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Comment 22 Aug 2014

I graduated from tOSU in 2009 and I worked at Subway most of the time I was there.  I kept hearing about all the incoming freshmen and their high ACT scores, which is fine, but you would never know it by the way they order a sub.  Maybe it's the difference between book smart and street smart.  Maybe your bucket of smart is only so big and the more book smart you have, the less street smart you have.  But they were some of the dumbest people I've ever seen, at least when it came to ordering and paying for a subilicious five dollar foot-long.  I never understood how in the world these same kids scored that high on a standardized test.  

Comment 09 Dec 2013

I agree Coombs has to go.  He can talk really loud and loves Ohio State.  That's great, be a fan and buy a ticket.  We are loaded at DB:  Doran Grant was a .96, Pitt Brown was a .95, Barnett was a .95, and we have a lot of talent coming in (Eli Apple, Cameron Burrows, Vonn Bell, Gareon Conley, Jayme Thompson, etc.).  Pitt and Grant are terrible and Barnett is OK.  This doesn't happen by accident.  We can't let Coombs ruin the freshmen and damage future recruiting of DB's.  

Fickell is the LB coach.  He has somewhat more of an excuse than does Coombs, we are thinner at that position.  However, his attitude has been arrogant.  I hope he is eating his words "we won, didn't we?"  Because now when he says "it is what it is" I would say "we lost, didn't we?"  He was a great player but it's time to get away from the Heacock tree.  It's a shame we won't be able to before the Orange Bowl because Clemson will probably put 40-50 on us.  

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Alex Boone is one of my least favorite Buckeyes of all time.  I want to see a ranking of tOSU starting linemen based on the number of holding and false start penalties.  He has to be up there with JB "False Start" Shugarts.  I almost went up to Boone at Little Bar and told him what I thought but he is literally twice the man I am.  

Comment 08 Sep 2013

My only complaint is that Alabama hasn't dropped.  Based on the first 2 games of this season, not last season, Clemson should be #1, and then after that there are a bunch of teams that have won big over overmatched opponents.  Some have won bigger than others but it's just too early to discern who is better between all of them.  However, what I like is that UFM will take the drop in the polls to make the team angrier and angrier.  He wants a pissed off football team and dropping 2 weeks in a row would certainly piss me off if I was one of the players.

Comment 26 Aug 2013

I'm not a fan of Pryor either.  I don't want to drudge up old sour memories because there are so many things to look forward to now.  But you cease to be a Buckeye the day you sell your gold pants in my book.  I don't care why you did it.  I was a poor college student driving a beat up 1992 dodge spirit and we didn't turn on the heat in the winter to save money.  The only time we turned the heat on was for the national championship game where we got...ugh...chomped.  Now I could have sold my 2006 OSU-TTUN tix that year for at least $1000 but I didn't because being a buckeye means more to me than being warm.  So when I see a guy like Pryor driving a 350Z to practice and then he's talking about selling his gold pants to pay the gas bill.  Sorry, but I have ZERO sympathy for you.  So I hope Pryor, Ray Small, Dan Herron, and all those other guys end up at the Citgo and never play football again.  

Comment 19 Aug 2013

Last year's "clown show" offense put 56 points on the scoreboard in the last 3 quarters of the Miami game.  I remember being so tense that first quarter...just waiting for them to unleash hell.  Even tho we are a long shot from "clown show" going into this season, 56 is still a lot of points so I wouldn't expect too much more than that.  But hopefully way more efficient.

Comment 10 Aug 2013

To me this HAS to be football related.  They are all living together in a hotel during camp.  He couldn't have been out drinking, he couldn't have gotten in a fight with his girlfriend.  But many students lose scholarships all the time for poor performance.  If I'm on academic scholarship and drop below an agreed upon GPA, I lose my scholarship.  There's no second chances.  So I am perfectly fine with a policy that says if you're not earning your football scholarship, we'll give someone else a chance to earn one.  

Comment 07 Aug 2013

I have a picture of myself, Earle Bruce, and Speils and it was autographed by both of them.  Does that make me creepy?  I have it hanged proudly on my Buckeye wall at home so that everyone who comes into my home can see that I got to meet two legends of the scarlet and grey.  

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Keep schollies, don't pay the players.  But if a player can sell his signature for good $$ then let him do it.  If EA Sports wants Braxton's face but doesn't care about Andrew Norwell's face, that's fine.  Let EA sports pay Braxton and not Norwell.  This is how the universities can avoid paying players and especially paying players in non revenue generating sports.  And this is how coaches can avoid the worry of sports agents at the college level.  Keep everything else the same, but let them sell their name/face/signature/personal property.  

Comment 24 Jul 2013

I think that's an older one.  The new one's have a smaller scarlet stripe.  I want the ones with the football helmet on the front but I'm pretty sure those are official to the team only.  

