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Comment 29 Mar 2014

As a Penn State fan who has occasionally stopped by to commiserate, this is exactly what I've dreamed for Penn State since the late 1990's.  PSU fans owe Bill O'Brien all the gratitude imaginable for holding things together and modernizing the program in two short years.  The S&C program was completely scrapped and built back up from zilch.  BOB brought in enough good recruits to remain competitive, if not exactly threatening, on a regular basis.  Now Franklin has a real race car to drive -- sanctions are being reduced and we have the location, stadium, fan support, and resources to compete with anybody.  Many of us keep saying "if they can coach as well as they can recruit..." but I give them the benefit of the doubt for doing anything at Vandy.

Exciting times.  Our division is going to be insane, especially once we really ramp up in a year or two.

Comment 02 Nov 2011

Not coincidentally, one of the happiest days of my life as a Penn State fan.  That was a very weird time for the PSU fanbase.  A lot of those students hadn't ever experienced winning football, and had no idea how to handle it. 

That said, I really think this is an Ohio State problem.  And what I mean by that is, I really believe these things tend to get way out of control when Ohio State comes to town.  I made it a point to ask every Alabama fan I could find in Happy Valley how they were treated back in September.  100% of them said we had some of the nicest fans they'd ever met.  Same went for the Purdue and Iowa fans who visited this year.  But when you guys come to town, something very dark and weird tends to happen.

I'd like to think that things are better now.  I've seen much less douchebaggery from the fanbase in the last few years.  Hoping that 2005 was a bug, not a feature.

Comment 21 Jun 2011

Yes, do not go near the Light Lager.  The Premium Light isn't terrible but you can get better beers at that price point.

Comment 21 Jun 2011

I grew up about 35 minutes from the Yuengling brewery and it was pretty much all I drank for about three consecutive years at Penn State.  I can't stand the stuff now.  First, because I have an ongoing jihad against green-bottled beers.  I don't know why they do it -- they use brown bottles for most of their other beers.  Second (and related), as the infinitely wise Dennymayo pointed out, it's downright toxic when it's skunked.  But people undeniably love the stuff when it's cold and fresh, and I'm glad to see the brewery expanding westward instead of north-south like it always has.  They've been sort of the anti-Starbucks -- very incremental expansion despite people begging for it.

I hope you guys get more than just the Lager (which, yes, can substitute for currency in Pennsylvania).  Yuengling's porter is absolutely fantastic.  So is the Black & Tan.  I generally stay away from the others.

Comment 01 Apr 2011

This is all the greatest thing in the history of great things.

Comment 31 Mar 2011

YOU JUST BASICALLY SAID THEY'RE OUT TO GET YOU.  One sentence after you said they weren't.  Good Lord.

Comment 31 Mar 2011

EVERYONE thinks ESPN is out to get them.  Penn State fans have thought that for years, and probably always will.  We're a society with a victim mentality, whether it's sports, cable news, or whatever.  Every perceived slight results in irrational outrage.

Comment 14 Mar 2011

Unfortunately, their severe lack of depth turns them into a team that shoots with less than 5 seconds on the shot clock.  DeChellis' ETSU teams were open, running squads, but he can't get the horses at PSU.

Comment 14 Mar 2011

Just stopping by to congratulate you guys on the tournament win and point out that your guys, especially Sullinger and Diebler, are pure class.  They stopped by the PSU locker room to congratulate our guys on making the tournament and wishing them luck.  Nice touch.