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Comment 10 hours ago

Although I was not thrilled about the knucklehead move by Pryor and  the other couple of players I never had any animosity towards the kids, just towards the NCAA and the media (especially that one entertainment network) for blowing it out of proportion on a ridiculous level.  Rooting for Terrell to succeed.  Funny quote about his passing, great sense of humor.

Comment 15 hours ago

Let them expend their energy on these irrelevant projects.  If it has an application for training, like pilots do with simulation training, then I'm sure tOSU with all their resources will look into the technology.

Interesting, thanks for sharing Kicks.  Only thing I would offer is the scUM tag is a little old and kinda high schoolish, something you see a lot on other sites, not that I really care that much, I tend to use TTUN or TSUN but everyone has their own style and standards.

Comment 17 hours ago

Meyer should be concerned about what's coming

Coach Meyer and staff are concerned about every game, regardless if it is against MSU, Bama or Purdue ... it's what they get paid for and what they love to do.  Urban has lobbied for better coaches in the B1G, he knows that better results for the conference help the buckeye's chances of getting into the CFP.  TTUN is our bitter rival, does not matter who is coaching them or what the W - L record is typically that game is a dog fight.  There is never a chance of taking that game lightly.  It's a non-issue, but the press wants eyeballs and clicks, I get that. 

Comment 20 hours ago

Even for a kid ... and I remember all the stupid things I did ... that is really bush league.  I was stupid but not disrespectful at that age.  Of course I was not a highly sought after elite athlete either.

Hopefully he matures and learns some respect and humility.  Best wishes to Mr. Hall.

Comment 20 hours ago

I prefer to focus on the positive and think of it as a chance for other buckeyes to get some reps and beating VT without four (this season) starters will look impressive to voters.  It's a long season and I'm sure all four will get major playing time.  I would put Dontre Wilson first then Corey Smith as he will be needed to give depth to the receiving corp, but regardless hopefully no super bad damage done for any of these young men.

Comment 20 hours ago

I have a 22 year old daughter and a 29 year old son.  I tell them every time I see or talk to them that I love them.  I'm going to call them today and tell them yet again.  Zach Farmer you were an inspiration, faced this fight with such courage and dignity, it took your body but not your soul.  I know in my heart you are on to the next adventure.

Comment 21 hours ago

If by moderate only reading Birm and other 11W writers on the topic then moderate it is.  Never followed it at ALL until I found this gem of a site.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

I thought this was going to be a forum about Tom Herman.

We buckeye fans are like kids waiting for Christmas to come, every minute seems like an hour then Christmas Day whizzes by in seconds.  It's a quantum mechanics thing.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

Gene did confirm this on the back nine today, I told him "good decision, and oh by the way Geno, don't think I didn't see you kick that ball towards the cup"

It's possible, stranger things have happened.  I'm personally not all that invested in the black jersey issue, but seems for a lot of people it triggers an emotional response, mainly negative.