also, they might open season seven with Morgan and Carol and we learn more about the Kingdom and we might not know who died until episode 2 or 3 of next season. Just like they did with Glenn crawling under the dumpster and not knowing for a couple episodes.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

The average car per household is 2.28 so you have a Tesla and your other vehicle is gas. You take the gas car for long trips. It's not rocket surgery.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

I was specifically answering the OP. If you want to discuss the business model we can though. If you'll notice very few people actually answered the OP.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

I have a lot of friends who currently own a Tesla and it is hands down just an amazing vehicle. Truly something from the future. If you ever get a chance to buy one or even just sit in one in the showroom do it.

Comment 01 Apr 2016

If that's trashing people maybe you should go to Emory University.

Comment 29 Mar 2016
Can you wait for the new Tesla SUV or their mid-range model to come out? If so get one of those.
Comment 28 Mar 2016

I'm going to take a stab at some major happenings in the 90 minute season finale. Daryl will be fine, Maggie loses the baby, Glenn dies, Carole dies or is captured and Rosita or Abraham dies but not both.

I can't wait for next week but I have to agree with some people that the characters went way off track and out of character, which was disappointing but hopefully the season finale makes me forget all about this.

Comment 26 Mar 2016

Wow, that really sucks and I hope I don't get in trouble for pointing this out but I thought I had heard this somewhere else. So I looked it up and sure enough there it was "The One Percent Doctrine" also known as the "Cheney Doctrine".

That's all I'll say about it, others can look it up but I won't be watching this movie until it's free.