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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sneaking into Ohio Stadium and watching #1 OSU whip up on #2 scUM, 42-31 (I don't give credit for the last TD, since it was gift wrapped to scUM by the refs on a bogus PI call
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Comment 08 Oct 2014

1st: "I love cats"

2nd: "I don't like the taste of beer"

DJ-You are dangerously close to strike three...

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Is this Hoke criticism about Morris' injury even a story if UM were 4-0 ranked in the top 10? #witchhunt

No, its not, Kirk.  And thats the problem with you and the ESPN cronies...You are always willing to overlook a story like this as long as it meets your needs as "the worldwide leader"...

Comment 29 Sep 2014

In light of Michigan’s implosion, Meyer said he hasn’t paid much attention the Wolverines’ unraveling in Ann Arbor: “I haven’t followed our rivals very much.”

Dont know if I believe can smell that dumpster fire in Columbus...

Comment 19 Sep 2014

"There is such thing as a gourmet hotdog?"

You, sir, have apparently never been to Chicago.  The people here consider the hot dog prime meat and will put any and everything on it. I don't get it, but being a Columbusaire, I guess I don't need to.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Jalin hasn't even had enough reps for an opinion to be formed either way.  I hope he will be great, but I would rather see focus on getting the ball to Dontre as I barely remember him touching the ball last week on offense.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I agree with those of you commenting that the defense didn't play great, but my issue is with the coaches handling of the option. To defend the option, whoever has qb responsibility MuST attack the qb and make him toss, as opposed to sitting back and waiting for him to make a toss or run. The defender with rb responsibility should be blowing up the rb, regardless of what the qb is doing. The few times we hit the qb on the option, big plays happened (2 sacks, fumble for td). 

All this said, the coaches are professionals who know what they are doing, but i was perplexed on almost every option play that we refused to hit the qb and let him dictate our defense. 

Comment 27 Aug 2014

DJ-You're a cat person?!?  You just went down a notch in my book...

Comment 09 May 2014

You da man...Thanks so much...and keep up the good work on the skully's!

Comment 09 May 2014

Hey DJ

1. Where are you getting all of the old school pics?

2. Is there a place to buy said pics so they can live in infamy in my home?


Comment 30 Apr 2014

I always love hearing ESPN talking heads say things like "this story has just blown up.  We don't know why, but it just has (referring to Sterling), so thats why we will continue to talk about it"...I always wanna stand up and scream, "Because you told the public it was a big deal!!!"  ....Not saying Sterling isn't a complete D Bag, but hearing about it non-stop for the last 4 days has been exhausting...Also surprised no media outlets have coined any "Sterling Silver" headlines yet...