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Comment 29 Mar 2014

As a Penn State fan who has occasionally stopped by to commiserate, this is exactly what I've dreamed for Penn State since the late 1990's.  PSU fans owe Bill O'Brien all the gratitude imaginable for holding things together and modernizing the program in two short years.  The S&C program was completely scrapped and built back up from zilch.  BOB brought in enough good recruits to remain competitive, if not exactly threatening, on a regular basis.  Now Franklin has a real race car to drive -- sanctions are being reduced and we have the location, stadium, fan support, and resources to compete with anybody.  Many of us keep saying "if they can coach as well as they can recruit..." but I give them the benefit of the doubt for doing anything at Vandy.

Exciting times.  Our division is going to be insane, especially once we really ramp up in a year or two.

Comment 31 Oct 2012

It's possible that he bails, but he now has a nine-year contract at PSU due to a clause in his contract that gave him additional years in case of sanctions.  So that's nine years at whatever multi-million dollar salary he's making.  It's the most job security he'll ever have.

Comment 31 Oct 2012

That's filling in the blanks to a moderate extent.  Unless McQueary explicitly testifies to that sort of deal, I'm not sure we'll ever really know.  It certainly doesn't look good, for sure.

Comment 31 Oct 2012

As my former BSD co-admin Kevin pointed out on a BHGP podcast back when the PSU sanctions came down, we've been wondering for a decade what Penn State football could be like if we had a hustling coach with a modern view of the game.  Now we have that, but we're basically going to be competing with Purdue-level talent for a few years.  It'll be enough to have a puncher's chance in most conference games, but pretty damn difficult to compete with the athletes at Ohio State and Michigan for the near future. 

We like BOB.  Ohio State played their asses off on Saturday night, and we needed to be better.  I really thought Braxton would be hungover from his injury, but yeah, not so much.  Way too much doom and gloom from the PSU fanbase over one loss to an undefeated team.

Comment 26 Oct 2012

Interesting part to me is PSU's TE's on OSU's LB's, which will probably cause Fickell to really crowd the intermediate stuff.  Can McGloin hit a few deep throws if that happens?  Sketchy, but we'll see.  He hit one after a big KO return on the first play of the second half against Iowa. 

I think that's where the game is won or lost, along with Brax's effectiveness and ability to handle the noise.  There's a weird confluence of events that has caused the build-up to this game to be like the 2005 game.  The program and fans have been beaten down, and now there's this weird, semi-inexplicable revival leading up to the biggest game on the schedule.  The stadium is going to be juiced

Anyway, good luck y'all.  Except you.  And you.  And everyone else.

Comment 15 May 2012

Also, I cried like a baby when Adam skipped out of the tunnel ten months later.  Then we got utterly pounded by maybe the best Miami Hurricanes team ever.

Comment 15 May 2012

Fantastic writing.  The PSU people, from Adam's family to the football team's medical staff and Paterno himself were quick to praise the medical personnel out there.  I'm amazed that he was able to get through rehab and do so much with his life, and it's nice to see it get recognition from a non-PSU site.

Here's a look back at the immediate aftermath:

The impact of the ground and Taliaferro's body weight rolling over his spine complicated the injury, Sebastianelli said. The immediate concerns were immobilizing Taliaferro's neck and removing his equipment without causing further damage.

`He had medical attention within 15-20 seconds of hitting the ground,` Sebastianelli said. `If it's not in the right environment, that injury could be much more devastating.`


Paterno called this the `worst thing I've been involved in` during his 60 years in football. He visited Taliaferro and his parents Andre and Addie in Columbus on Sunday.

`He's a great kid and would have been maybe there will be a miracle,` Paterno said. `He's one of the better young players we've had around here in a long time.`

Sebastianelli took the situation hard, too. He met Taliaferro during preseason practice, when he treated the freshman for a broken thumb that required surgery. He spoke with Taliaferro's family at length over the weekend.

`His dad is so proud his son is a Penn State football player and in the worst way wants him to get back to school,` Sebastianelli said. `He knows Adam can't play. He just wants him to be a Penn State person.

`Adam's in the middle of a deep forest, but he has a plan, he has a compass in his hand, and he'll try to get through it. Hopefully it will be the outcome everyone wants.`


Comment 02 Nov 2011

Not coincidentally, one of the happiest days of my life as a Penn State fan.  That was a very weird time for the PSU fanbase.  A lot of those students hadn't ever experienced winning football, and had no idea how to handle it. 