As a guy going from absolutely hating UFM to him now being "hero" status, I can understand all the hate from anyone outside of Columbus.  The only other thing, which I understand but don't agree with, is the hate from Florida fans.  If we win 2 NCs in the next 5 years and then he leaves to go coach at Notre Dame or something, there's still no way I could hate him.  Guaranteed we don't win 2 NCs in the next 5 years with any other coach but him or maybe Saban.  I feel like it's the ex-girlfriend / LeBron thing where you love somebody so much as a coach or player because of what they do for your team, and then you see them doing that for someone else or another team and you want them to fail miserably.  I get it, but I'd like to think I wouldn't be that way with UFM.  All of that being said, part of the reason he has been a hero for me is because he is so open and blunt in the media, he has kind of helped me in the way I approach my job.  I work in a local pediatric healthcare organization and everyday I think, "am I giving this my all and if I'm not, why not" and constantly look for ways to make this organization the best in America.  I never thought that way before Urban came to town.  Now part of giving this job my all is not spending too much time on 11w so I guess I better get back to work!  Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Nov 2012

This is interesting because I was thinking about assistant's on Urban's past coaching staffs compared to assistant's on Tressel's past staffs.  How many former Tressel assistants have become head coaches (not including the obvious Luke Fickel) and how have they faired?  Is there anyone on this staff you could see being the head coach at tOSU someday?  The coaching tree is one of the great traditions at Ohio State in my opinion.  Woody-->Bruce-->Tressel & Meyer-->??

Comment 08 Nov 2012

How much of the more positive spin do you think is a result of Urban working for them last year?  Would they be talking about Braxton as a heisman candidate if he was putting up the same numbers under Tress?

Comment 08 Nov 2012

At the beginning of the year, I counted these last 2 games as potential losses.  So at that time, the thought of going 8-4 or 9-3 would not have been terrible to me.  However, seeing how things have played out this season and the potential we have, it would be a huge disappointment to lose one or both of these last 2 games.  Obviously losing to TSUN is always a disappointment, but although I don't believe in the transitive property of college football, the way Lisa put it with Bama crushing them, if they then beat us, it would just be another SEC blow to our pride on top of losing to TSUN.  I guess losing at Wisc. wouldn't seem so bad compared to losing to TSUN but it would still be disappointing.  We are better than both so if we don't finish 12-0...disappointment.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

I was just comparing Pryor's sophomore year under Tressel with Braxton's sophomore year under Meyer.  According to sports reference dot com, Braxton (through 10 games) has 1753 yards passing and 1166 yards rushing compared to Pryor's sophomore season (including Rose Bowl) 2094 yards passing and 779 yards rushing.  Braxton will out-pass and come within 200 yards or so of double-rushing Pryor's sophomore season.  I can remember thinking "why don't we let Pryor run more, that's what he's best at."  Now I'm not a football coach, but I think that's what Urban does much better than Tressel.  Sure, it's great to develop Braxton as a passer, but let him still do what he does best, RUN!  Everyone would agree doing what you do best is the most fun, and that makes a much more fun product to watch for the fans.

Comment 20 Oct 2012

How many wins can sheer will and toughness get a team?  Urban said it best, we're not a very good team.  But we have a lot of heart.  How can Brax come out of that unscathed?  I sometimes wake up with a stiff neck just from sleeping awkwardly.  Then KG coming in and leading the offense to 15 unanswered pts.  And the D...there was no way in hell they were going to let them score after everything that went down.  So proud to be a buckeye today!

Comment 16 Oct 2012

ESPN has Storm listed as a JR and 247 has him listed as a SR.  And after thinking about it, I think you and 247 are correct.

Comment 16 Oct 2012

According to ESPN's BuckeyeNation, we have 14 LBers on the roster.  8 of them are freshmen, 2 are sophomores, 1 is a junior, and 3 are seniors.  However, I've never heard of seniors Stewart Smith and Ross Oltorik.  That being said, I haven't followed recruiting very closely until the past year or so.  I would guess that the reason we haven't targeted too many LBers in the 2013 class is because of the 8 freshmen.  Cam Williams, David Perkins, Jamal Marcus, and Josh Perry are all 4 star guys so I would think that they should start to show signs of promise when they're not injured.  Our sophomores Curtis Grant and Ryan Shazier were highly touted 5 and 4 star guys as well.  So we have the talent coming in.  The question is are they getting developed properly and how quickly can we expect them to be solid against the spread?  Sabino was a 5 star guy and he's been mediochre at best.  

