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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The win over Miami on 1/3/2003 but then bested by the undisputed CFP win against Oregon on 1/13/2014. Best live moment was 11/30/2011 in the Schott when OSU beat Duke 85 - 63.
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  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
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Comment 14 hours ago

You expect a head coach to be the adult in the room, but in the case of Jim Harbaugh that's not going to be the case.

And I'm not going to be the adult in the room either ... let's not forget TTUN had a player threaten a girl that he would rape her again if she pressed charges against his teammate (who was eventually kicked off the team). 

And Harbaugh made comments about tattoos?  Really?  Why any parent would let that immature, dick, weirdo coach their kids is beyond me.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Grew up on the west side of Columbus GTH.  Could be a little rough at times.

Starting when I was about 8 years old in the summers I used to walk about two miles to Mound street and take the bus downtown to the YMCA, then afterwards get on the bus and come back.  Can you imagine if parents let their children do that in today's world, family services would probably take the kid away from them LOL.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Logic would dictate this is a rebuilding year and the NEXT season is where the bucks will shine (especially if JT comes back) but we thought that about the 2014 and 2015 squads and things were kinda reversed there (although a 12 - 1 season and a Fiesta bowl win is nothing to sneeze at).

Insert "why not both" gif here ... :)

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Ha, yeah, used that term in the vernacular.  I'm not sure what 'vernacular' means, but that's what I did.  I think.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Perhaps we change the field from astroturf to sand?  That would slow things down for sure.  :P

Comment 18 Jul 2016

That is a classic NB91.


"If Theodore Roosevelt tells colleges to stop letting students murder each other on the field, I won't even bother to set up a tailgate anymore."

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Great question OA05, don't think the (very) short article discussed that issue.