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Comment 09 Jun 2017

I agree....just going fishing out here.  Butler would pay him $2 million and he'd be losing the additional $1.5-ish over the next 3 years.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Teterboro, NJ is 20 miles from Seton Hall University.  Kevin Willard is the coach at Seton Hall.  Would be a stretch, but a young 42 year old coach with some pretty good teams the past 2 years at a long-struggling program.  Fits the same general description of Buzz Williams.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Please, for the LOVE OF GOD, stop saying he turned down the job.  Nobody in the inner circle of OSU sports coverage (including 11W) has confirmed he received an offer.  Yes, he interviewed - that doesn't equal an offer.  So he interviewed, and determined it wasn't a good fit for him.  That is much different than turning down a contract offer.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Why the assumption he was ever offered the job?  I'm not buying it - I think he was interviewed, but not offered the job.  If he were offered, why the other feelers still being out there?  And why has Billy Donovan not publicly shut down the rumors?

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Seriously, there has to be waivers in the 11W rules that allow me to upvote this 1,000 times (at a minimum).  

Comment 07 Jun 2017

He just bought a new house last week...closing probably on that new house in the next 2-3 weeks.  His "old" house going on the market is simply a coincidence.  And I can say all of this with 100% certainty.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Xavier's 2017 Recruiting class is currently ranked #8 in the country.  Xavier routinely beats out IU and Michigan State for recruits, including Trevon Blueitt who IU & Tom Crean wanted badly.

Chris Mack would be a huge step-up in recruiting.  But Chris Mack is not coming to Columbus.  He has 1 potential job in mind outside of the Duke, UNC and UK's of the world.  And that job is HUGE and in his wife's hometown.  On top of that, he is very content at Xavier, his family is very content in Cincinnati/Northern KY (he literally JUST bought a new house 2 weeks ago!) and Xavier has the resources to up his salary into the mid-$2MM range over the next few years.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

We should ban all Ohio high school football recruits that are not good enough to play for Ohio State from playing any college football.  Now THAT would benefit Ohio State.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

I want to correct something said earlier from IronPastor. My feelings on Marc Loving are - I believe - similar to many others Buckeyes fans. 

I do not dislike Loving because he isn't the "vocal leader" many would expect a Sr to be. I do not dislike him because he is inconsistent. I do no dislike him because he hasn't lived up the the hype. 

I dislike him because - for 4 years  he as been a lazy piece of s*#t. Act like you give one ounce of a slight care about anything, and I have zero opinion of you.  Instead here we are wishing for the day the guy graduates.

Comment 01 Sep 2016

The Iowa-Ohio State game is one of the first games I remember as a kid...I would've been 8 at the time, and still recall vividly getting the Sports Illustrated the following Thursday with the "Splish, Splash - Iowa took a bath" article (I seem to remember it being on the cover too, but that could be my foggy memory).  

I was preaching to my kids last night that "we've finally made it to another college football season."  Yes, the Buckeyes don't play for another 51 hours - but the fact that I can watch 10+ games tonight makes it a glorious celebration in my house!


Comment 03 Aug 2016

As always, great stuff Ramzy!  

Here's another crazy way to think about what Urban has done JUST at Ohio State....

If you just look at Urban's rate of winning at Ohio State, he wins at a .926 clip - ludicrous & only .002 behind Larry Kehres.  Maintaining THAT level of winning thru the 2031 season would make Urban a ridiculous 250-20 at Ohio State when he retired.  That is 16 losses between 2016-2031...allowing for JUST ONE CLUNKER of a season ("clunker" = 3 losses...God, are we spoiled or what?!?!), that would mean Urban would have to lose no more than 13 games in the other 15 seasons! 

No more than 1 loss per season in 14 of 15 seasons.  Think about that...going 13-1 or 14-1 & winning the National Title EVERY SINGLE 14-1 YEAR (except for one 3-loss season season) between now & 2031 would make Urban's Ohio State winning percentage stay the same as it already is! I love the optimism, but it would be a run equal to only John Wooden & Geno Auriemma in major collegiate sports!  

Comment 20 Jul 2016

Spend the money, rent your own boat for 2-3 hours and cruise while watching dolphins.  You can rent a boat at Palmetto Bay marina for ~$250 for 2 hours....worth every penny!

Skull Creek Boathouse for dinner & live music.  Get there early, have drinks outside and listen to great music.

Guiseppe's Pizza is good...great for delivery or casual night out.  

Finally - Frosty Frog for some frozen drinks.  Get the large to go, drink a bit and freeze the rest.  Wake up to a nice cold, highly-buzzable drink.  

Comment 08 Apr 2016

I also don't buy into the whole "ESPN hates us" myth that has infiltrated every corner of Buckeye Nation, because the coverage we've gotten since Urban came on board is 2nd to none.  With that said, I do look forward to the SEC homers (some of them prominent in the media) that beats the "Ohio State doesn't play anybody" drum when the following dominoes fall:

  1. Houston upsets Oklahoma in the season opener
  2. Ohio State has a RELATIVELY easy time in a win @ Norman

Suddenly, by week #4 the narrative will become "Ohio State's best win is a team that lost to Houston.  See I told you they never play anybody."  With 2 losses, we'll watch the scheduling of Oklahoma go from "Wow, playing at a top 4 team on the road" to "See, Ohio State is afraid to play real teams."  And then the annual ritual of defending the argument of "Scheduling is done 10 years in advance" is not a science will commence.