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Born and raised in Niles, Ohio right outside Youngstown. Our area lives and breathes football. I been a Buckeye fan since birth like all Ohioans.


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Comment 18 Aug 2014
This would obviously hurt our chances greatly of making that top 4.... On a positive note however, I firmly believe we are a year away from having an extremely dominant team pending good QB play. Getting JT Barrett some real experience may pay off in the long run. I'll still drink the pain away with you, but let's try to optimistic a little. I doubt Miller misses the whole season.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
I'm young and I enjoy some "dub step" style music that gets your blood pumping but that was just awful..
Comment 16 Jul 2014
Come on grow up. You're letting these young kids dictate too much of your attitude. You just wrote a paragraph on how they're dead to you. Just say they're dead to you lol that's sufficient enough lol but I understand all your points just think you're being a little harsh. In the end, it's always GO BUCKS!
Comment 10 Jul 2014
I don't see how get a black alternative is going to make us lose tradition. Ohio State is Ohio State. The name and culture is what triggers the word tradition in most kids heads. The uniform is just keeping up with demand and the times. We have different face masks these days other than the single bar face mask, does that take away from the sport. The keyword is "alternative".
Comment 09 Jul 2014
Any team with black in their colors, should have an all black alternative. Period. Tell the old timers to get on board because it will without a doubt elevate our recruiting.
Comment 09 Jul 2014
Any team with black in their colors, should have an all black alternative. Period. Tell the old timers to get on board because it will without a doubt elevate our recruiting.
Comment 06 Jul 2014
I want a pure passer with some speed. Not an athlete who's inconsistent. I know Meyers offense is more focused on athlete at QB position. But it can get frustrated when we miss wide open throws in big games or come up short on should be TDs because the ball is thrown behind or short.
Comment 05 Jul 2014
Let's think about this, the Heat have Norris Cole And Shabazz Napier signed right now. Its already been confirmed Bosh wants MAX money for a 4 year deal. He would have to take a significant pay cut along w Dwade to afford all three. Then there's 8 or 9 million MAX for other pieces. By opting out and demanding MAX, LBJ knew the Heat could not afford all 3 plus pieces needed to compete at a high level again. It was a genius way to save face and get out before he wastes another year with a declining Dwade or making chemistry with a bunch of players who haven't played together. There's no chance he ever wears another jersey other than Heat or Cavs or else his legacy would take a bigger blow. The only move that makes sense is coming home, and the fact we stopped talking to Gordon Hayward is a good sign.
Comment 04 Jul 2014
Love the fact that he wants to play defense. Shows he'll be a tough receiver if that's where he happens to play; not afraid to get physical in the blocking on the outside. I like our weapons on offense though, I'm a big fan of corners with good hands. Either way, he's gonna ball out.
Comment 01 Jul 2014
As long as TTUN gets less and less Ohio boys, they'll be in trouble.
Comment 01 Jul 2014
Our attendence will always be above par as long as we're winning. If they wanna have dollar dog games I'm sure that couldn't hurt though.
Comment 30 Jun 2014
I don't prefer any player over the other. We have so much speed and playmaking talent now it's going to be unfair to most teams on our schedule. I think if Braxton had one more year after this one with this group of players, it could of been one of the most talented teams Ohio State has ever seen.
Comment 26 Jun 2014
Buford and Thomas were both much more talented IMO and both fell short. I don't see Ross getting drafted tonight. All the best to the Buckeyes, but whatever happens I wish him luck in his future.