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Comment 01 Dec 2016

Difference of opinion, friend.  What you're saying about TUN, PSU can say about us.  PSU played us and beat us which resulted in us finishing 2nd in the division.  What I'm saying is besides beating us, PSU has an average resume and went 10-2, and we had control of the game for 3.5 quarters.  So the gap between OSU/PSU, to me, is much greater than the gap between OSU/TUN.  The only thing a B1G championship for PSU means in terms of resume, is a victory against Wisconsin which both OSU and TUN already have.  We beat TUN, but they had control of the game for 3 quarters.  And their resume against top 10 teams is just as good as ours.  

What we agree on, I totally think we can beat Clemson and Alabama.  Bama has been told how good they are for a year and they have 0 wins (and 0 games played) against current top 10 teams.  

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I definitely do not want a rematch.  They made some very correctable mistakes against us (passing 36 times with an injured qb, not stopping the clock late in the 4th, throwing temper tantrums....), and give Speight's injury a month to thanks.  We missed 2 field goals that would have won Saturday's game more easily for us, but our issues on offense are chronic and I don't think they are correctable enough to beat TTUN again this season.  That being said, I think a rematch of The Game would be more fair than a rematch with PSU because of game control and resume.  TUN has beaten 3 top 10 teams, as has tOSU.  In the head-to-head, TUN won game control for 3 quarters, but we have victory.  So it would make sense for us to play again.  PSU has victory over us, but we won game control for 3.5 quarters and have a significantly better resume.  So it does not make sense for us to play them again.  

Comment 04 Nov 2016

I know I'm really late for a comment, but I just had to give a shout out to Burritos Noches, Catfish Biff's, and Adriaticos.  Also, I worked at the Steak Escape in the old union.  Then one summer I called in to give my availability and they told me that Steak Escape was no longer there, so I took my talents to Subway on 13th.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I re-watched the sugar bowl from 2014 last night (recorded on BTN over the weekend), and we were throwing it all over the field.  Short, middle, edge, sideline, deep.  But we had a wr corps with defined roles in the offense.  I think the loss of Devin Smith has been greatly underestimated.  He was the one guy who was going to go deep.  Everyone knew it.  Defenses knew it and stretched out because of it, allowing the other wrs to work in space.  Yet he still found a way to get open.  In both 2015 and so far this season, we have yet to find a guy that can do that.  

Comment 20 Sep 2016

As a Buckeye born and raised in Columbus, now living in SEC country, I had an interesting conversation about this yesterday.  Conference pride runs deep in the south, much more so than in the north.  I never cared how good the Big Ten was compared to other conferences until the SEC started ramming it down our throats.  I still don't really care.  There's no competition for who wins the best conference.  The value I think it adds is in recruiting.  Kids want to play in big games and win.  Now we're starting to see more Big Ten teams play and win big games.  The SEC "dominance" was really only the Urban Meyer and Nick Saban dominance.  And that domination hasn't changed at all, except for the fact that Urban is now in the Big Ten.  

Comment 19 Sep 2016

I think I've heard Urban Meyer talk of his friendship with Mike Leach.  Leach tried to get him to go bear hunting or something like that.  He's a strange guy for sure, probably with some undiagnosed behavioral...something.  But he's done this kind of thing before.  I think he would make an outstanding offensive coordinator somewhere but will always be an average HC.  

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Why would anyone hire Art Briles and risk all the baggage and potential risk when they could get Tom Herman out of Houston?  I'm thinking of schools like Texas and Texas A&M that have head coaches on "warming" seats. 

Comment 03 Aug 2016

I've heard of playing devil's advocate, but no need to judge fellow Buckeyes' opinions.  You've made your point to defend Coach Saban several times, we get it.

Urban Meyer is great.  Nick Saban is great.  They are 2-2 vs each other and will continue to face off against each other as long as they're both in the business. 