Comment 15 Oct 2012

I was as frustrated with the defense as everybody else, but isn't it a good thing that we are encountering these problems now instead of next year?  Entienne Sabino, Nate Williams, Travis Howard, Garrett Goebel, John Simon, and now Zach Boren are all seniors on defense and we're going to have to learn to play without them next year.  So getting 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string guys in there now, as ugly as it is, might not be so bad.  It sucks for the seniors to not be healthy and not be able to play together consistently, but at the same time we're developing younger guys this year when there's no potential for a NC vs next year when there is.

Comment 11 Oct 2012

Does anyone else notice the wide variety of ages for people that frequent this site?  I guess I just assumed most people were of similar age to me but I'm seeing 18-60 on here.  There doesn't seem to be very many followings as intense as Buckeye Football that transcend age this way.  Go Bucks!

Comment 09 Oct 2012

Great, very detailed article and I agree on the graphics.  I still don't understand how all of this is necessary.  I thought the weight of the sanctions were due to Coach Tressel knowing of the infractions and not informing the NCAA for an extended time period.  You can create forms for every minute detail but where does it end?  I'm surprised they don't force the players' parents to file their tax returns with the NCAA.  Otherwise, how will they know if that Audi S5 came from mom and dad or from that shady car salesman?  It's rediculous and it's not going to work.  Let's just hope the guy making $4,000,000 a year makes better decisions if/when these things happen under his watch.

Comment 09 Oct 2012

This and The Game in 2006 and 2004 are by far the best sporting events i've ever been to.  I had never heard the "O-H-I-O-rip his @&$!ing head off!" chant before and when i went back and watched the game again on dvr I could hear it somewhat which is awesome.  I got some food during halftime so I missed the nedouchka kicker interrupting TBDBITL so I was even happier we went for the 9th TD after finding out.  

I was so glad someone brought up the fact that Florida has gone 6-0 entirely with Urban's recruits.  I don't have anything against Muschamp but Bianchi and the ppl saying Urb left them with no talent are just plain wrong and it's starting to show.  And despite still hating UF and the stupid gator chomp, their success this year with his players plus our success thus far makes it really clear that this guy is the real deal and the Buckeye tradition is in good hands.

Comment 02 Oct 2012

3 things.  1) Let's not forget the impact our strength coach had on this group of linemen.  I'm not down-playing Ed Wariner's role at all, but these guys are in the best shape they've been in since coming to tOSU.  It's easier to man-handle the opposition when you lose 20-30 lbs of fat and gain 40 lbs of muscle.  2) I hate to mention the 2006/2007 NC game against Florida, but I remember seeing a video or reading something about how they knew our snap count by watching tape and we never changed it.  Florida players said the same thing after the Gator Bowl last year.  That is a HUGE difference from this year.  3) I can't remember if it was on this site or another board but someone made a really good point:  Imagine if we had an Ed Wariner or a competant OC during the Tressel years.  In particular against LSU (NC game), Texas (Fiesta Bowl) and USC (09 at the Shoe) where we shot ourselves in the foot with numerous false starts and holding calls.

Comment 01 Oct 2012

Jerry Springer Buckeye Edition:  A souce very close to Storm's gf confirms that the incident this past summer really was blown out of proportion and not nearly as bad as we were made to believe.  Apparently they have a child together and Urban treats them all like family and things are going well now.  I wonder how much of a better player Storm would be today if he had been allowed to go to summer camp with the rest of the team...

Comment 19 Sep 2012

Of the 7 SEC National Championships since 2003, 3 belong to Nick Saban, and 2 belong to Urban Meyer.  I think combining they're relentless recruiting talents and concentrating that all in the south is what has built the SEC into what it is today.  The other 2 NCs belong to Les Miles and Gene Chizik (who had acquired a quarterback named Cam Newton that Urban kicked off Florida).  So what happens when you take Saban and Meyer away?  When Saban went to the NFL, there was a dry spell in the SEC until Meyer went to Florida.  Now Meyer is home with the Buckeyes where he belongs.  I think within a couple of years, Alabama will be the loan powerhouse in the SEC, and Ohio State will continue to be the loan powerhouse in the B1G.  I still think the rest of the SEC will be better than the rest of the B1G until the B1G can start to win some bowl games.

Comment 17 Sep 2012

First time posting.  I think we have shown the potential to score very fast on offense and play pretty good defense.  But these flashes of goodness have been few and far between many flashes of blown coverages and missed tackles on defense and run up the middle and dropped pass 3-and-outs on offense.  I think we will start to see more big plays more often on both sides of the ball as the season progresses.  However, I still think we are at risk to lose 4 games (MSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and TSUN).  But I think if we win at least one of those 4 (especially TSUN) as well as our other 5 games, I would consider it a successful season.  I think a common problem with the fanbase is that we see UFM's two rings and often overlook the time and hard work it took to BUILD those championship teams.  

Again, first time posting.  Just want to say that I love LEARNING about football on here.  I never played and am slowly becoming a bigger and bigger fan of the game.