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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The win over Miami on 1/3/2003 but then bested by the undisputed CFP win against Oregon on 1/13/2014. Best live moment was 11/30/2011 in the Schott when OSU beat Duke 85 - 63.
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Comment 10 hours ago

Yeah ... starting to get a little concerned but if the defense plays lights out and with JT, Cardale, Zeke, Dunn, Samuel, Brax, Vanette and the slobs the bucks should be able to play some smashmouth football and get the W.  It will really cement the bucks ranking and give the guys a lot of confidence if they pull this off with the injuries and suspensions on the road.  So ... look at it as a blessing in disguise lol.

Comment 10 hours ago

I wonder how TP's hamstring injury is going.  A shame if he does not make the team and get a chance at the WR position.

Play QB for the brownies?  Good lord, for his sake I hope not.

Comment 10 hours ago

Both guys will get meaningful reps and I've been posting that for months.  Throw the conventional wisdom about a two QB system out the window, that is almost always when both guys are iffy or each one has major deficiencies.  That is not the case here.  If anyone can be innovative doing this it's UFM.  Both QB's have been taking 50% of the snaps and I have not read anything about the offense having "adjustment" issues.  This will happen if nothing else because against some teams the bucks should have a pretty insurmountable half time lead.

Comment 12 hours ago

Nothing to see here, please disperse.

With the promising Mr. Brown going down and the suspensions, the WR situation IS at least a bit of a concern.  I don't think the comment was too far out of line, it's OK to engage in a little hyperbole when you post to make a point, and most of the fans there seemed to be pretty stand up.  I do think the bucks can play smash mouth run the ball down their throat football if need be, some in the seam passing, and get the W then get the WR's and H-backs a lot of reps in the softer part of the schedule.  Michael Thomas will probably have a huge game statistically.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

You mean Matt?

I'm going to miss Remy.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Big time bummer Jason.  Don't get me started on the bureaucracy, arrogance, politics and just plain stupidity of most companies ... although in this instance I'm sure there was a very good reason and the Ohio State Sports Medicine group is an outstanding organization.