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Comment 02 Oct 2015
I for one love the black uniforms. I am one of the most conservative people you will ever meet. I just think it's fun. Nobody loves tradion more than me. This is just fun and the players love it. People need to lighten up. Scooby knows what's important!
Comment 23 Sep 2015
We need a "distributor" to get our playmakers the ball. We have Braxton, Thomas, Samuel, Wilson, and Zeek. Let's get those players the ball (save the damn wildcat)! Cardale can do that so can JT. I think Cardale's arm is what is separating himself from JT at this point. ScoobyKnows QB's :)
Comment 22 Sep 2015

I have been brewing since 2008.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  Well that and solve mysteries with my friends...


Comment 19 Sep 2015
Yea its the play calling imo. Wish we had a member of mensa or something to call plays.
Comment 26 Aug 2015

Very nice article Ramzy!  I can't tell you how many times I've watched that Alabama game!  More than 20 I'm sure.

As for the whole Dave Brandon/Michigan thing...anyone who is a Buckeye fan needs to appreciate where we are as a school.  It could all go away with the wrong hire.


Comment 19 Aug 2015

If he really is a super fan, then I am sure he has an 11W account.  He has to know how people feel about him.  My brother and I had a run in with him a few years back during a ESPN Game Day taping.  He had a flag with HIS picture on it and asked my brother to hold it for him.   He promised to get my brother on TV.  I have to just laugh about it now.  All he wanted was to be on TV.

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