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Comment 8 hours ago

Ha that is funny, sounded like a friendly exchange.  Yeah, better chance of rainbows shooting out of my *** than Hawaii winning the game I think.  The buckeye team who beat a team in the NC QB'd by a player from Hawaii has a lot of talent returning.

Comment 8 hours ago

That is funny.  Millennials in particular have to document every movement in life, I wonder if they actually stop and enjoy what's around them or if they are too busy taking selfies to experience life.  If old guys like me start doing it the young kids will stop, then go on to the next annoying trend (said the guy who used to wear bell bottom jeans, blast Led Zeppelin as loud as I could in my basement room with a waterbed, tie die sheets on the wall and colored lights hanging).

My son and his wife were on a church good trip recently, said one high school girl was constantly taking selfies of herself smiling with emoticons and !!! everywhere about having the time of her life.  In between selfies she was crying and complaining to everyone what a miserable time she was having.  Kids.

Comment 9 hours ago

Thanks for the holiday "Award Winning Readers' Choice" Skull Session DJ.  To the men and women of the military past and present your service is appreciated and I hope more and better help for our vets and people serving is coming down the pike (hope I am not crossing over political lines with that assertion). 

Neat graphs, like to see how well tOSU is recruiting, and as several people mentioned, especially great is the character of the recruits, THE most important attribute.

Comment 24 May 2015

I got indigestion just READING some of these posts lol.

Comment 23 May 2015

Where I work they are trying to train us to use social media to "promote our brand".  I'm an old school guy who just likes to write really good and bug-free software for whatever client I'm helping, but I'm sure my career would be much further along if I networked and promoted myself more.  Wait a second ... I think there's a kid on my lawn ... gotta go yell at him.

Comment 23 May 2015

Would be cool if Mr. Mack decides to enroll at tOSU.  Always thought it a little funny when recruits include the bucks and TTUN on their list, to me that's like wondering if you want to grow the force within you, or go to the dark side.  Of course, I'm completely unbiased about that ...

Comment 23 May 2015


Or maybe not.

Mick Jagger is the embodiment of Nickelback's song "Rockstar".  I know it was played to death and we are all sick of it, but the lyrics are pretty darn funny.

Comment 23 May 2015

My vote per category is as follows ... oh, the voting is over?!


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