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Comment 03 Oct 2015

Indiana's defense is ripe for domination by a systematic attack that changes the play at the line to exploit whatever they're giving you with each formation.  This game reminds me of the grisly demise of Tressel/Bollman ball against USC back in the day.  We seem to think we can run into the teeth of their defense "as long as we just execute".  We're being out-schemed BIG TIME.  It's awesome to watch - as long is it's not your team being punked.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

I have to respectfully disagree.  When they line up 8-9 guys in the box, we should dink and dunk all day long.

Execution is part of the problem, however.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

Your dilemma reminds me of some words I hold near and dear:

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

And I might add that if you do carry it with you, you'll find it everywhere.  Moved to Raleigh NC for 6 years, and would offer the following:

  • It sure is nice to play golf in shorts in January;
  • Ocean - 2 hours.  Mountains - 2 hours.
  • There's something truly satisfying about being a remote Buckeye and sporting the flag in "foreign" territory.
  • With modern transportation the way it is, you can get home quickly when necessary.
  • Coming back to Ohio to raise my kids was just as exciting as leaving on the NC adventure.

"Which of you to gain me, tell
will risk uncertain pains of Hell?
I will not forgive you
if you will not take the chance"

The sailor gave at least a try
the soldier being much too wise
strategy was his strength
and not disaster

Comment 31 Dec 2014

Below is an article with some experienced surgeons weighing in on Braxton's injuries, and a quote that suggests that AT BEST Miller's recovery would be complete between late May and late August.  Assuming that this is when he could BEGIN football workouts, the idea of him transferring seems remote.  It also calls into question his ability to compete for the tOSU starting QB position until well after Spring practice has ended, and potentially even after the first game.  I am a HUGE Braxton fan, and hope these opinions are overly conservative, but we saw how risky an overly-aggressive recuperation plan can be.

That's what Miller will face. His injury came six months after the first surgery, but Meyer said the second recovery time will be more like nine months to 12 months. That timetable made sense to the doctors, who were, while unsure of the severity of the initial Miller surgery, a little surprised he was throwing after six months.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Agreed.  Hale (6'4" 310) has 499 snaps in 29 games slamming in the B1G trenches.  Sounds like they are figuring out a way to fit the best 5 together. 

Decker - Price - Elflein - Hale - Baldwin

Might work out well.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

The flexibility that our offensive talent gives us is incredible:

  • Speed package:  Dontre, Jalin, Devin, Johnny, Curtis, and Barrett (Zeke, James, Terry, Corey, Parris, etc.)
  • Jumbo package:  Greene, Thomas, Spencer, Heuerman, Vannett, and Jones (Zeke, Noah, Rod, Warren, etc.)

We can be INCREDIBLY fast, INCREDIBLY powerful, or any combination thereof...  This really will be a coaching chess game, because the wealth of skill talent and diversity of scheme possibilities is simply ridiculous.

Comment 06 Jun 2014

Interesting SI article about Krenzel here:

"[His high school coach] took [Krenzel's 4-minute highlight] video to Central Michigan assistant Tom Kearly, who watched one minute and told Copacia, "Coach, he can play for us right now and play four years." Satisfied, Copacia sent the tape to 30 colleges and gave a copy to Brian Krenzel, who showed it to Duke assistant and former NFL guard Joe DeLamielleure. "He was one of the best high school players I'd ever seen," DeLamielleure says. "He was hitting players in the chest, and they were dropping everything. I remember saying, 'He'll go to Texas or Colorado or Michigan or somewhere like that.' " Quoted from the above-linked article.

I always thought the above quote was interesting, and suggests that the offensive scheme in those early Tressel years limited Krenzel's development as a passer.  But when the money was on the table - nuff said.

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Spring Game wish list:

  • Cardale fires the ball like nobody's business; has miscues but shows high ceiling.  Collier with OK reps.
  • WR's are everywhere!  Catches by:  #2, #3, #1, #4, #84, #9, #82, #89, #33
  • Elliott, Dunn, and Ball are all rock solid.  Samuel flashes greatness, offset by mistakes
  • Joel Hale surprises with the best performance amongst the offensive lineman; Price also shines.
  • Darryl Baldwin shows a mean streak and physicality heretofore unbeknownst; Decker is solid.
  • Vannett and Baugh combine for 9 catches, 100+yds and a touchdown.  JT Moore gets his first catch.
  • DL = most valuable unit.  Spence, Bosa, Washington, Bennett, Schutt, Carter, Miller, Lewis, Sprinkle, Hill...
  • Grant shines, Raekwon is a manchild, Perry is the leader, Lee & Worley show potential.
  • CB competition is fierce!  Reeves, Conley and Apple go at it, and all show better skills and aggression.
  • Tanner makes good plays, but Powell and Burroughs show they are clearly the best 2 healthy safeties.
  • Johnston continues to show that he is one of the top punters in college football.
  • Kyle Clinton continues to lead the battle at K.
Comment 12 Apr 2014

LOL, just having a little fun with some of these.  Rooting for the dark horses just to further motivate the marquee players.  If Nuernberger has to work his butt off like a challenger instead of holding the leader position, he might just progress a little more.  It would be great to see Hale, Baldwin, and Grant play with the desperation of upperclassmen getting their final shot at glory.  Billy Price, Evan Lisle, and Kyle Dodson being serious challengers on the offensive line would be huge for both the short and long term outlook.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Can anyone explain why we would shoot the ball with that much time left on the clock, instead of doing the smart thing, LIKE DAYTON DID???