That said, I really think this is an Ohio State problem.  And what I mean by that is, I really believe these things tend to get way out of control when Ohio State comes to town.  I made it a point to ask every Alabama fan I could find in Happy Valley how they were treated back in September.  100% of them said we had some of the nicest fans they'd ever met.  Same went for the Purdue and Iowa fans who visited this year.  But when you guys come to town, something very dark and weird tends to happen.

I'd like to think that things are better now.  I've seen much less douchebaggery from the fanbase in the last few years.  Hoping that 2005 was a bug, not a feature.

Comment 21 Jun 2011

Yes, do not go near the Light Lager.  The Premium Light isn't terrible but you can get better beers at that price point.

Comment 21 Jun 2011

I grew up about 35 minutes from the Yuengling brewery and it was pretty much all I drank for about three consecutive years at Penn State.  I can't stand the stuff now.  First, because I have an ongoing jihad against green-bottled beers.  I don't know why they do it -- they use brown bottles for most of their other beers.  Second (and related), as the infinitely wise Dennymayo pointed out, it's downright toxic when it's skunked.  But people undeniably love the stuff when it's cold and fresh, and I'm glad to see the brewery expanding westward instead of north-south like it always has.  They've been sort of the anti-Starbucks -- very incremental expansion despite people begging for it.

I hope you guys get more than just the Lager (which, yes, can substitute for currency in Pennsylvania).  Yuengling's porter is absolutely fantastic.  So is the Black & Tan.  I generally stay away from the others.

Comment 20 Jun 2011

This is second hand to a degree, as I'm not *that* plugged into PA prep stuff.  The consensus seems to be that it's not necessarily a down year for PA talent, but a lot of guys decided not to play in the Big 33 game.  Pretty much everyone who follows this stuff closely knew the PA team was in trouble.

And yes, only two PSU kids on the roster.  One is a 6'8" defensive end (Shawn Oakman) that will need a few years to work on technique, the other was a high-motor guy (Jordan Kerner) that most are projecting as a depth/special teams guy if he can't put on sufficient weight.

I should really go to the game some year.  I live 15 minutes away from Hershey.  And *no*, I don't have to take the Hershey Highway to get there.  Jerks.

Comment 19 Jun 2011

Pretty much expected, based on what people in PA were saying about the rosters and practice sessions.

We were recruiting Teague a little -- I think Cincy's getting a really good one there.

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Every school has shady boosters, loaded handshakes, and stuff that is not Kosher going on for recruits and players.  Maybe every school doesn't have a coach who finds out about it and lies to cover it up though.  Scrappled, as much as you would love to believe your boys, I'm assuming Penn State, all chose to come there because they love the Nittany Lions and it's an honor to be on that team, it's j ust not true.  Improper benefits can be found at any school if one looks hard enough.  It may be at different levels than others but c'mon it happens everywhere.

Okay, but here's the thing -- when people say "it goes on everywhere", it's a pure cop out because they neglect to define "it".  You want to believe that this stuff goes on everywhere and you want to believe that everyone else is doing the exact same shady stuff as you.  Without any actual proof, it's nothing more than a wish to drag everyone down to your level.  Until then, the vast majority of your fanbase is essentially reacting to getting caught on the turnpike going 115mph and saying, "well, everyone drives a few miles per hour over the speed limit, officer!".  It's a lame, lazy excuse for blatant misconduct.

Incidentally, people have been trying to bust Penn State for decades.  And I've always said, if PSU is found to be cheating, I'll be the first to criticize them because they've made a whole marketing campaign out of never being NCAA violators.

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Not intending to troll here, but an assassination?  You mean suicide, right?

Look, your guys got caught -- collectively.  You can say "it goes on everywhere" (it doesn't), or "Jim Tressel loves his players" (surely true, but irrelevant).  Doesn't change what happened.  They may have done some great things in the community, as most coaches and programs do, but Tressel was chronically and willfully ignorant (at a minimum) of a wide range of violations.  Then he lied about it.  That's as self-inflicted as it gets.  And it's not over yet.


Comment 09 May 2011

You haven't read anything where people are mad at the Dispatch?

Have you checked the internet yet?