Comment 15 Apr 2016

Love Zeke.  Only helps cement his legacy as a Buckeye even further.  Probably a topic for another discussion, but I do not want TTUN to hold up their end of the bargain when it comes to this rivalry.  They've beaten us twice in the last 15 years and I hate them just the same.  They can have all the headlines they want for the Harbaugh's Circus and Clown Show, as long as it's not for beating us.  Someone should check, but I don't think Ohio State has ever won 5 straight, so there are still records to be broken!

Comment 08 Apr 2016

Thanks for this post DJ. I make it a point not to click on any Orlando Sentinal articles, especially Mike Bianchi.  He gets paid for writing headlines (ie. throw the name "Urban Meyer" in your headline 6 years after he leaves your insubstantial school and see how many hits you get) that get hits so I don't want to contribute. 11w should designate one person to read Bianchi articles and then summarize for us so we can minimize the number of hits he gets. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

I can totally see Coach saying that, or at least something to that effect. Look at what he says about players who DID sign with Ohio State:  "if you're here for 6 months and tagged with having potential it means you're not very good and you should be."

This kind of honesty is so refreshing. If I said something like that, people would think I was a jerk and it would bother me. It doesn't bother him at all and that's what's so great about it. 

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Of course it was directed at TTUN, because they ARE jump-starting their program.  If Jim Harbaugh really knew how to sell a program (I say from my middle-management office while eating a lean cuisine), "you're darn right we're jump-starting our program.  We will do anything that helps make this program better."  But of course, he's a child and responded in the most back-handed way possible...and on twitter.  From how he presents himself and Ohio State to the media, to how he recruits, to how he leads, Urban Meyer acts like a man. Jim Harbaugh acts like a child.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

This is surprising at first. But how many teams run the ball when they're losing in the fourth quarter?  It seems like most teams throw the ball in that situation to avoid running down too much clock and because they need a lot of yards in a hurry.  It's hard because I've tried to block all 4 of these losses out of my memory, but this seems more likely the case for first loss to MSU and VT. 

Comment 06 Jan 2016

I think Samuel should take over for Braxton and Dunn/Weber should take over for Zeke.

I admit to being paranoid about the culture next year.  Dunn has had to earn his way on special teams, which was fine cause we had Hyde and Zeke.  But we have 2 redshirt freshmen (Weber and Torrance Gibson) talking about making an impact right away and getting us back to the playoffs.  These guys heard Zeke's comments last year about wanting the ball more.  Do they understand that he EARNED the right to even ask?  My fear is that they will come in entitled to demand carries/reps without earning them and because it is a reloading year, we will give in to their demands out of necessity, and the coaches will begin to lose control of the team.  Isn't this what happened at Florida?  

I'm sure I'm just a paranoid fan/alum and this is a very negative outlook, but I am concerned.  Hopefully, the GOAT learned from what happened at Florida and can make sure this doesn't happen here.  

Comment 30 Dec 2015

I've heard this theory before also and tend to agree.  If it continues to be about winning titles for his own legacy, he will get bored and do something else after his son graduates (HS or college if he plays baseball at tOSU).  But if he can make the transition to where it's about helping new players get that experience of winning a title, that will keep it fresh and keep him coming back for more since there are new players every year.  In the NFL, you have roster changes, but not nearly as much as the complete overhaul that takes place in college every few years.  Always more young minds to mentor and coach and help win titles in college, which is exactly what Urban loves to do.  The only other way he would leave is if he should ever lose the team like he did at florida.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I think The Grind did have something to do with it. Not the words themselves, but we became satisfied with simply winning. All season we struggled to get our mojo offensively but the attitude was "we won, so what's the problem?"  2014, after the loss, the attitude was relentlessly beat people up. Angry. Hungry. Prove something. Hurt people. They didn't appear to be out to prove anything this year, just to get by. I hope the mantra next year is "Angry."

Comment 06 Feb 2015

There are a ton of comments so forgive me if I repeat someone else.  Weber was on the phone with Harbaugh at 10am.  I'm clearly not a coach but I would be weary of showing all my cards to someone who I'm not yet convinced is going to play for me and is still talking to my closest rivals.  I get how it looks misleading, and if weber decides to get out, I totally get that and don't blame him.  But I also understand the reasoning for not telling him.