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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Michigan. It never gets old and is the best thing that can happen.
  • NFL TEAM: The team with the most Buckeyes on it.
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Comment 14 Aug 2016
It's messed up to kick some one while they're down when they make a mistake. However, if they keep repeating the same mistake over and over, I have no problem kicking them, throwing dirt on them, burying them and leaving them for dead as a lost cause.
Comment 12 Aug 2016

I feel like living in Washington we tend to hear even more about her than most people and everything seems to point to her being just straight up crazy.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

I think this was the last Metallica CD I ever bought. I always felt like this album was the divide between the old and the new Metallica. I will say this though, whichever way you feel about Metallica this album right here brings up a lot of strong feelings from both sides of old fans to the new fans this one brought it.

I just can't believe it's been 25 years though, holy crap. It feels like time is speeding up at an ever faster rate, compounding on itself as I get older.

Comment 10 Aug 2016
Pretty much anything that involves shooting, whether that is guns, crossbows or archery. I could probably get pretty good in 4 years, plus I don't have to move.
Comment 05 Aug 2016

I was simply disappointed with the beginning, being the video of an agenda. Nothing more, nothing less. It would be nice to tune into something, especially during this year, and it be about the athletes and what they've put into this. I've always felt like the Olympics were supposed to be about the sports, the athletes, national pride and everything else was put on hold, maybe I'm wrong.

Feel free to respond but I honestly don't want to go down this road any further. 

Comment 20 Jul 2016
Sounds like a solid plan. Make sure you get the willing neighbor in on it. The more calls and from different people always helps build a case for negligence.
Comment 19 Jul 2016

I've given this some more thought and was wondering if you have talked to your other neighbors and how they feel about what's going on? Do the dogs run into their yards? Are they just as pissed as you? It sounded like you're in the country with a 4 stack of houses all built close together. If at all possible you might want to get with your other neighbors just in case, when you do call the Warden/Sheriff the other neighbors have your back. This should also take care of your "neighbor war" because instead of one on one confrontation they would now be facing a 3 on 1 and nobody wants to have everyone near them pissed off. Most renters either comply or move away when confronted with overwhelming odds from a community. Just a thought and hopefully to keep this from escalating further.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Trail Cam or some other motion sensor/capture device, they are relatively cheap nowadays. Set it up and you'll have proof and time stamps of all the times they entered your yard.

Comment 12 Jul 2016
I bought the heated seat awhile back. Wife says it's the best purchase I ever made.
Comment 12 Jul 2016
Disappointing again, not as bad as last year but still nothing to get excited about.