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Comment 09 Feb 2016
With the way Urban's offense has transformed from Florida to Ohio State. I hope Weber is everything we have heard, and more.
Comment 09 Feb 2016
What scares me is when I hear some draft guru on the radio say. The Browns have to draft Goff, and in the next breath say Goff's ceiling is Matt Ryan. I would be horrified if the Browns pass on an elite 3 down edge rushing talent. To take someone who may or may not be as good as Matt Ryan someday.
Comment 07 Feb 2016
Maybe it took this long out of respect for his brother Greg Bellisari a great Buckeye.
Comment 07 Feb 2016
The Fickel year. That whole season was dreadful, and the powers that be not taking the 1 season self imposed bowl ban. That year with a 500 team. Kept an undefeated team out of action, and kept OSU from a possible National Championship in Urban's first year. Do I think they beat Bama that year? No, but you never know until you go, and they robbed themselves of the opportunity. Just a stupid decision.
Comment 07 Feb 2016
Bosa with Lee a close second. Those 2 just had a knack for big plays. In the other teams backfield. The old nose for the ball cliche
Comment 07 Feb 2016
Not to mention a few years before Brown. You had the all time yards per carry leader for runningbacks. Marion Motley 5.7 yards per carry, and if he hadn't died you would have had Ernie Davis on that list also. We have gone from those Browns to this. Sad state of affairs.