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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Nov 23, 2002 Will Allen intecepts the ball for the Buckeyes to go ahead and win The Game and a chance at the first national championship in my lifetime. The crowd went nuts. I was at the game with my father and this generally shy man was giving bear hugs to complete strangers.
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Comment 10 Jun 2013

I do not think it will be the most talented that will have his stripe removed first.  Rather it will be the based on work ethic and heart.  Last year it was De’van Bogard followed by Noah Spence.  I do not know enough about this crop of freshmen to comment on their work ethic or heart.  But I know that whoever it is will move up on my list of favorite players.  I thought very highly of Bogard after hearing Meyer talk about him right after he had his stripe removed.  Noah Spence showed last year that talent + hard work + heart is a very potent combination.

Comment 08 Feb 2013

I respect and understand Townsend's decision but could have done without the # at the end. 

Comment 04 Feb 2013

I would be interested to hear who people think the best/worst AD is in the B1G.  Brandon did a good job with this interview and I thought the facebook experiment/lesson was a good idea.

I'd hate to vote for the AD of tSUN and would not.  I would vote for Mark Hollis with what he has done coming up with special events for the MSU basketball and hockey team.  The carrier classic was genius.  Execution this year was a fail, but I was looking forward to watch the Bucks play on the Carrier and I am sure some recruits would be excited to play in interestig venues like that.  Wish Gene would come up with some more creative ideas like that.

Comment 02 Feb 2013

I was driving south on 315 once and some guy in a service van was tailgating me so I (lighlty from my perspective) tapped my breaks hoping he'd either back of or go around me.  This was near the hospital curve.  Dude followed me all the way to my destination along 670 halfway between down downtown and 270.  And it was clear he was following me followed me at every lane change.  Road Rage is crazy.  He broke off at the exit, but if he was armed . . . 

Hope Stillwagon gets some help for his road rage.  But I will be looking out for him on the highway.  Don't want to make him angry.  You don't want to see Stillwagon angry.

Comment 29 Jan 2013

Bo Ryan will never live down that "Deal with it!" line.  Plus he's got all the negative association with the school that until recently employed the most hated B1G FootBall Coach - Bret B.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

"proud history under Matta that includes Terrence Dials, Greg Oden, Kosta Koufos, BJ Mullens and Sullinger"

Would have pulled BJ off this list and replaced him with Dallas (who started ahead of him).

Comment 05 Dec 2012

I was listening to some people on the radio say that it was contradictory to say that they didn't think we were going to get a ban and then say they thought we were going to get two years.  But I believe that the though process would have been this:

A) Either the committee believes that we do not deserve a ban and then we should not ban ourselves.

B) The committee wants to bring the hammer down and even if we ban ourselves this year they will ban us again next year after a more meaningful year.

Either way why ban ourselves.

In the end it feels like we've lost three years of football. 2010 vacated all our wins.  2011 turmoil.  2012 missing out on a NCG. 

The exception is the 2012 year which even without a bowl game has still felt somewhat magical.  The reason - Faith, Hope, and Love.  Faith in Meyer to bring this team to new heights.  Hope in the future.  And love for these Seniors.  And the greatest of these is love.  To have had three years taken from you and still come through like heroes is nothing short of amazing.  "A team that will not be beaten can't be beaten." - I'll buy the shirt with emblazoned on it.

Comment 04 Dec 2012

I think I understand the Arkansas logic.  They were probably sitting around and saying "With Alabama and LSU in our division what we need is a coach that can finish a season with five losses, third place in their division and still figure out how to go to a BCS game.  If only there was a candidate like that out there."

Comment 04 Mar 2012

Was going to post thread on this but searched to make sure that one hadn't been already.  I was shocked to see Urban on Mount Buckmore.  Now I love Urban, but until he's won a National Championship at our school (not against our school) he's not going to make it onto the OSU Mount Rushmore.  I'd be interested to see who others in this forum would see as the founding fathers of OSU (top 4).  I think Woody, Archie, and Chic would be a lock.  I've seen some put Spiels up there as #4 which I have not problem with.  Spielman like Archie are great ambassadors for the program.  Laudable as much for what they've done off the field as on.  I also have no problem with Tressel (despite his ending).  Hopalong would also be a good fourth choice as well.