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Comment 18 Jul 2012

The only game I saw him play was the 1969 UM/OSU game. The guy was a nightmare.

Comment 23 Jun 2012

I was surprised Gerd drafted Denard over Braxton. Well, not that surprised actually.

Comment 19 Jun 2012

Ditto the arrow. Oh, right, that's where the punter lines up. Classic.  Anyway, I hope to see many punts from this kid when he plays scUM.

Comment 08 Jun 2012

Hoke has said he's used "Ohio" since he was a kid. It's childish humor, or "dumb" as you put it, which is probaby why I like it so much.

Comment 07 Jun 2012

About the "Ohio" thing ... doesn't OSU play its home games at "Bobcat" Stadium?

Seriously, what I like about the "Ohio" jab is that it does get under the skin of some OSU fans, and it's not a stupid "scUM" or "worst state ever" jab delivered by rabid fans. The "Ohio" jab is delivered by the head coach, right out in public.

BTW, I can't tell you how many times I see someone post, "I hate scUM!"  Doesn't offend me at all.


Comment 03 Jun 2012

Sorry. I'm not a UM grad so my typing and spelling are not always perfect. :)

Comment 23 May 2012

I first knew that RichRod wasn't going to work out when he was asked about the rivalry with OSU. He called it something like "one of the greatest rivalries..."

Comment 13 Apr 2012

You guys may end up pulling in better recruits, I don’t know. But I do think UM is upgrading their talent level, too. I think of it like a pennant race. You gain ground faster by beating your competition directly. UM and OSU used to match up pretty evenly. But in Carr’s last few years, I think Tressell was winning almost all the head-to-head recruiting battles.  UM has always recruited “nationally” but without getting any of the local kids, our level of talent was obviously going down.  Now Hoke is actually beating Meyer out on some Ohio recruits. Who would have thought?

Comment 13 Apr 2012

I can understand you guys not liking the big block M. I think I'll change that. (At least I cropped off the part where the wolverine was ripping apart Brutus.)

As far as SCUM goes, I chose that name because I think it is funny they way Ohio (YTO) fans think it is somehow offensive. I’m not offended. I hope it doesn’t offend you.

As far as what brought me here, I noticed that UM brought in a couple of LB recruits out of Ohio. McCray and Gedeon, I think. McCray’s father was even a captain at OSU from what I hear. I was curious who OSU is recruiting since all the Ohio kids are now going to Michigan.

In my opinion, I think Urban is leaving a big opening for us, similar to the way RichRod let Dantonio run loose in our state. They still get a couple of good players, but State has been force to recruit “nationally” since Hoke showed up. I know the same is not true of OSU – they can pretty much real in anyone they want out of Ohio.

Comment 13 Apr 2012

I don't know. AACC?

Edit: I think I finally got it. AACC. That's funny. I'm not a AA grad or the CC type. Actually, I think Henee lost to the Bobcat's 4 times.