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Comment 09 Dec 2014

not sure I ultimately care if b1g people don't want to adopt an SEC-like fan of the conference mentality, and I don't mind that people continue to provide nothing but hate fuel for our guys this month . . .

also, it's officially depressing when your players are getting asked these questions, as it means you are eliminated and your only relevance is what you think about teams that aren't 

Comment 15 Oct 2013

If you saw that Braxton feature on gameday during Northwestern week, TH did actually create a matchup just like that during the Wisconsin game (Dontre vs. Borland); Dontre completely dusted him but Braxton just didn't see it

Comment 06 Sep 2012

It is actually for the game -- teams can choose between two different footballs and this year we are using the smaller one (which I think is more common)

Comment 08 Dec 2011

You guys don't know how good we have it -- this is a HUGE get as a QB coach -- see below which were posted on Scout

Comment 29 Nov 2011

Note that this is just the term sheet -- his full contract will be drafted/negoatiated in the next few weeks and will include more detailed provisions

Comment 16 Nov 2010

If your numbers are correct then I think he could actually tie McCoy (I believe you are forgetting about the big 10 champ game)

Comment 03 Nov 2010

Does 6-6 even get them into a bowl since they have a win against an FCS team?

Comment 24 Oct 2010

A win over 3-4 Arizona State cancels out a win over 5-2 Miami?