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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hands down going to the Shoe As a child with my Dad for my first Buckeyes vs Meatchicken game
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Comment 25 Jun 2014
There is no theory of evolution just a list of creatures Nick Bosa has allowed to live.
Comment 16 May 2013
The later the games the better , there's always a lot of stuff planned on saturdays in the fall so I love prime time games !!
Comment 10 May 2013
If they have already graduated and their school does not offer a graduate program then they can transfer and play right away
Comment 03 Apr 2013
Here's how I see the slot position or should I say the Perc...(.no can't call it that)...taking shape , at first it will be a heavy dose of Jordan Hall to begin the season and then after a J Marshall and D Wilson get acclimated to the college game it will be harder and harder to keep them off the field . I really look for wilson to be more of a punt/kick returner this year and Marshall to get more time in the slot but who knows going to be awesome to watch can't wait!!!
Comment 26 Mar 2013
congrats Alex !! Your work is always a must read good luck to you , going to miss your articles on 11w for sure.
Comment 05 May 2012
I was having alot of fun following recruiting on 11w but this crap makes me not want to pay attention until the class has signed on the dotted line. I understand that these are 16/17 year old kids, but I miss the days were giving your word ment something. Them you have (twitter) not going to get started on that one!!!!!!