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IT Consultant, terrible tennis player, health and nutrition is a hobby. Picture is a gif designed by Erik Knutson and used by permission.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: The win over Miami on 1/3/2003 but then bested by the undisputed CFP win against Oregon on 1/13/2014. Best live moment was 11/30/2011 in the Schott when OSU beat Duke 85 - 63.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: The Tribe
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 24 Feb 2017

The OSU 2016-17 Men's Basketball Team is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle ...

Great win!  Frustrating because it demonstrates the potential this team has and points to the team underperforming this season.

Sports can be frustrating.  I remember one summer I was playing the best tennis of my life, my serve was blistering, ground strokes on point.  Everyone said I was going to clean up during the winter league.  I went into the indoor season brimming with confidence.  Had my worst indoor season ever, think I ended up next to last place in the final standings LOL.

Comment 23 Feb 2017

Everyone takes everything too personally.  And if you dare disagree with that assertion, I'll punch you in the head.  Figuratively of course.  Have a nice day.

Would be a nice near end-of-season win if the bucks could beat Wisconsin for sure, regardless of any "in-state player perceived slight" drama.

Comment 19 Feb 2017

Coaching can be a brutal business.  I think very highly of Coach Matta, has been a bit of a perfect storm for him the past couple of years.  Nobody is more frustrated than he is I'm sure.  I'm not going to pile on, I'm sure Coach Matta and Gene Smith will sit down at the end of the season and decide what to do moving forward.

Comment 12 Feb 2017

Well ... unlike Rutgers ... at least Maryland brings one of the two marquee sports to the table for the B1G.

That's all I got LOL.  Bucks played hard, have some good players but not that one superstar needed to get them over the top.